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[30] For the next three years, she resided as a guest in Harlem at the home of Timothy Thomas Fortune (1856–1928) and wife, Carrie Fortune (née Caroline Charlotte Smiley; 1860–1940).

The club advocated to have a housing project in Chicago named after the founder, Ida B. Ida Bae Wells ‏ @nhannahjones Sep 2 Follow Follow @ nhannahjones Following Following @ nhannahjones Unfollow Unfollow @ nhannahjones Blocked Blocked @ nhannahjones Unblock Unblock @ nhannahjones Pending Pending follow request from @ nhannahjones Cancel Cancel your follow request to @ nhannahjones She wrote editorials … She found sympathetic audiences in Britain, already shocked by reports of lynching in America. Some people said they would hurt Wells, so she bought a pistol. [34], She followed-up with greater research and detail in The Red Record (1895), a 100-page pamphlet describing lynching in the United States since the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. Wells is buried at Oak Woods Cemetery in Greater Grand Crossing, Chicago, Illinois.

[118], On May 4, 2020, she was posthumously awarded a Pulitzer Prize special citation, "[f]or her outstanding and courageous reporting on the horrific and vicious violence against African Americans during the era of lynching.

In 1893, she organized The Women's Era Club, a first-of-its-kind civic club for African-American women in Chicago. In 1928, she tried to become a delegate to the Republican National Convention but lost to Oscar De Priest. She was active in women's rights and the women's suffrage movement, establishing several notable women's organizations. Wells' Birthday", "Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporting was launched in Memphis, Tennessee, with the purpose of promoting investigative journalism. A white mob destroyed her newspaper office and presses as her investigative reporting was carried nationally in black-owned newspapers.

Together with Frederick Douglass and other black leaders, Wells organized a black boycott of the fair, for its exclusion of African Americans from the exhibits. [81][9], Wells-Barnett explained that the defense of white women's honor allowed Southern white men to get away with murder by projecting their own history of sexual violence onto black men.

[76], As Wells and Squire were organizing the Alpha Club, the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) was organizing a suffrage parade in Washington D.C.

She worked with national civil rights leaders to protest a major exhibition, she was active in the national women's club movement, and she ultimately ran for the Illinois State Senate. It was the only major white paper that persistently denounced lynching. Wells Monument", "A Determined Quest for Equality – How Ida B. Wells to launch an anti-lynching crusade from Memphis in 1892 using her newspaper, Free Speech. When the Public Works Administration approved a grant for the city's downtown subways, it was conditioned on construction of the downtown portion of Congress Parkway. Offet was convicted of rape and served four years of a 15-year sentence, despite his sworn denial of rape (the word of a Black man against that of a White woman). She won her case on December 24, 1884, when the local circuit court granted her a $500 award.

Moss's store did well and competed with a white-owned grocery store across the street, owned by William Barrett. The Illinois Presidential and Municipal Suffrage Bill of 1913 (see Women's suffrage in Illinois) gave women in the state the right to vote for presidential electors, mayor, aldermen and most other local offices; but not for governor, state representatives or members of Congress. She also attended Lemoyne-Owen College, a historically black college in Memphis. Two years after its founding, the club played a significant role in electing Oscar DePriest as the first African-American Alderman in Chicago. She held strong political opinions and provoked many people with her views on women's rights. [10][84], Wells died of uremia (kidney failure) in Chicago on March 25, 1931, at the age of 68. [50], The 19th century's acknowledged leader for African-American civil rights, Frederick Douglass praised Wells' work, giving her introductions and sometimes financial support for her investigations. On June 27, 1895, in Chicago at Bethel AME Church, Wells married attorney Ferdinand L. Barnett,[47] a widower with two sons, Ferdinand and Albert. [81], In the 1920s, she participated in the struggle for African-American workers rights, urging black women's organizations to support the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, as it tried to gain legitimacy. All Rights Reserved. Wells", Loomis Street (Noble Street, Southport Avenue),, Articles with incomplete citations from March 2019, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from March 2019, Articles needing additional references from September 2014, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; east end of freeway section, This page was last edited on 12 October 2020, at 12:28. Impey, a Quaker abolitionist who published the journal Anti-Caste,[38] had attended several of Wells' lectures while traveling in America. Rather than a new central axis for an expanded business district, the wide, heavily trafficked new street came to represent the southern boundary of the Loop. annnd we’re officially dead (watch), ‘Oh no she did NOT’: Look on Chris Cuomo’s face as ‘white liberal woman’ Hilary Rosen scolds Nina Turner is PRICELESS (watch), James Woods’ #NoThanksIdRather response to Rashida Tlaib screeching about people having sex with her is just PAINFUL (watch). [4], In June 2020, during the George Floyd protests in Tennessee, protesters occupied the area outside the Tennessee State Capitol, re-dubbing it "Ida B. [123] The play explores Wells as "a seminal figure in Post-Reconstruction America. [9] However, she lost the presidency of the National Association of Colored Women in 1924 to the more diplomatic Mary Bethune.


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