lebanese surnames list
Derived from the word anull that is the Catalan language dominantly used in southern France, Anouilh means ‘slow worm’.

Most genealogy records are kept on the local level in Lebanon (District and Municipality). Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time?

Derived from the name of the tendril vrilles, this occupational surname refers to ‘a person who planted or worked on vrilles’. Jewish Surnames in Lebanon Index compiled by Mathilde Tagger Lebanon is a small country located close to the north-eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by Syria on the north and east and Israel in the south. This occupational surname means ‘craftsman’ or ‘ironsmith’ in Old French. Derived from Mars, the Roman God of War and fertility, Martin belonged to the name of the tribe of Mairtine. Quite a fair few of these last names originate from Persian, Turkish or Hebrew. Derived from Old French name Voltor, Vautour means ‘vulture’.

Is Switching to European Baby Formula a Safe Deal? Click on a place below to go to the corresponding Wiki article listing more information. This occupational surname of Norman French origin refers to a person who weaves. My Dad was named Angelo Charles. Anouar meaning "light". This French habitational surname is quite popular and means ‘of the bridge’ or ‘a person living near a bridge’. Approximately 15,549 people bear this family name in the country followed by Ahmed (12,459), Kumar (11,531) and Khan (10,211). It was made famous by the Spanish economist Alberto Abadie. Most Common Surnames in Lebanon; Lebanon Online Genealogy Records. Derived from the French word Fort, this surname means ‘strong’ or ‘the dweller at the small fort’. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? It can also mean ‘to gape’ or ‘to be open-mouthed’. Derived from the Old French name Theobald, Thibaut means ‘brave’ or ‘bold’. in about 1905. Was the name Caroline a Lebanese Name? Bint Jbeil. This French surname is reflex of the Visigothic personal name Alaric, and means ‘all-powerful’. Most common French last names have a Germanic origin, as there was frequent migration between France and Germany.

Originating from the old French word soule, Soulier means ‘platform’. Links to articles and websites that assist in Lebanon research. Derived from Olde French word fauche, this occupational surname means ‘ mower’ or ‘scythe’. What is the time signature of the song Atin Cu Pung Singsing? It refers to ‘an attendant at a public bathhouse’ or simply ‘bath’ in Old French. Hers? Originating from Picard of Northern France, this surname can be a habitual name for a person living in Picard. This ancient surname is a topographic name or a habitational name that refers to ‘from the marsh’. 77. Find out how surnames are ranked in popularity, how many people in the United States of America bear a particular name, and how the statistics change between 1990 and 2000 US Censuses. Links to articles on getting started with Lebanon research. A derivative of the word Badar, this surname comes from the Occitan word badau, meaning ‘gullible’.

Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata? Derived from a nickname given to a person who is light-hearted and joyful, Gay in Old French is gai which means ‘full of joy’.


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