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Any individual acting in such a blatant manner in a US or UK conservatory today would almost certainly face severe disciplinary action very quickly (in Russia or China it might be a different matter).

Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise & box turtle mama. Despite being somewhat caricature-like, the nature of Fletcher’s power is portrayed with insight. It is important to note that the conservatory environment portrayed here belongs historically to classical musicians. I have chronicled many cases coming to light both before and after the Michael Brewer trial.

I personally went from struggling with Neyman-level frustrated musical ambitions to struggling with an eating disorder, and then to struggling with depression and then to struggling with severe panic attacks….I struggled and struggled over two full decades, and I just kept struggling. Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, "Sundance Film Festival 2014 opens with premiere of 'Whiplash,' Damien Chazelle's tale of a brutal drumming instructor and his protege", "Sundance 2014: Sony grabs international rights to 'Whiplash, "Whiplash maestro Damien Chazelle on drumming, directing, and J. K. Simmons", "Two takes on Whiplash show that J.K. Simmons is scary in small doses, too", "2013 Sundance Film Festival Announces Jury Awards in Short Filmmaking", "Cannes: Bold, Blumhouse, Right Of Way Strike Up Band For Feature Version Of Sundance Short, "Tuesday, Sept. 24 Filming Locations for The Heirs, Undrafted, Dumb & Dumber To, Focus, Shelter, & more! Andrew Neiman is a first-year student at the prestigious Shaffer Conservatory in New York City. Parker was an alcoholic and junkie. While jazz has occasionally been taught in such institutions ever since the first course in Frankfurt in 1928, it has remained marginal until quite recently. The fact that he is a jazz rather than classical teacher, and as such less bound by conventions of bourgeois respectability, may make him superficially more plausible, but I have found that bullying musicians are often more subtle and insidious. [30], The film received the top audience and grand jury awards in the U.S. dramatic competition at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival;[32] Chazelle's short film of the same name took home the jury award in the U.S. fiction category one year prior. When the band rehearses the Hank Levy piece "Whiplash" and Andrew struggles to keep the tempo, Fletcher hurls a chair at him, slaps him and berates him in front of the ensemble. Instead, I have found that frequently students’ inferiority is insinuated through assertions about their perceived emotional maturity or even level of sexual prowess, on the basis of their playing. For those of us lucky few who have been able to devote our professional lives to music, many factors beyond supposed talent or natural selection are involved, often beyond one’s personal control. At first, young Andrew seems to fold under the pressure. [6] He based the conductor, Terence Fletcher, on his former band instructor (who died in 2003) but "pushed it further," adding elements of Buddy Rich and other band leaders known for their harsh treatment.

It depicts the relationship between an ambitious jazz drummer (Miles Teller) and an abusive perfectionist bandleader (J. K. Simmons) at the fictional Shaffer Conservatory. At the 87th Academy Awards, J. K. Simmons received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance, Tom Cross won the Academy Award for Best Film Editing and Craig Mann, Ben Wilkins and Thomas Curley won the Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing. [5], In August 2013, Miles Teller signed on to star in the role originated by Johnny Simmons; J. K. Simmons remained attached to his original role.

Contrary to Fletcher's prior claim that Sean died in a car accident, the lawyer explains that Sean hanged himself out of depression and anxiety spurred on by Fletcher's abuse. Andrew arrives at JVC and the band goes onstage.

Do you agree or disagree with using meanness or even violent means to seek greatness? According to Fletcher, Casey was a Shaffer student who died unexpectedly in an auto accident. He also reminds me that labeling what one is struggling to survive doesn’t change what it will take to overcome whatever-it-is….except in the case of perhaps providing more useful knowledge with which to win the struggle. Despite relying on two-dimensional characterisation and implausible scenarios, the film makes some very pertinent points about bullying and the pervasive power games that conservatoires promote. Abuse in music education is an issue that also currently features in a very different sphere – the Oscars race. Former career-minded musician that I used to be, I finally watched the movie “Whiplash.”. "[23] Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter praised the performances of Teller and Simmons, writing: "Teller, who greatly impressed in last year's Sundance entry The Spectacular Now, does so again in a performance that is more often simmering than volatile ... Simmons has the great good fortune for a character actor to have here found a co-lead part he can really run with, which is what he excitingly does with a man who is profane, way out of bounds and, like many a good villain, utterly compelling.

Abuse of students by teachers is a real problem in music education. "[24] Whiplash also won the 87th Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing and the 87th Academy Award for Best Film Editing. [33], Whiplash was originally planned to compete for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, but on January 6, 2015, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) announced that the film would instead be competing in the Adapted Screenplay[a] category[34] to the surprise of many, including Chazelle. Although his methods might be exaggerated, such abuse of power does regularly occur and the film should not be dismissed as entirely fictional. [28] In The New Yorker, Richard Brody said "Whiplash honors neither jazz nor cinema. Before finding andrew Sean was fletcher’s best bet at producing a prodigy.

The Venezuelan massive music education project El Sistema, once hailed as a social program, has since been described as “a model of tyranny”. After Fletcher cues to last beat of the piece, Andrew continues playing, continuing into an extended solo.


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