teardrop caravan kit uk

Retro Trailers is a small business based in the south west of the UK specialising in manufacturing bespoke teardrop trailers. PhieldBug weighs just one third the mass of a typical micro teardrop. Pegasus Finance offers bespoke finance specifically tailored to our Diddyvans customers, check their finance page below for a great quote. Explore Caravan for sale as well! Also available ready-built. We created PhieldBug because we were so baffled by all the heavyweight micro-teardrops out there. Our lightweight 1948 replica T.T. On arrival just wheel PhieldBug into position, adjust the nose-leg to level the floor, and you’re done. Drop the third wheel, unhitch, role to the desired spot, level and you’re ready to experience all the fun and adventure these marvellous compact trailers provide. PhieldBug’s roof and walls and doors are 25mm thick. teardrop caravans are in good clean condition. Sell today by advertising on Caravansforsale.co.uk for free!

Teardrop Caravan Build Plans DIY Caravan Plans Pod . There are some fantastic new compact caravans coming onto the market, so we were excited to see the new German-made Teardrop when it made its UK show debut. Reluctantly selling my diddyvan as i will shortly have nowhere to store it. Never before has camping and outdoor living been so easy with our superbly designed Turtle range. Each Teardrop Trailer is built to exacting specifications by craftsmen, with the attention to detail and finish normally only associated with larger, more expensive units. Brilliantly clever, ergonomic design maximises the space for comfortable living accommodation while providing plenty of room for storage. PhieldBug is a kit-form ultra-light micro teardrop trailer. We’ve dispensed with the heavy side panels, the heavy roof, the heavy metal trim, and the heavy fittings that bedevil other teardrop designs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are only too pleased to help. One of the most important things to look like in micro caravans for sale on eBay is a kitchen. So virtually any car – including classic cars, low-powered air-cooled campers, and even lightweight kitcars – can pull PhieldBug with very little impact on performance and handling. But most of that 25mm is just a weightless air-gap. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ensuring every trailer is millimeter perfect. Looking for more options? See 14 results for Teardrop caravan for sale UK at the best prices, with the cheapest ad starting from £1,000. By picking a model with the features you need, it’s easier to create a comfortable camping experience. The light weight means that almost anyone can easily manoeuvre PhieldBug around a campsite by hand. At Big Woody, you can find pre-built campers as well as an array of teardrop camper kits that you can purchase to assemble one just the way you want.With the price for basic assembly totaling as little as $900, their base camper kits are a real steal. PhieldBug can be legally towed on any standard UK driving licence. PhieldBug takes up no more space than an awning – which we find is how most campsites will price it when towed by a camper. Looking to sell? It takes moments to hitch, is effortless to tow, and is a cinch to pitch.

The empty weight of the entire vehicle is just 150kg, with the noseweight being as little as 14kg. So we’ve got a miniature version on the drawing board. ATTENTION: SHIPPING TO THE CANARY ISLANDSPlease be aware that shipping to the Canary Islands will be increased to … Visit Frizzenti, BrewFitt for details of equipment and product. In the place of all this weighty stuff we have instead fitted… air. ", A teardrop trailer hand-built in Basingstoke, Hampshire, Address: Sowlac B, Plantation Farm, Hampshire, RG26 5RP. This assumes the builder is working evenings-only. Some unique features of teardrop caravans . This double-skinned timber-and-plastic construction creates an immensely rigid structure, and the air trapped between the skins provides insulation. Images via Chuki Timeless Teardrop Caravans/Facebook These images are of the Chuki 3+2 (this is a Chuki 3 with pull out pod section) which is a prototype, currently working on slide out mechanism and perfecting the seals. Copyright © 2004-2019 | Teardrop Trailers, The New Turtle 1500 Camouflage from Teardrop Trailers, Teardrop Trailer vs Trailer Tent Shoot-out. Contact us to discuss details. PhieldBug provides a well-ventilated, dry, cosy camping space which is instantly available… so no more arriving at a weekend event and having to put up a damp and draughty tent. Each teardrop trailer on eBay UK comes with its own special features.

It promised retro design, a proper double bed, innovative access to the kitchen and storage from the outside – and all for under £10,000 (plus delivery and inspection). Teardrop trailers are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to explore in style. More comfortable than camping. Our quality has earned us an outstanding reputation, that’s why we back all of our sales with a full, one year’s warranty. The empty weight of the entire vehicle is just 150kg, with the noseweight being as little as 14kg. Added Lightness* PhieldBug offers something very special. This aluminium clad camping trailer harks back to an era where style was paramount and sleek design got you noticed. And, when you get to your destination, their lightweight, yet robust construction, allows them to be easily handled into position with no complicated reversing or fuss. (Yes, even if you qualified after 1997: a trailer endorsement is only required for unusually heavy car/trailer combinations – see here for details.). Do get in touch and tell us what you need in a biking teardrop, and we’ll try to work it into our design. PhieldBug is too long, and slightly too heavy, to be legally towed by a bike (or a combination) in the UK. However, we’ve spoken to plenty of bikers who are interested in an even lighter version of PhieldBug. And, of course, it will meet the rules for motorcycle trailers. PhieldBug weighs just one third the mass of a typical micro teardrop. is perfect to customize as a Prosecco / Frizzenti / BrewFitt bar. We figured that, if we had wanted the pain of towing and pitching a half-tonne trailer, then surely we’d just buy a regular half-tonne caravan, wouldn’t we? Teardrop Trailer and Custom Trailer Manufacturer, Just to say thank you for a fantastic experience from start to finish... Read More...     (Swipe right to see more reviews). Finance your Diddyvan. And that something is lightness. We are Retro Trailers. Also available ready-built. The Standard is finished in beautifully polished aluminium sides, with the option of coloured side panels. We’re aiming at something with a 50kg empty weight, lowered suspension, a reduced roof-height, a narrower body and narrower track.

PhieldBug can also be used as a second room for the children to escape into when on a longer trip in a camper-van. "We believe in keeping things simple small and smart. This build time includes the application of all coatings and varnishes. Live the adventure – simply hitch-up and go. Portable, convenient, comfortable, versatile compact caravans Stable and aerodynamic, they can be towed by virtually any kind of vehicle from a small hatchback or family saloon to a van, sports car and even a trike. PhieldBug offers something very special. Go-Pods.co.uk 2 Berth micro tourer caravans for camping & caravanning. A selection of our customer submitted photos. Inc: Inside kitchen, that's more convenient than a teardrop caravan design.


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