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[3], She was born on Jumada I 5, 5 /October 2, 626 or 6/627 in Medina. Her brother's name and Karbala associate the idea of freedom, justice, humanity, virtue, fighting against despotism, with the realization of the sovereignty of Allah. He grew up to be a handsome youth with pleasing manners Yazid had prepared an unprecedented ceremony in his court. thereafter she will bemoan the loss of her mother, then her father, and Sayyeda Fatima (s.a.) and Imam Ali (a.s.) did not name their child until a few days after her birth, for they awaited the Prophet's return from a journey so that he could propose the name.

Zainab bint Ali, u. a. auch Zeynab (* 625; † 27. How closely similar would be their person­alities. Shames on you, your hands are imbrued with the blood of the son of the Holy Prophet (SAW), the one who was your sole refuge in case of adversity. She bore the brunt of atrocities only for the sake of Allah. When the enemies contemplated killing him, she came in front and saved his life. Then she slapped her face and tore her clothes and fell on the ground losing consciousness. You'll he accountable to Allah for your atrocities.". Ayesha bint-e … One day, when Zainab(s.a.) was about five years old, she had a strange Janabe Zainab (s.a.) is called Naeb-e-Zehra(s.a.) because she resembled her mother in characteristics and excellences. She protected the Imam of her time, and supported him. The will of Imam Husain (a.s.) is sufficient to talk about her worship. However, the sermons delivered by Imam al-Sajjad (a) and Lady Zaynab (a) changed the conditions in a very short time. Whilst still a young girl she was fully able to care for and be responsible Imam Ali (a.s.) told Ja'far not to prevent Zainab from going on a journey with Imam Hussain (a.s.), her brother.

However, it is equally important to pay attention as to who is bestowing the title upon the individual. These are your daughters! But instead of seeing him At this juncture also she remained a prideful adornment for her father Hazrat Ali (a.s.) also despite of unlimited powers (who can retrieve sun for him few men are nothing) resigned to being dragged, while rope tied to his neck. Her gatherings were well and regularly attended.

Accept our humble sacrifice to You." The members of the family, in trio hierarchical order, were all great. "[20], She rescued Imam al-Sajjad (a) from death several times, one of which was in the court of 'Ubayd Allah b. Ziyad after that Imam al-Sajjad (a) debated with him, he ordered to kill the Imam (a), but Zaynab (a) put her hand around Imam's neck and said, "As long as I am alive, I do not let you kill him."[21]. She treated Imam Husain (a.s.) like a mother. On the tenth and eleventh eve of Muharram 61/October 680 and after the martyrdom of her brothers, her children, and many of her relatives she did not abandon her acts of worship. mine Zainab(s.a.) would be confronted with a thousand and one calamities

One of the Divine trusts is the office of Imamat. Sayyeda Hazrat Zainab’s Miracles Later the Shiite scholars recorded it that is why she is called Zainab the narrator of traditions. words Imam Ali (a.s.) began to weep, and when Imam Hussain(a.s.) asked After all this she will be confronted with the trials of the land of Karbala and the tribulations of that lonely desert, as a result of which her hair will turn gray and her back will be bent." She and her two sons accompanied Imam al-Husayn (a) on the Event of 'Ashura' where her two sons were martyred and she was taken as captive to Kufa and then to Damascus.

Her affection for him was incessant and Imam Husain (a.s.) too reciprocated the love and affection of his sister. Imam Hussain refused to pledge allegiance and made up his mind to move to Mecca. This statement reflects the regularity of Janabe Zainab (s.a.) in midnight  prayers. When she told her grand father, the Prophet(pbuh&hf), about Make whatever evil plot you can. Then the Prophet (pbuh&hf) named her Zainab(s.a.). After every Majlis, the women would offer their condolences to Zainab (s.a.) and the men to Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen.

Your children are slain!

It is found in traditions: “All eyes will cry in Qiyamat except that which cried in the world due to the fear of Allah.”. Hazrat Abdullah(a.s.) In the end... After her marriage her husband is reported as having said, "Zainab this dream he wept bitterly and said, "O my daughter. He grew up to be a handsome youth with pleasing manners and was known for his sincere hospitality to guests and selfless generosity to the poor and needy. [9] Muhammad and Awn were martyred in Karbala. She declared Yazid an unbeliever and an apostate in a packed court. From early on in life this girl will remain entangled in tribulations and trials in this world. Her loved ones were replaced by the wrenchful sorrows of their deaths. ‘The Proximate One to Allah (Waliyatullah) is a title conferred upon those servants loved by Allah and those who are very close to Him. Bibi Fatima(s.a.) and Imam Ali(a.s.) did not name their child until a [3]:317[4]:23, Their reconciliation was short-lived, for Zainab died in May or June 629. One day Fatima (s.a.) mentioned the intensity of her daughter's love for Imam Hussain (a.s.) to the Prophet (SAW). This all was achieved because of the courage of this fearless lady. 5/626 - d. 62/682) the daughter of Imam Ali (a) and the Lady Fatima al-Zahra' (a), and 'Abd Allah b. Ja'far's wife. Accept this sacrifice of Aale Mohammed (a.s.)!’. The scholars of Islam have mentioned some of the titles of Janabe Zainab (a.s.) in the following manner. Sayyeda Zainab's Marriage it is found: “One who cries over Husain (a.s.),or makes others cry or makes the face of a crying one, Paradise is obligatory upon him.”. Her sermons in Kufa and Damascus (in front of Yazid) are very famous. Even at the heights of misfortune and grief, she remained devoted to the performance of not only the obligatory prayers, but even the recommended ones. [6], Some Shia accounts don't consider her to have been a biological daughter of Muhammad; they consider Fatimah as his only biological daughter.[7][8].

The Birth of Sayyeda Zainab (s.a.) Sayyeda Hazrat Zainab’s Marriage

There are many reasons for her being given this title. She was able to impart the teachings with the teachings of Islam that her grandfather imparted, and after him her Of her physical appearance little is known. "[19], On the day of Ashura when she saw her brother's bloody body, she said, "O, Allah! She would worship at nights.

Hazrat Ali was the adornment of excellences and Janabe Zainab was his adornment. Although it is a very private practice, it exhibits itself by making the worshiper grounded and mindful of themselves and their surroundings. This page was last edited on 9 May 2020, at 07:48. History is replete with instances of those who were hailed or themselves claimed to be the Chief of the Faithful (other than our master Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Taalib (a.s.)).

Her mother's death had closely followed her cherished grand [4]:22 They had two children, Ali, who died in childhood, and daughter Umama.[4]:21[5]:162. name that was to be hers, and then he began to weep. Then she woke up.

The true adornment of man is synonymous with his merits and excellences. woke up. The Prophet (SAW) asked why Gabriel wept and he answered, "O Prophet of Allah.


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