hottest spanish speaking countries
And south of the islands, you’ll find the Belize barrier reef which is one of the most breathtaking views in the world, the second largest coral reef system in the world. The rich extravagant Spanish-influenced architecture of the town is alive and well and makes up a majority of the buildings. Like many of the cities on this list, Caracas is a capital city. You can use that to get anywhere from the suburbs all the way to the financial district.

It’s there that you’ll find Vuelta de Rocha, a triangular plaza where Caminito begins, an area full of colorful and vibrant murals and glimmering metal houses that shine in the sun. Please go to to log back in and re-subscribe.

In that same area, you’ll find the Panteón Nacional de los Héroes, which houses many former presidents and pays tribute to fallen warriors. Venezuelan Slang: 40 Words To Sound Like A True Venezolano, 105 Common Spanish Phrases To Learn Before Traveling. However in 2009 the Philippine government started a plan to reintroduce the Spanish language into its school system. Spanish is one of the most romantic languages on Earth. What made us choose Granada, despite Leon’s excellent reputation and Managua’s growing tourism industry was the old-world beauty and solitude of Granada. Dancing, exploring, food, nature, history, these cities have it all and then some. These unique structures are some of the most famous in the country and are iconic symbols of the ancient lifestyle here pre-Columbus. For buildings, the Royal Palace is a must for all visitors. Caracas and Venezuela, in general, tend to fall under the radar when it comes to being a tourist destination. Highlights: Ancient Mayan city of Tikal, sunrise hike in Lake Atitlán, and adventure sports in Semuc Champey. It actually has the second largest population of native speakers in the world. The final Spanish-speaking country is located in….…AFRICA. A similar experience to the one we recommended in Madrid would be seeing yet another iconic Spanish soccer club. Not only does it have Spanish and Portuguese influences, but the city also has a strong French influence, which makes it perfect for dining on French cuisine. Others are cultural havens and national heritage sites teeming with history and old-world energy.

All rights reserved. Things change and relationships evolve, and now it’s easier than ever to experience Havana. At night, the bay comes alive with tiny organisms which glow a bright neon when they come into contact with objects. Highlights: Colonial vibes of Granada, nightlife in San Juan del Sur, surfing down the active “Cerro Negro” volcano at 93 km/hr in León. In fact, it’s one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. There might be some of you out there reading this list and getting sick of beautiful cityscapes and looming mountains ranges in the background. Spread out all across the city are stunning pieces of art by one of Mexico’s most famous artists, José Clemente Orozco. Highlights: The Panama Canal, which connects the Caribbean and Pacific, Casco Viejo district in Panama city, hit the coast for surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling or simply chilling by a Caribbean beach. Located on the northern tip of the island of Biko just off of Africa’s western coast lies the city of Malabo, a city draped in European influence and styled with colonial architecture.

For Antigua, that would be the Volcan de Agua, and you can’t take a picture of the city without including its beautiful neighbor. This mountain lies inside of a national park which we recommend you visit for the hiking and the view. Terms   Privacy, Terms for our incredible guarantee can be read here.

Have conversations faster, understand people when they speak fast, and other tested tips to learn faster. There are organized food tours that will take travelers around the city and expose them to the unique cuisines of Bogota. Buenos Aires is one of the most culturally-diverse cities in South America, one that features a unique mixture of influences from both Europe and South America. Another interesting destination is Mercado del Puerto. Many of the original buildings are crumbling colonial style and are really amazing to behold. As of right now (May 2018), Puerto Rico is still recovering from the chaos and trail of destruction left behind by Hurricane Maria. Most of the other cities are either in the Americas or in Europe, but Spanish is the official language of Equatorial Guinea and Malabo is the capital city, at least for now. The city itself is picturesque against the backdrop of the snow-capped Andes where you can go skiing. So many people flock to be a part of it that Barahona makes our list because it not only lacks many of the major historical and cultural landmarks of other entries on this list, but because it’s one of the more isolated places on this list, and we always like to feature one or two of those for the readers who enjoy peace and quiet off the beaten path. In fact, much of the gorgeous European-inspired architecture of the city’s old town are made from volcanic rocks, which give the buildings that unique chalky complexion.

In fact, experts predict that by 2050, the United States will overtake Mexico and become the number one Spanish speaking country in the world. You can’t simply visit one city in Spain and say you’ve experienced all the country has to offer.

All population stats from Still, there are plenty of historical sites you can visit, including the Santa Barbara Church where you’ll find a plaza that’s home to the Virgin of Chiquinquira, a 60-foot-tall marble statue. Buenos Aires - Argentina.

Another stunning place to visit in the heart of the city is the Plaza de la Constitucion, a public square where major religious holidays are observed. Another stunning sight within walking distance of the Prado is the Retiro Park where you can see the lush overgrowth of swamp trees and cypresses along the Grand Pond. To be exact, 21 countries have Spanish as their official language. Bogota is a beautiful sight. The city has many nightclubs open into the early hours of the morning. Cuba has a unique rich flavor all to its own. In reality, this is one of the major metropolitan cities in the world. And while you may find all of the joys of island living while on Ambergris Caye, you can also visit some ancient Mayan ruins (sorry, we had to; Latin America’s history is too cool). We also recommend a banana boat ride or a visit to the bio-luminescent bay. We don’t copy the entry word for word, but sometimes, a place just works too well to be left off. Mexico City has one or maybe two. All over the world, we find cultures born and thriving in the Spanish language. Another special Argentinean experience is strolling through La Boca, the capital neighborhood along the waterfront.

You can walk through the city and soak up the beautiful European-inspired architecture at places like the historical and cultural centers, as well as the Guadalajara Cathedral. You might be rolling your eyes each time you read about another old-world city with beautiful architecture. However, the city is starting to gain some traction with the traveling community. Another thing to look out for is the amazing architecture. Here Are Some Fun Alternatives Without The Risk. Santiago is a city full of contrasting and diverse neighborhoods that blend together and give the major city a special flavor. Learn more here.

Both are exquisite and dripping with historical intrigue. Many of the cities on our list have such an amazing clash of old-world and new-world traditions and sights that create their own special flavors, each unique in its own way. According to Instituto Cervantes, 437 million people speak Spanish as a native language, making it the second most spoken language in the world behind Chinese which has 1.2 billion speakers, and ahead of English which has approximately 360 million native speakers. Because the entire town is a heritage site, the experience is more akin to traveling back in time to visit another world entirely.

The surrounding area is perfect for nature lovers who want to hike and soak in the fresh South American air. There are many breathtaking cathedrals and monasteries to visit in the city, one of the most popular being the beautiful red Santa Catalina Monastery, or the wonderful arches of Yanahuara.

Of course, the beaches in Montevideo are a must-see stop, with some of the best being near old town. And because of its unique location, you can travel to the center of the world and take a tour of the local museum educating visitors about the line which divides the hemispheres. Many people tend to overlook Venezuela with Brazil and Colombia to the south, but Venezuela is a beautiful country, and its capital city is a lovely sample of that beauty. Zero to conversational in a month. The city has many nightclubs open into the early hours of the morning. Many of the cities on this list are capitals with sprawling metropolitan areas, thick dense crowds, and more tourist attractions than you could see in a week, much less a day. Life is vibrant in Santiago where cultural festivals of color and sound happen all the time...and flavor, if you’re lucky. Highlights: Barcelona & Real Madrid battling it out in “El Clasico”, eating tapas, architectural masterpieces such as Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia and the fortress/palace Alhambra, heading south for some beach hopping. As far as capital cities go, Montevideo is a fairly easy city to navigate considering that a large portion of Uruguay’s capital is condensed into this coastal city. No spam!

You’re sick of just *hearing* about pura vida—you’re ready to experience it first hand! Read about the differences between Spain Spanish & Latin American Spanish. From the mountains of the Andes and across the ocean to the coast of the Mediterranean, the Spanish language has given birth to some of the most enchanting and exotic locations in the world.

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