avery bullock quotes
[writing] "Dear Math Bitch, These kids ain't showing up. Give this man your finest "Trouser Arouser". Geez, doesn't anyone appreciate Latin anymore? Roger Smith: That makes sense, 'cause it smells like Mexico. Avery is not the most faithful of husbands and although he loved his wife he has slept with other women more than once. has largely been guided by Barker (prior to his exit from the show in season 10) and Weitzman as opposed to MacFarlane, resulting in a series that is different from its counterparts. [Stan is about to shoot Roger; Francine, Hayley and Steve stand in the way].

Roger the Alien: You stay away from me Francine! Someone picked out all my favorite stuff! Francine Smith: [Bullock is wearing Hayley's housecoat] I can see his junk! My mother killed herself when I was 12, track four. Roger: Ah, I love your religion - for the crazy! We crash this ship into your planet to test new safety features, because we care about our customers. HOW DOES THAT FEEL? If you see me back there, tell me don't jump in the pool! It's too dangerous. You want me to be your priest, well, sorry, pal. Eligible for heaven: You got your men, women, children and apes who use sign language. Stan Smith: I just feel so violated by the fact that that thing was inside of me. [starts to screech]. Once again he sent a note in the same mysterious language. Let's go home. The Ghost of Christmas Past: Um, we're kind of in a hurry here. Stanley Smith: This is great! Roger: Steve, she's just repeating whatever you say. Roger the Alien: Oh, right. Klaus: [Hayley runs naked outside] Say it! Stan Smith: I have a lifetime subscription to Ebony. See what Avery Bullock (averymb) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Stan Smith: Here we go - mac and cheese. I was lying to you! I would love to do mushrooms with you. Klaus: I get the piece with the rose on it. Fat Guy: Afternoon, Sotineers. Roger the Alien: Oh, really? Nobody knew. I mean, really brutally. Avery Bullock: Get out of my sight! He's like America, THE GUY! save hide report. Avery Bullock: We've located an al-Qaeda cell camped out in the desert of Algeria. Like buying this puzzle. Not to some coked-up airhead. I want to meet my real parents. Someone has stolen all his awards. Marlee Matlin sucks! It's always a fling here, a fling there. Too f***ing late. Roger the Alien: Here's a condom. [Two guns are heard cocking and we pan to see Peter Griffin aiming at Stan and Cleveland]. Tyler Perry's movies are actually quite good before I get my hands on them. It was just sitting here next to this bone. 's 15th season (4th on TBS) began with a Christmas special on December 25, 2017, and officially premiered with the 236th episode of the series on February 12, 2018. [We pull back to reveal the Griffin house next to the Brown and Smith houses as Peter walks up to Stan and Cleveland]. In his house.

Judge: Order! Klaus: But Francine, you do know somebody. Stan Smith: You don't need those. Francine Smith: If it's okay with his parents. Could somebody tell Snake Pliskin here to back off? Hayley Smith: So, you're a despicable CIA fascist like my father. Steve Smith: OK, I'm cool. [inhales] Ah, Mountain Pine.

[imitates a car engine, brakes squealing, footsteps, and door opening] I'm sorry I'm late, My Ling. So go now... gooo and begin your life of fear, knowing, that when you least expect it, the looming sword of Damocles will crush down upon you cleaving you in twain and as you gaze upon the smoking wreckage that was once your life, you will regret the day you crossed the wrong fish. Cleveland Brown: [also pulls out a gun] Self-defense! I called it. Roger the Alien: Those sound like horse names, but they're people. Stan Smith: No, that's what drugs and alcohol are for. Stan Smith: Thank God we got rid of Jeff and that old hippie. You're the one who tricked me and pretended to be my friend!

Emily Deschanel: Same place you got your bone. Web. [inside the house] And these are walls! Therefore, because we have no leads, this afternoon we'll be raiding a mosque.

Your ass has betrayed you! Sure, Clooney has no cares, no-one that depends on him, but... he HAS no one that DEPENDS on him! Not a care in the world. Roger: [screaming] No! Here's your $5,000 back. Stan Smith: And by the way, father of the year here.

I owe you a sugar cube. Stanley Smith: Son, feelings are what women have. You wanna know what it is? Stanley Smith: Cause you're lying on them. God: Okay, so you know better than me, is that it? CheetAH. ", Newspaper Headline: Gas Prices Higher Than Dude At Weezer Concert. Stan Smith: That's what your Mum said last night, Steve Smith: [ to Stan] Why do you care how I get those oranges up those steps, I can pay someone to do it for me just like I'm paying Stelio to kick your ass, Francine Smith: [ to Steve] I'm not good for you, you're so frustrating, I'm gonna go to SeaWorld, punch a dolphin, Francine Smith: I know I said violence is never the answer, I'm gonna teach you to kick your father's ass, Francine Smith: That's what your father said last night. Betsy: No. Do you realize how many innocent cows were raped... or as you say "milked," to make that cake? Now, come on. Stan Smith: We're out of time. [Amnesia has Francine thinking she's 21 again, and she's run off to Burning Man with Hayley's punknik-hippie boyfriend]. This is how a straight guy faints! You're gonna love this house. Little Boy: But that's served with pancakes. Hayley Smith: Yeah, I mean, it's stealing. Francine Smith: It took me nine months to make it! Stanley Smith: [Talking to lighter] Soon my pet, soon I will feed you the world. This is it. Ticklemonster, Steve Smith: I know Dad, I put up with this every day at the agency. I'm going to hurt you so bad. Francine Smith: What is this about? Roger: Pretty sure I asked for pecan sandies.

Stan Smith: [watching games shows] This is what Roger does? Anyways, here is your official Se?or Toad sombrero and your complimentary fire extinguisher that shoots tequila. Brett Morris: Stan, I'm a Satanist, not a poor person. I can only eat what Coach B?la K?rolyi approves.

Stan Smith: [Talking about his camping trip with his dad and son] It was really fun, you should have been there, Francine. Steve Smith: Didn't you lose your virginity to Mom? Son of a bitch Superman 2'ed me! Trucker: A railroad gypsy took my vas deferens but you, boy, are just bumming me out. finger thing cause that's a giant load of crap. Stanley Smith: I said look out for the mine.

Stan Smith: I'm going to go check out the situation, and you guys can check out my ass as I walk away. Despite his age, he is in top physical form, as evidenced by his close fight with Stan in "Bullocks To Stan". I just yelled "Terrorist!" For lo, when a pie reaches not its destination, a trust is broken forever, Roger the Alien: Yeah... Look, Kung Fu, I prefer my crazy in my bread. Although he is the boss of the CIA, Bullock often acts like a school teacher, scolding his agents when they make mistakes or act like children. Roger the Alien as Tearjerker: Is there anything more terrifying than a hovering blimp? Roger the Alien: Oh! Stanley Smith: [picks up the phone] This is Stan Smith. What do you think? Roger the Alien: No, no, you said it. Stan Smith: Until you give the exact details of your next attack, I'm depriving you of sleep. 89% Upvoted. Roger the Alien: It was... what's the word? Stan Smith: Those s'mores-making bastards! It's Thursday night, which means it's time to tease some pedophiles on the Internet. I know you never bought into the whole Nicaraguans-Russians-and-Cubans-invading-Colorado thing. Hayley Smith: Steve, come on! Stan Smith: [Nervously] Roger, we... we joke a lot, me and you. He'll never know this kind of happiness. Stanley Smith: Do you like shaving your armpits, Hayley? YOU'VE SEALED YOUR FATE AND NOW... [Roge press a button, and nothing happens] Something's wrong. Francine Smith: What kind of man abandons his family for 20 years? [Stan accidentally shoots at Francine, causing her to fall down and moan]. And it'd be just super if you didn't blow it up. Stan Smith: You know, son, the great thing about First Love is that it's the first of many. You had a front row seat. [pulls out a spiked ball and chain]. Roger. It's pot luck, so bring whatever you want. Stan Smith: You know who else was a cockroach? Now, I love these built-ins, you don't see these anymore. Steve Smith: Wait a minute, I understand the rope. Stan Smith: God pays twice as much attention on Christmas, like the media when a white kid goes missing. Greg is Terry's boyfriend! I assumed you did! But you know, that deep, deep in my heart, I've always loved... Roger the Alien: TOO LATE STAN! What are you so afraid of? The last couple we met was so boring. Roger: Oh, oh, excuse me, are you an ethicist? is the first television series to have its inception on Animation Domination. Steve Smith: No Amy! Is this one of those Twilight Zone phones where I can talk to the dead, but only with horrible, ironic consequences? Sir Patrick Hewes Stewart, OBE (born July 13, 1940) is an English film, television and stage actor, and university Chancellor. Where clean-cut kids cruise Shouldland Boulevard and the Shouldland High football team get their optimistic asses kicked by their crosstown rival, Reality Check Tech. Where's the booze? What do you do when your best friend doesn't believe in God?

Stan Smith: Hey, you want to start a job, pay the bills, deal with everyone's problems? It's far too hot to drink, but luckily my leathery man-mouth can take it. Hundred dollar bills. Roger: [angrily] I do not choose to discuss it. Hayley Smith: [about the mall] What kind of idiot would buy into this materialistic crap? I'm thinking of a person. More peanuts, Mary! Roger the alien: She's as graceful as a frozen turd. Deputy Director Avery Bullock is Stan's boss at the CIA. Let's get back at them by dating each other. If you had just waited for me to finish, you'd know I want nothing from you! does not lean as heavily on the use of cutaway gags, and is less concerned with conventional "setup-punchline" jokes, instead deriving its humor mostly from the quirky characters, the relationships between family members, and the relatively relatable plots.

Wendie Jo Sperber: Welcome to Best Buddiez, where you can whore your knowledge of your buddy for thousands of dollars! I farted pulling into the driveway and I just wanted to enjoy it for a while. Stanley Smith: [to his wife] Potato salad. Whatever life throws at me I can handle. American Dad! "American Dad! Barry: That's what my mom says to my dad. Weird stuff.

Look at her! At the very least we should've popped by now. Father Donovan: Look, according to the church there are no pets in heaven.

Stan Smith: Steve! All kernels have to wrestle me to get salted.

Steve Smith: [after learning that Bobo the Gorilla wants him to stay with him overnight] I don't wanna die from Gorilla sex! Mission Financier: [Francine has quit on finding the squid] My brother Phillipe! Stan Smith: Sorry I took so long. Hayley Smith: [to Stan] Overweight people have enough problems being disgusting without you making fun of them. Hayley: This won't be a problem.


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