paolo gucci wife
Shocked, she stepped back. Thes two are pretty stupid if they thought they would get away with that. “She’s not here. I wasn't ever star struck; I was a bit cocky maybe," she says. She did not learn her father had another family, another wife, when she was ten years old. But, without evidence, the crime went unsolved for nearly two years. ‘What a shame,’ I thought. The Gucci wife and the hitman: fashion's darkest tale.

All she could think was, "I have siblings! After Reggiani was arrested, the media dubbed her Vedova Nera – the Black Widow – and touted all the stereotypical theories about her likely motives. If there is a grain of truth in any of these, there was also something deeper, too. She’s off work with a bad back,” says Alessandra Brunero, co-owner of Bozart, a Milanese costume jewellery firm that has employed Reggiani as a “design consultant” since April 2014. The article makes no mention of her family's unconventional situation. Although Bruna was engaged to another man, Aldo began showering his young secretary with gifts—from perfume to silk scarves. “I was a poor man, so I had to go back to work at Via Palestro 20 when I recovered.

Maurizio, a grandson of Guccio who’d ousted his relatives from the business to become CEO in 1992, had been forced to sell his stake 18 months before he died. Understandably then, when I try to find her, Reggiani’s inner circle doesn’t seem keen to let her near another journalist. We had fun, we were a team,” says Reggiani. [4] Her elder half-brother Paolo Gucci broke away from the family firm, and tried to set up a rival company. "For my life, I wanted something normal. She was furious with Maurizio for selling out.” Even after her release from prison, Reggiani couldn’t let go. With a portion of the company sold to investment company Investcorp, Patricia says that, due to contracts, she was barred from talking about what she knew or getting involved in any Gucci ventures for a decade.

They are quite evil.” Manca points out, in her defence, that the fax machine was still cutting-edge technology when she went to prison. "He was explosive back then.

She appears in their grand sitting room wearing a short floral dress. When Reggiani first arrived she helped to design a collection of rainbow coloured jewellery and evening bags inspired by her pet macaw, Bo. It succeeded. It wasn't salacious.". I said, 'No Daddy, I don't want to know!' “Oh, they always resort to these stupid types,” Franchi says. “Maurizio got crazy.

In 1977, Aldo made his son Paolo vice-president and managing director of Gucci Shops Inc. and of Gucci Parfums of America. Reggiani’s daughters, who are now in their late 30s and have always stuck by their mother (at least publicly), directly inherited Maurizio Gucci’s millions, as well as the yacht and properties in New York, Saint Moritz and Milan. Aldo Gucci was 14 years old when his parents opened a small shop in Florence, Italy selling fine leather goods in 1921.

When she was 19, the role progressed to Patricia taking a place on the company's board, the first woman in the family to get a seat, and becoming the new face of the brand: Modeling the new line for ads and in magazine spreads. On January 19, 1985, Aldo proudly walked his only daughter down the aisle. "I did it for him and I tried to do it in an elegant and respectful way.

The girl's stomach twisted into knots looking at her tense expression. They were very rich, but not part of Milan’s high society.

He was just the quiet boy whose teeth crossed over at the front.” Reggiani had other suitors, but the young Gucci chased her hard with all the riches at his disposal. “It was completely unexpected,” she says. (Worth millions, it is still owned and sailed by the couple’s two daughters). This was elegant Milan, not mob-riddled Naples, and execution-style killings of the city’s glamorous elite were unknown. But then he left her – and she had him murdered.

Gucci, a grandson of the founder of the Gucci empire, was bought out of the business by other members of the family several years ago. It was terrible,” she says, putting her head in her hands. Paolo Gucci, an heir to the Gucci leather goods fortune, is out of prison, now that his estranged wife has been paid almost a half-million dollars in back alimony and child support. “Everybody came and it was a big success,” says Manca. The couple shared a palatial apartment on the city centre boulevard, Corso Venezia, along with Franchi’s 11-year-old son Charly, and had planned to marry. The couple’s marriage imploded along the way. “I prefer Senna. While Gucci wouldn’t confirm or deny, an Italian fashion editor friend later doubts his claim. Rodolfo softened after she gave birth to a daughter, Alessandra, and he could see that she “really loved Maurizio”. The aftermath wasn’t easy for the doorman. The purse perfectly encapsulates current Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele's vision for the brand, a clean rectangle covered in the famous G pattern with bold blue flowers painted on and cartoonish appliques on top of that: classic with a fresh, playful twist. I was exciting and different,” says Reggiani. Speaking on the phone from Sardinia, where he has a small holiday house, Onorato still sounds incredulous that he survived. The mother-daughter pair had developed a line which included coffee, housewares, cosmetics, hosiery and handbags which bore their names and a green and red stripe diamond logo much like Gucci‘s trademarked logo. He never returned home. Gucci’s will, executed in Palm Beach, Fla., leaves half of his U.S. estate “to my wife Bruna Palombo Gucci” and half to their daughter, Patricia Gucci Losio, 25.

“I think I am a very strong person because I survived all these years in captivity,” she says in the heavily accented English she picked up during her jet-setting days. Last modified on Mon 2 Jul 2018 09.56 EDT. It seems almost too perfect for her. Stripped of his name and his price, he had no choice but to be himself. Reggiani had been right, at least, that Maurizio was mismanaging business and not creating enough revenue to execute his grand ideas. Advertisement And this time, she kissed him back. Brunero and her business-partner husband have now become Reggiani’s de facto minders, tasked with ensuring the 67-year-old sticks to her parole and quietly rebuilds her life as a regular citizen. At Bozart, Brunero’s husband and co-owner Maurizio Manca gives me a tour of Reggiani’s new workplace. Meanwhile, the company lost millions under his control. I had to take him in a wheelchair because he was very weak.

"She isn't 100 percent into it," Patricia admits. In 1973 she married Maurizio Gucci, with whom she had two daughters, Allegra and Alessandra. [9] The sentence was cut short due to time off for good behaviour. After a couple of years, Bruna was promoted to Aldo's secretary. He spoke to his wife, and Bruna didn't hear from her again.

We sit down on matching white sofas to espressos and iced water, and I ask her about life in Milan’s San Vittore prison.


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