breezeasy golf cart fans
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BREEZeasy Portable Install – Golf Car Fan -A unique, adaptable, structure reinforcing, mounting system makes for easy installations. 108 0 obj <> endobj 0000038205 00000 n This product ships DIRECTLY from the MANUFACTURER. If you can’t find the electric vehicles you are looking for give us a call at (866) 542-8677 or fill out our contact form. 0000086698 00000 n Tweet. After 24 business hours, your custom order cannot be modified or canceled. Be the first to review “BREEZeasy Cooling Blower”. 0000023534 00000 n Check out the Golf Glossary.

We will be using the email address entered below to contact you with your quote, This price does not include additional charges for select grips and shafts.

IT'S A BREEZE and it is a breeze to hook up.

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-12 foot heavy-duty power cable with waterproof 15 amp fuse. Some restrictions apply. Enjoy browsing our line of commercial electric vehicles. Sensible quality that really works.™. I've clipped it to the front and back of cart. The fine mesh fabric blocks the sun but not the breeze so the air can move and the golf car can stay ventilated. 11/2’’ 71/4’’ 10 For floor mounted fans, attach mounting brackets to fan by firmly pushing brackets until they click on fan tabs as shown.

Cancellations or changes must be requested within 24 business hours of placing your order by emailing 0000057909 00000 n Constructed of injection molded, reinforced ABS plastic, the BREEZeasy houses two, multidirectional louvers directing a cooling flow of air at the driver and passenger. Please make sure all fields have been filled in. BREEZeasy Floor Install – Golf Cart FanSmall and powerful, the blower can be mounted on the floor, roof, or dash. |�.����>���ϣٌ�����0��_����s^��1������ޱa�|�:pǫ�u#8ĩ[&�ݩ���q�����݂W��� gx�\��3��p*���X11>ml��a?�쭏�3`V�u˂=��1uL�c��7��6:6�6��ݜ������B���L9vaL����|����߰�ܚ�%���,��?�����sl���Mh��%��. Great product. Plenty of juice to get home. Very popular fan at our Club in South Carolina. The BREEZeasy puts a directed flow of cooling air directly across your face and body, right where you want it.

We at Bintelli Electric vehicles have access to a network of automobile trailers that transport up the east coast and across to the west coast on a regular basis. 0000045483 00000 n It's A Breeze- Portable Fairway Fan for Golf Carts. Standard golf cart fans don’t compare. -Durable, injection-molded, ABS plastic housing and brackets in a soft-tone finish. Bintelli electric street legal golf carts are equipped with headlights, brake lights, turn signals, seat belts, and mirrors making these low speed vehicles legal on streets. Standard golf cart fans don’t compare. Great for here in the Florida heat. Items that ship directly from the manufacturer, ship via Standard Ground service only. We will work with our network of carriers to obtain the best price possible for your shipment. Constructed of injection molded, reinforced ABS plastic, the BREEZeasy houses two, multidirectional louvers directing a cooling flow of air at the driver and passenger. 135 0 obj<>stream If you can’t find the golf cart you are looking for give us a call at (866) 542-8677 or fill out our contact form. Videos for related products. Enjoy browsing our complete line of low speed electric vehicles. Please allow up to 3 business days for shipment for orders selecting the Economy Shipping method. Designed for golf cars, construction and farm equipment, boats and utility vehicles, the BREEZeasy can move over 300 cubic feet of air per minute. This air blower is in between a fan and an air conditioning. Videos for related products. These electric low-speed vehicles are just what you need to make everyday trips within your neighborhood or community for school, work or shopping. 0000001771 00000 n Tires and wheels Tire & wheel combos Wheels Tires Tire & wheel accessories Wheel covers Interior Alarm/security Dash Fans Floor mats Heaters Horns Meters Mirrors Shifters Smoking accessories Storage Audio Windshields & Tops Windshields Tops. Bintelli Electric Vehicles can be delivered anywhere in the continental United States through open air or enclosed transport. As the manufacturer, we can provide you with a fully customized vehicle. Everyone needs this if you golf in the summer, Cables are easy to attach and work without any problems. trailer Click to play video . Easy installation NOTE: DO NOT overtighten hardware as this can cause damage to brackets and floor. xref

That's why our goal is to get your order to you as FAST as possible. -Maximum Flow Output: 310 cubic feet per minute. -Base Measurements: 4 1/2″H x 14 3/4″W x 7″D -1-year limited warranty. For our international customers, shipping directly to your port of choice is available. 0000000856 00000 n 0000001848 00000 n Our electric utility vehicles are ideal for all companies who are trying to lower costs while protecting the environment. 5 stars based on 2 reviews.

As soon as you place your order, our shipping crew gets it picked, packed, and on the truck in record time! Same day shipping does not apply to our Economy Shipping method. This is surprisingly outstanding. If you can’t find the electric vehicle you are looking for give us a call at (866) 542-8677 or fill out our contact form. Golf Cart Shades. -The best compact blower system in an affordable, easy to use design. %%EOF <<85C655379A05DF4C941EA7A0F26597D0>]>> Free shipping on orders of $1,000 or more! Buggies Unlimited 24-Volt Breezeasy 2 Fan System for All 48-Volt Golf Carts Golf Cart Shade.


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