rune king thor debunked

They are known throughout forum/FB groups to be unreasonable and hostile being a dbztard isnt a good thing. Often has incredibly powerful and very dangerous weaponry. High Herald Level beings often have minor reality warping or a broken superpower that only beings higher on this list can overcome, along with a large arsenal of highly varied powers.

Because you haven’t gotten sick of me bashing Captain Marvel and i love putting this egotistical cunt in her place, we’re going to cover yet another journal on her, this would be my last one on her until the end of Endgame. Mid-Herald Level: Star Level+ to Solar System Level destructive capacity and speeds or reactions that are Massively FTL+. Low Herald Level beings often have rather potent superpowers and abilities, and can usually survive in space.

When the comic book industry inevitable collapses, people won’t look back to shitty trendy Superheros like Kamala Khan, Carl Manvers or many of these SJW heros, they’re going to remember real Superheros like Thor, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Rogue and Worlevine, characters who withstood the test of time. 1 pixel = 1123km/1686.55769 = 0.665853298km, 561.5km – 2.66341319km = 558.836587km (558836.587m). As established before, she’s only consistently shown to be Solar System Level+ within the Comics at best. An error in the math occurred, so I’ll fix that up real quick. Rune King Thor: He's essentially one with the universe and close to the level of universal abstracts like Eternity but less. What's the most cringeworthy and painfully bad power scaling video you've seen? ), Whis can bust a universe. Thor scales to Odin at his best with Odin Force and surpasses Odin as the Rune King who has a 1.741105116668646×10^25,476 J feat, Danvers comes nowhere even close to surpassing Thor or Odin. Captain Marvel, by contrast, has no fucking lore build up about her powers, no weight, nothing. They think Goku or any other character from Dragon Ball can solo. It’s safe to say that Thor is arguably the most powerful of the Avengers bar none. This is actually a redux of an old calculation originally done by Darkanine all credit to pixel scaling and mass calculation goes to him. no one can read it since it is mixed up in three pages of other text [02:14] I've attempted to use XGL and AIGLX on 7. Wonder Woman and Superman were both bloodlusted in the fight and were fighting to kill each other so they were at full power here, Critical Reflection:Goku vs Post Crisi Superman 1, Critical Relfection:Goku vs Post Crsis Superman 1. Sokovia is 1143 px, so the debris is (532/1143*1953.768). Thor scales to Odin at his best with Odin Force and surpasses Odin as the Rune King who has a 1.741105116668646×10^25,476 J feat, Danvers comes nowhere even close to surpassing Thor or Odin. So yeah Ironman by all intents and purposes with this armor puts even Batman’s prep skills to shame as he can go from the average joe to punching the crap out of Galactus and Odin tier threats in a nanosecond.

In fact, this is where she actually stacks within the Marvel Universe. Abstract Level: High Multiverse Level+ to High Complex destructive capacity and omnipresence limited to a universe up to a multiverse. This is why it pays off to have an actual challenge for the hero, so we can see what the hero in question can do, we never get that once throughout Captain Marvel, she never fights a true challenge to her, just nothing but one-sided curbstomps. Speed: Everything seems in order here, moving on....hang about, "Omnipresent", if you are referring to Rune King Thor he didn't become omnipresent when he merged with the universe, he became omniscient ... In-fact ALMOST every argument on his page was debunked over on Comic Vine. EDIT: A better image of the Sokovia’s diametreForgot to divide the diametre in two. Durning a Fight With celestial known as Arishem the Judge combined power of Odin, Zeus and Vishnu, did not even scratch it, Odinsvord sword which can impose the most powerful cosmic curse, and who can break the fabric itself of Infinity, and which pierced Arishem, did not hurt him.

Nowadays it’s just shitty SJW Identity politics and politcal posturing that these comics tend to do. That should be 976.884 m. All values taken to 2 decimals cuz I’m lazy. why people never vote for goku, even if in goku's own profile shows that goku is stronger? The same person who could one shot people using 1/5th the power of the Phoenix Force, a god-like force said to easily be Multiversal in scale so GTFO with this bullshit that Captain Marvel is the strongest avenger, that tile goes to the Scarlet Witch who can one shot Namor, already a powerful villain of his own right amped with the Phoenix Force. Low Herald Level: Planet Level+ to Star Level destructive capacity and speed/reactions that are FTL to Massively FTL. Now we have Heros casually committing human rights violations with no consequences. Going back to WonderWoman yet again, Daina fought against normal humans sure but the god Areas as shown to be a supernatural threat who pushed Wonder Woman to her Limits, we actually see her and how powerful she can be, generating storms and killing him with her power, this is something that’s built up lore-wise. And able to knock back a fully fed Galactus who can literally desotry entire Universes with ease. So the new calc still uses the same mass, but with a new timeframe and distance, resulting in new speed.

The Multiverse is very huge. also Celestials Can Easely Destroy Multiverse and easely withstand attacks which are capable of Easely Destroing Multiverse also they even noot need to fight (Even mighty cosmic abstraction themselves “Suicide themselves ” on his arm) Tony stark in Ziran Armor was Capable of Fighting With Thanos who Had Infinity Gaunflet and even make him feel his attacks.

To comprehend the sheer scale of this, i came up with a new term exclusive to determining Universe and Multiversal tier feats known as UniFoe. Mind you Zeus is the DC eqauilvent to Odin, a man who can knock out Galactus at full power and was said to equal the Celestials.

They think Dragon Ball is the most strongest anime. Meaning we have to scale the Marvel Multiverse size and mupilty it by 16 times over.This is beyond incomprehensible. and Zeus). In Captain Marvel, we see her slice a spaceship in two, and that Marvel infographic tells us she gives out 418,000,000,000,000 joules in one energy blast.

4 092 772 500 000 000 000 joule = 978.196 104 21 megaton [explosive], The energy needed to destroy a human body on a Sub Atomic level:978.196 104 21 megaton (Mountain Level+), 7.5 Billion people/2= 3,750,000,000×4 092 772 500 000 000 000 joule, 1.5347896875e+28 joule = 3 668 235 390 800 megaton [explosive], Yield needed to kill half of humanity on a subatomic level: 3.668 Exatons of TNT(Multi Continent level+), 200 Billion Earth-like planets in our Galaxy, 3.069579375e+39 joule = 7.3364707815e+23 megaton [explosive], The energy needed to wipe out our Galaxy of life: 733.647 Ninatons of TNT(Dwarf Star Level+). Hell Wonderwoman would be at least Solar System level in her default base strength in most versions scaling merely by Superman’s standards and could reach up to Multiversal power levels with channeling in her Godwave powers and can defect trillions of God Shard s from the Universe crossing the distance of the Universe in seconds, this literally shits on any feat Carl Manvers has ever shown. Goku vs Jin what level could Jin fight and it be good. So yeah Captain Marvel stronger than Odinforce Thor or Rune King Thor?HAHAHAHAHAHA, YEAH NO! High Skyfather Level beings can often manipulate or break causality and create effects that can span entire universes, along with Large Galaxy Level to Universe Level reality warping, high tier energy and matter manipulation, and the ability to imbue beings with portions of their power. Subatomic Destruction: Applied only if clearly stated. Dbztard or Ztard is a term for hardcore fanboys for the Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT/Dragon Ball Super series these people are known for making non-sense arguments and always insulting or implying others don't know the series when they clearly do. And that’s not even taking forth his massive feat in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here’s how dimension tiering works. Arcues stomps so hard and solos the verse, HE WAS ALMOST GOING TO DIE BECAUSE OF A FRIGGIN METEOR,, I randomly saw this and it was extremely painful to watch. Just how powerful is he with the finity gualent though. Well no. ( Log Out /  1 vs 1: Semi Finals: Round 1: Who takes this in a death match? In many cases, the term is used to define a larger bubble filled with a finite or infinite number of universes. Goku/Vegeta/Beerus /Whis is 100% unbeatable. There is a family rune on Gotland that now in Old Norse has the closest meaning of Giant in the english language. I’ve yet to see Endgame myself but i heard good and bad things about it, most of the bad things unsurprisingly was Brie Larson as Captain Marvel( which i look forward to hating), either way i will review Endgame at the end of the week and give my thoughts and try to separate my hatred of Captain Marvel as much as possible, keyword try however if the MCU is going down the same “Woke” direction as the comics, oh boy are we in for some shit. So an average adult human has a volume around 75 l, or 75,000 cubic centimeters. In 4 dimensions we, for example, would add an additional direction of extension beyond length, width and height.


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