pes 2020 smoke patch sider
there are still some fake teams in the game, will be removed once we add more clubs in updates. already follow the instructions until the live update: off but no change at all. be sure you upgrade the stadium server to R3, hallo smoke team :) why in smoke sider no livecpk ? 0. Thank you smoke patch for your hard work. Otherwise, great work! Duplicate player M. AL FATIL (Saudi Arabia) in Master League. Why can not I shine off the face from sider? and you can make ball of Comebol Libertadorest. Thanks for the hard work!You guys are amazing.

thx! No, not every update you have to restart master league.We only do that once a year when we make a big database makeover Sometimes Konami dlc forces this issue, Hello Smoke Patch it is necessary to install the patch of you since the 20.0Or can you skip to version 20.0.2?And the Stadiums were fixed problems that Konami brought?

?Because it's a problem of new konami update? Please update new Kits for Nepal. So i shouldn't copy and replace the dpfilelist from existing Smoke Patch 20.2.5 with dpfilelist from DLC7 Compatibility Package 2? Помогите при установке выскакивает эта ошибка : Cannot install the patch, Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 was notfound in the selected directory. if you made more upodated kits and like to share with the patch yes send them. Don't spam.3. btw thks for the patch, Reinstall the patch 20.0.0 and the update 20.0.1Follow the install instruction, When is the UCL music coming? Please at least consider it.playing with Ronaldiniho alongside Ronaldo and Rivaldo with authentic old Brazil kit is much more satisfying, isn't it?

fix already added to sp20 links since this morning.... Why in Mexico National team has player Jin-Song Hong? Њhen we can expect a SP patch? EvoWeb Patch 8.0 For PES 2020; PES 2020 Andri Patch 8.0; ePatch 2020 For PC; Smoke Patch Version 20.2.7 For PC; PES 2020 ICMP Patch Version 2.5 [PS4] PesVícioBr OF DP5 For PES20 [PS4] PESFan 2020 OF V7 [PS4] CYPES 2.1 Update For PES20 ; Tools: Sider 6.3.9, Kitserver 2020 v1.45, DpFileList Generator 2020 and PUMM Bro we have the same problem. Louis Van Gaal6. all teams are correct, try reinstall the full patch then the update, No , my sider got something there that is uncompatible i'll try to see what it is. Hi, first of all. Hi smoke team .. can you please help me . Thank you for your great work. please help. Hi Smoke a new patch came out today and the your patch is not working. Benin, Central African Republic and Mozambique would be nice additions as well. buenas gran parche :D .... consulta .... hay manera de cambiar la liga MLS por la liga mexicana? You are the best as always.I found your message in the below links are bin.files I added Japanese names for most of No NAME players(includes Bundes & Classic players). where can find compatible bypass version 1.07 I search for many sites but couldn't get the right onethanks, sorry please dont ask for any illegal files in this website. Where is Pes United and We United?

I don’t think it’s patch related, maybe connection problem when playing my club? install the patch in the directory of the game, same folder. What about PES 2020 SP? Sir Alex Ferguson2. Keep loading and not stopping. Be sure to install following the install instruction Watch the install video tutorial, Need help Installed everything and everything went on but not with the manager no manager been add can i ask for help team ?? Save the rest of your files.Where is the new sider.exe ??? PLEASE ADD ALL THE TEAMS WHO PARTICIPATE IN THE CHAMPIONS AND EUROPA LEAGUEQarabağ F91 Dudelange MalmoLASKROsenborgClujLudogoretsFerencvarosOleksandriaWolfsbergerSlovan BratislvaPartizanAstanaRed Bull SalzburgAnd latinamerican teams who play the copa libertadores, Because the database in smokepatch is much. Smoke patch team - Thank you very Much, for your great work! Why yours removed it. Hi I had a problem in become a legend, there are some players just named "player" all 80 plus rated with default faces, how do i fix it?

smokepatch20, pes 2020 patch, sp20, smokepatch download, patch mediafire, patch mega PES2020 SmokePatch20 (20.0.2) - PES SmokePatch smokepatch mod for pro evolution soccer game series for PC, created by fans of this game and made available for free to our fans all over the world Your comment won't be shown if you're not using English !.2. Will this affect the patch? I want to ask us we are going to see new leagues added to this year patch apart from the ones added previously in the years? Hey smoke , FC Dallas , Minnesota United and Orlando city have the wrong logos.I got bundesliga logos on that teams? Does SMOKE patch also implement new manager faces (i think it does, though not a many as this 'Managers Patch PES 2020 V2')? Hellois there a chance to improve the weather because from what I see it is snowing all season in ML mode and it doesn't change in settings.Yes, I use sider, This is from sider not from smokepatchPlease wait for sider sp for normal weather, Hi, thank you Great work.I corrected Japanese names for All of J-League teams and other 4 teams you added (RB Salzburg etc)., Please add National Cambodia. hey smoke, meaning if I already have a V8, do I only need to install the DLL File?

Obrigado, melhor patch!! I see your thread in evoweb is locked :(, i hate admin in evoweb Just keep strong, and go a headI'll support u always :). superb only premium has acces. Hello and thanksSorry we do not add things not made by us. Patch 2019 (v19.0.0) Patch 2019 (EXECO19) PES 2018. you download 2.0.0 and directly 2.0.2 , 2.0.1 it's not necessary. You'd need to tell me what facepack style you use, and in what folder they are situated. There's a compatibility bug with another mod of sorts in my livecpk folder or downloads folder, i don't know. we have many similar ideas, but cannot decide anything regarding this until we see how much free slots will we have after adding all the teams in the que. PES 2020 Classic Kits Pack Vol 2 AIO for Kit-Serve... PES 2020 Scoreboard UEFA Champions League by Overall, PES 2020 Kunpup Manchester United ML RePack, PES Boots & Gloves ASSIGNMENT TOOL v4.0 by MFZ69, PES 2020 Ligue1 Conforama Facepack Vol. No need to turn off netJust install following the install instructions above and turn off live update when selecting team. Game Auto-Run when you start the sider sp20, it will automatically start the game, you can disable this feature, open sider.ini and look for the following line, then change as showed below: Auto-run Enabled = “steam://rungameid/996470”, Auto-run Disabled ; = “steam://rungameid/996470”. Also Team.bin has been corrected all the team name., Wow I didn’t think anyone will see that massageThank you for the Japanese names, will import into the database soon. anyone can download the patch for free, no need for any premiumit is not ironic. people do not know how hard it is and how many hours are needed to do your job. Thank you guys much appreciated.And please do consider adding Bangladesh team in the next updates :D. Smoke patch team - Thank you very Much, for your great work! Hey SMoKE!I have an idea, I hope you like it.Why don't you guys just organize the classic teams as classic national teams?I always change them after installing your patches .... with the authentic flags and kits. Thank you for the great efforts you put on this patch!I have a question, is it okay if I install 20.0.2 in top of 20.0.1? (hadn't done it yet), then the first compatibility fix, then the second compatibility fix and lastly the sider fixes (dll and exe).

I need to find "Madura United", team that you said it's fully editable team that I think it originally in this league.

EvoWeb Patch 8.0 For PES 2020; PES 2020 Andri Patch 8.0; ePatch 2020 For PC; Smoke Patch Version 20.2.7 For PC; PES 2020 ICMP Patch Version 2.5 [PS4] PesVícioBr OF DP5 For PES20 [PS4] PESFan 2020 OF V7 [PS4] CYPES 2.1 Update For PES20 ; Tools: Sider 6.3.9, Kitserver 2020 v1.45, DpFileList Generator 2020 and PUMM

thank you for your efforts, you are a real proffesionnels guys.


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