how to make a list in letterboxd app
IFTTT has example applets for Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and others. If you’ve previously saved film-related activity at IMDb or another service, we can help you You may auto-publish content from your profile’s RSS feed (namely new diary entries/reviews and lists) to selected third-party services using a service such as IFTTT. ) on either side of the content you’d like to format. For iOS subscribers, yes. You can upgrade your account for one year on our website or directly in our iOS app (you’ll see a banner at the top of the first tab). [CDATA[*/if (document.getElementById('x-protectfilter-1') != null) { document.getElementById('x-protectfilter-1').innerHTML=function(e){var r='';for(var i=122;i>=0;i-=2){r+=e.charAt(i);}return r;}('\u003eYao/T\u003cFmyotco.pdxx4orbjrweAtctveHl\u003e@aefrVo8tSsY\u003ej\"5mPo0cm.Dd6xRoAbXr0ertwtuetl\u003c@TerraoKt8sd:BomtylgiIaWm9\"2=Tfce@rWhs Yav\u003cV'); document.getElementById('x-protectfilter-1').removeAttribute('id'); }/*]]>*/ and include your PayPal receipt or transaction ID and the recipient’s Letterboxd username in your message. Yes. It’s the best way to back-fill films on the site, without having to recall exactly when you watched them. It doesn’t have an edit page, but it does have a single-click add/remove toggle on a film’s page (the clock icon), and from the ‘More Options’ menu on any film poster. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. If you mix unicode and latin characters in a single tag, only the latin characters will be used to generate the tag URL, which may cause multiple tags to ‘collapse’ into a single tag for purposes of aggregation. Whether you subscribe in our iOS app or via our website, you are covered for all use of the service. Mobile site. on 2013-11-08T10:38:22Z, Created by Jack Moulton Your review will show in your followers’ activity as soon as you save it (if this is the first time you’ve added one), even if your followers already saw activity when you first logged the film. Apple refunds the unused portion of your Pro fee and charges you for a full year of Patron. On the web, this option appears in the actions panel on the list page. We invite new members to read our Welcome page, which covers a number of common actions and helpful tips. Not at this time. 1,513

The more films you log on Letterboxd, the more ways we have to analyze your movie-watching habits. If you no longer wish to use the site, you may deactivate your account in your Settings screen on our website (this action requires your password). Please use the Report function on a film’s page (web or iOS) to report non-film content such as returning TV series (some exceptions are listed below). You can also log the film or add it to a list from here.

We use your section and marking a few films you’ve seen. All subscriptions are charged annually; there is no monthly option. The film will instantly move to that position. Yes. We have apps for iOS, Android and Apple TV. If you subsequently log or mark a film as watched, You can upload your avatar via the Settings screen of our website. we’ll move it from your Watchlist to your Films Short answer: however you like. Every Horror Film Made from 1895 - present, Election Season! Use the flag icon on a member’s profile or comment to block or report them (in our apps, go to their profile screen and open the action sheet from the options icon). We reserve the right to remove television-related content from Letterboxd at any time, without warning.

There is an Edit option on each of your reviews and lists. Our Members page lists popular accounts. All subscriptions are charged annually; there is no monthly option. We have lots of plans brewing and would welcome your thoughts on the service’s future direction. Your two most recently tagged reviews are prominently displayed on your profile page. and other pages are here. This is the same approach used by IMDb. Your watchlist is where you keep track of films you’d like to watch. (Also, check out the full legal version.). We import all non-adult and non-compilation titles from TMDb’s Movies section daily, and we manually add limited and miniseries from its TV section. Pro we compute detailed stats based on all your You can retrospectively add diary entries for films you’ve marked as watched, in order to complete your Diary. Click your username (at the top of each page) for shortcuts to the main sections of your account.

We do import entries marked ‘Video’ if they have a theatrical release date listed. Explore what’s popular among your friends and the wider Letterboxd community. This section shows which films our members are watching and reviewing the most. We provide easy tools for making and sharing lists/collections of films too. Ratings attached to previous diary entries or reviews are not updated. For all of these tags, place an opening tag (eg.

if you provide a date—more on that below). You can tag films (when adding them to your diary) and curated lists. Logging a film (via the ‘+ Log’ button) allows you to record that you watched a film on a particular date. Only members who have re-authenticated their Facebook account since 15 October 2020 will show in your Facebook friends list. No. Watchlist You’ll receive an XML file which you can import via the edit page of an existing list, or when creating a new list. Letterboxd is run by a small, independent team of film fans and membership fees are our chief source of income. Yes, we include all your published and deleted reviews in our account export bundle (available from your Settings screen on our website). Please use the Share option on a film, review or list to publish it manually to your Facebook timeline. If you wish to gift a subscription to an Apple subscriber, consider buying them an App Store gift card. Blocking a member does not hide your content from them, as Letterboxd does not provide private accounts, which are required to protect your content in this way. Please use the following links to make payment for a gift of a year of Pro or Patron. Yes.

Yes. We are able to reanimate deactivated accounts, unless you have requested permanent deletion in which case your account is gone forever. When you have completed payment, email /* Export > Export to Another Application… option. Importing is free to all members (for a limited time), and there are three ways to import: When performing an import, you’ll be able to check and fix any mis-matched titles before confirming the changes, and to select relevant options depending upon import type, such as whether you’d like all titles marked as watched as part of the process. Use the grey “eye” icon at the top of a poster grid to access the Filters menu (a slash through the icon indicates that one or more filters are active). Yes. If there’s sufficient demand, these may be added in future as a paid option. If we remove content that you have reviewed, your review will disappear from the site, but will always be available in your account export bundle in Settings. Duplicate film entries are sometimes created in TMDb, which means they end up on our service as well. Your reviews for deleted content are included in your account export bundle (available in your Settings screen on our website). Tag one or more of your (public or private) lists with own or owned to indicate you own the films included in the list(s), and two new filters will appear in the visibility filter menu on most list or grid pages on our website. One of our most-loved features, the Watchlist, ), Some cast contributions are internally marked as ‘cameo’ roles, for instance if there is no character name associated with the role or it is listed as ‘uncredited’. Deselect the ‘Public’ option when you first save a new list. If a film has not been imported, chances are it’s marked ‘Adult’ or ‘Video’ or is a TV entry. Letterboxd will always remain free to use.

We’re conducting a pilot program with selected partners to show a summary of Letterboxd activity for a film. Netflix closed its public API a few years back, so we removed the account connection option. Some filters are automatically disabled when redundant; for example, you can’t show or hide watched films when looking at your own list of films (by definition, the list of films on your profile is already your watched films). Yes. directors, progress against milestone lists, genre, language and country breakdowns, and lots more. The edit mode also provides a Delete option to remove the review or list. You may edit a diary entry and/or add a review at any time after logging a film. In edit mode, you can make changes and save these to override the previous version of your content. Film data from TMDb. Yes. We are working towards the release of a public API and if you have a specific project in mind, you may apply for beta access. You’ll find versions for download here.

Click the ‘eye’ on any film poster Yes, there’s an account export option in your Settings screen on our website that bundles your entire account (including deleted content, and reviews for deleted films) into a single zip file of CSV documents.

You may also need to sign out, then sign in again after emptying the cache. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. You can also browse the tab of your profile. Find and follow your friends to see what they’re enjoying.


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