elliot quest walkthrough

You should read ahead to help avoid some of the traps here if you want a heads up on where the really tough spots are, but expect to die a few times on the way up to the boss. The lost woods are on the part of the map where you bought the silver arrows and golden helmet. Start by freezing the eyeball to the right, as one freeze attack takes it down quickly. You always just wake up again at the last one of those glowing stones you passed. A nice thing about the second way is that you can trick him into unleashing the Phantos one way and then shoot him from the other side, using the tornado as protection.

If you left the blue chests in the waterfall area, you can go back for them. With the fairy ability, check out the far right side of this area. The first crystal is in the beginning area of the game, the forest near the Wind Temple. If you freeze an enemy so that it turns into a block of ice, you can actually push those, turning them into large projectiles to take out any enemies that happen to be in the way as it travels along the ground. You have to freeze the purple enemies to make platforms as you go back there. That's not the end of this area, you're only about halfway through it before you get to the world map to reach the last Guardian temple. No need to be greedy. It doesn't work like that, I'm afraid.

He's weak if you hit him in the back with arrows, but to make that process much easier, use ice to freeze him. Cowabunga! If you succeed in saving him, you will get a boost in the "Good" karma status. Don't jump, you don't want the shadow guy to jump. Take the ladder up. But it never lasts. Well, you can, but you always wake up at the last glowing rock thing you passed.

Find a second yellow mushroom near the Wind Temple on the world map. Before you go to the upper right, go left and shoot that switch again. The special shop sells a full heart container and up to two magic jars (one of the magic jars won't appear for sale if you found the one near the dash boots). The large flame guys walking around have to be hit with your ice power so that you can finish with arrows or simply hit them with a second ice attack.

This little area is just a bonus room with a special person waiting there. If he throws axes at you, shoot the axes and if they hit him that pushes him some more. Satar Boss Fight:The Satar welcomes you, calling you his pet. In the next room, the ice at the top can fall down and hurt you, so when you see it move a little, dash to the left to avoid it. If you opened the shortcut using a bomb, you can go to the cliffs from the other side and take the ladder up by jumping on the green blob, then head right to hit the world map. The first thing to do is to take care of those eyes, as they will make this battle harder than it needs to be. This is the last encounter you'll have with the hooded rogue. Bomb the blocks so that you can come back this way as a shortcut. It can also change enemies into ice blocks which can be pushed, making a platform in areas you normally don't have a block to jump on. JiG is on Patreon and Needs You! You can take a lower path here but you need to use the small enemy that scurries along the ground as a boost with the stomp boots to make it up and over the blocks (or freeze it and use the ice platform). There's a series of really small platforms leading up, but you can get two blue chests if you go to the left past the crusher. The tornado power is your best friend, as you can stun the knight, removing his defense, and avoid damage from the projectiles while doing it. When you are back on the world map, just go to the right a little and enter the graveyard. If you're currently at good, killing him is likely to put you back at neutral. "So he sent you to do his dirty work, eh? Now, just go back to the right until you face off against a bomb machine. A piece of heart is north of that area, near the village. Shoot and kill the knight (actually two of these, there's one more to the left of this one) and then just ignore the eye if you want. Your big reward? The shadows mimic your movements, and we need the shadow to hold a switch down. Enter the forest in the southeast. The initial path going to the right you need to follow is: down, down, up, down. After seeing this ending, I realized it represents basically what I thought would happen all along. In Elliot Quest, the victim of a rare curse must find a cure before he's transformed into a demon. You can of course just move on and forget about these last sidequests, but that's entirely your decision. Head up and to the right. You can get those with your tornado, of course. If that scrub can survive this place, so can Elliot.

I've always had MP regen by the time I get the book so it's a little bit of a mystery exactly how that works. Push the block on the right all the way to the right to give you a platform to jump up to the next area.

Grab the piece of heart. Kill the giant to uncover another chest behind some boxes. Going by the guide's Crystal Locations list, this is the final crystal of the eleven and shows up last in your inventory as well. The third and final yellow mushroom is found in the forest where you started the game. We are now ready to face the Satar, so head back to the room below the map room and blow up the large block to the right. Elliot Quest is an adventure/RPG where players explore the mysterious Urele island in search of an ancient demon. These machines will spit fire and throw bombs, but you can freeze and shatter them if you don't feel like a long and ugly battle. The entrance is beside the ladder (world map ladder) leading up to the grassy cliffs, at the bottom on the left. There's a puzzle on the next screen that involves your mirror and a stone block that you push onto a switch. In order to get this door to open, you have to be currently aligned to the Evil path and have the Hooded Rogue as your ally, then he will open the door. They are locked up here, so free them by lighting the torch. The rock spitting enemies make this a little tricky.

The lack of handholding in Elliot Quest is both its most frustrating and most intriguing aspect. Doing this leads to a blue treasure chest, but look for the two regular chests on this screen as well before heading to the right. At the end of all of this, you will finally get a crystal. "It won't change a thing, you sheet-wearing puppet. Check us back often! You can use the trampolines on either side to help you jump over the thing, but it's pretty hard to do that consistently.

Do everything possible to avoid all of these hazards, as it's a lot to defend against in this cramped area. Blocks are placed here, some of them you can move. You're just a simple man with a power your don't understand, whose love has disappeared and who needs to find answers. The problem is, he's doing this to force you to run under one of his hands, swiftly crushing you underneath if you aren't fast enough. These choices involve moral decisions, naturally. It takes two hits from your stone to destroy one of them. Moving on, bomb the two blocks to reveal a way for you to drop down. There is an experience scroll to be found if you investigate the room to the upper right, but you have to work out a way to get up there without blowing up too many mines. If you bounce off the wooden boxes, there's a way to the upper right, leading to a treasure chest. I always wanted to say that... After the fight, take the portal door and go to the right. (a href, b, br/, strong, em, ul, ol, li, code, spoiler). There's a puzzle before you can enter the room the boss hides in. Move the statue to the left until it's through the door and there's room for the shadow to jump over it. Head to the right and you'll see an icy area of the ground in front of you and a crusher ready to kill you if you aren't careful. Drop down the first ladder here, avoiding the crushers. Kill it with fire! Go to the right twice. With practice, it should be easy to make him fall down on one pass, just watch out for falling rocks.


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