do emiko and rene get together
You lost your edge. His interactions with Emiko were on point and it’s a friendship we are definitely here for. Did she already know Oliver was the Green Arrow before he went public? : : Future Rene is a far cry from the street-level hero of the present. Emiko is the first female main antagonist in the Arrowverse outside of Supergirl, Vixen and Freedom Fighters: The Ray, along with Grace Gibbons, who became a main antagonist near the same time as her. Afterwards, she reformed and became a hero. Careful. : Adult Zoe Ramirez Bronze Tiger tells Diggle that … Memory Delta Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. : Turner then exchanges information about this to Laurel Lance in exchange for time with his son. Rene Ramirez : Rene Ramirez : She's not a kid anymore. Affiliation The entire Emiko storyline is simply a retelling of Oliver’s story – with Rene (Rick Gonzalez) subbing in for Diggle (David Ramsey) as side-kick and Curtis (Echo Kellum) subbing in for Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). So did this all work, though?

I know these guys. Yeah, Severdie and I broke up. In the new multiverse, Emiko is a bit more kinder and sympathetic, as seen during her first meeting with Moira Queen and Thea Queen. Your mom was in there. We made a promise, to always keep fighting. : You put all this together? And we barely recovered.

Let's go get that son of a bitch. And I'm starting to regret not taking my chances at the hospital.

It was a mixed bag. We get to see that Future Rene is the mayor of the new-look Glades, a gilded, crime-free city that has essentially cut off the rest of Star City and left it to rot. A few decades down the line, Rene has found real power through politics — and has forgotten and given up on the street-level battle he used to wage. In the end, the Ninth Circle turned on Emiko due to her failure to destroy Star City, but mainly because her vendetta against the Queen family resulted in the organization's existence being revealed to the public; which promptly resulted in her death at the hands of the new leader of the Ninth Circle; Beatrice. Later, she runs into Rene again and informs him of Cortez. Adult Zoe Ramirez Severide and Stella are dealing with the aftermath of their breakup. Did she get this good in just the short while since her mother’s death? : Oliver is largely sidelined this week, with his only scenes essentially spent fretting over whether to introduce himself to Emiko (thanks to a quick DNA test of her blood, Oliver puts the pieces together to realize the new Green Arrow is his half-sister). Spoken like someone who knows what that feels like.

The Archer program wiped out crime in the Glades and helped it thrive. And you stay the hell away from my daughter. As part of the deal, he revives the Ghost Initiative, aka the Suicide Squad, albeit against Lyla’s wishes. : In 2366, when she was 11, Robert abandoned her and her mother, choosing Moira, Oliver and Thea over them, shortly after being abandoned by Robert, Emiko started working for the Bertinelli crime family as a courier, when delivering a bundle of money, she met a man named "Dante" who began training her on how to protect herself and made her to join the criminal organization, the Ninth Circle. : She then attacked some weapons dealers, saving Rene Ramirez and another kid before leaving. : Instead, she struck out on a one-woman mission of revenge, ultimately, this mentality has made her lose touch with certain common decencies and she would go to any lengths to get whatever she desires. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. So the killer's surrounded by even more killers. Felicity's dead, Rene. My father gave this to my mother the last time he saw her. :

Rene Ramirez General Information : Alone? If Oliver Queen knew anything, it's that you can't save the city alone. I need to find something else to call her—umm, how about Lady Arrow? : : I work alone. Dinah Drake

Dinah Drake So you wanna tell me what happened out there? Rene Ramirez This developed into an unhealthy and psychotic obsession with her Oliver, ultimately ruining the Ninth Circle's plans and exposing them to the public; which led to Emiko's painful yet deserved/justified death at the hands of Beatrice. Nobody has to get hurt. For him to become this entitled jerk in the future, there must be a major, major twist to earn it. Rene Ramirez Okay, I got it, Arrow and Oliver will be the Green Arrow. Emiko Queen Adult Zoe Ramirez I'm guessing he never was. Emiko was born in 2355 to Robert Queen and Kazumi Adachi. Diaz meets the new Green Arrow. She's both cutesy and rebellious. Apparently he and Thea are on a different continent at this point.

Plus, Star Trek: Discovery begins Season 4 shoot. : She then briefly confronted Oliver and then fled the scene after ordering her minions to kill him. However, some parts of Emiko's fake personality were not entirely a façade; such as her love for her mother and hatred for her father, Robert Queen, notably, when she learned Dante was the reason for her mother's death, she killed him ruthlessly without hesitation despite the fact he trained her, she hated Robert so much that she ultimately desired to destroy the Queen's legacy starting with Oliver, completely disregarding the fact that her half-brother, had nothing to do with their father abandoning her and ruining her life respectively. Rene Ramirez Rene Ramirez Thanks to a secret storage locker that is suddenly uncovered (gotta love those secret storage lockers), Oliver and Felicity learn that Robert had fallen in love with Emiko’s mother and asked his dear friend Walter (early season throwback there) to look out for them in the event of his death. But last year, there was a fire in the apartment; the fire department was nowhere to be found, because who gives a damn about some tenement in the Glades? Rene Ramirez

Dinah Drake

Rene Ramirez

Filming & Production Emiko Queen So, good to know. I need to finish this.


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