teacup yorkie for sale toronto
Our happy Taylor has found a home in New Market with newly wed Sheron and her husband Sim. It was really great meeting you too and refreshing to meet someone,who really cares about the puppies they've chosen to breed and is so knowledgeable too. We are a Canadian Morkie Toronto breeder where you will find the most beautiful& healthy Maltese X Yorkie or Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale also known as Morky / Morkie puppies for sale that you have ever seen with the best temperaments from an experienced, reputable breeder! Everyone wants one exactly like her. Chester has been adopted by Frank and Diane from Sault St. Marie! Just want to cuddle him.Little Morkie "Mickey", full of personality, so cute, Mickey is Yorkshire Terrier & Maltese puppy.Mickey is sold to Nina & family. They are the same age, but from 2 different litters! Thank you for the picture Wendy! Colleen has beautiful colors, bright clear eyes! Beautiful Daisy is sold to Louise. Small & so sweet "Snow-white" with short little, pretty, tiny nose and soft golden ears. Harley white morkie has been adopted by Susan and her family. They play all day together and keeps up on all the long walks. For more information on what this consists of, please contact us. Yorkies for sale in Washington, Yorkies for sale in Seattle, Yorkies for sale in Thank you so much for raising him as well as you did since birth. ), Mickey is a Maltese X Yorkshire Terrier  Teacup Morkie puppy! Little Penny is a very rare copper color, very small female. Congratulations to Carmen from Montreal.Tiny Chip is a teacup Yorkie Maltese or a morkie teacup size puppy. Jordan has been adopted by Scott and Kara and their family from Calgary, Alberta. Halladay above is an exceptionally adorable puppy! Tiny Teacup Bailey, RARE BLOND color is available! Our Morkies are gorgeous because they are healthy!

I love his eyes so much. Nikko, Maltese male and Gi-Gi morkie is adopted to Jody and Brent from Waterloo, On. They adopted Mickey from us 4 years ago. Black and tan or tri color Morkie Rex is small is a small build, tiny parents, but he is strong & solid so he will weigh 5-6lbs,Rex Morkie is sold and is going home with Nayera from Oakville. She is doing great. When you choose your Morkie puppy from us,  you will be able to have a healthy, attractive pet that will enrich your life! This is Lacy morkie, she is very pretty. He likes to play as well. Gorgeous Daisy is SOLDGorgeous Little Daisy is SOLD to Joshephine and Dan from Kingston, ON. We can not be held liable and/or accountable for any veterinarian expenses that you may incur should you take your puppy to a veterinarian for any reason whatsoever without first contacting us. Sleeping at night, using her paper and playing with Joey.Gracie is sold to Kim and Paul from Sudbury and she is doing great too.Gracie is 6 months old now. Jordan is sold to Scott and Kara and their children from Calgary, Alberta. We have the Morkie/Yorktese puppy you have been looking for or will have in the near future,so please let us know your preference and we will do our best to match you with what you have asked for in color, size and sex.Our Morkies have excellent temperaments and they are so beautiful and so healthy,you will be so pleased and proud to adopt from us. Very smart little girl. Montreal. Bear is so adorable. http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=7098026. Cocoa is sold to Lauri from Toronto. Several have commented how easy it has been to train our puppies!This is because we have already trained them, so they are well on their wayby the time you get your puppy home! Forsale,  Yorkshire Terrier forsale, Our guidance for your new puppy cannot be matched to another breeder. Tiny, yorkie, (just kidding).She gets along really well with Zoe our golden retriever and they are so adorable together.I have now become the most popular woman in all of Ottawa. Wants to be friends, very sociable and loving. yorkies for sale, Come visit our website and see our tiny baby doll face yorkies As far as personality and cuteness, well don't get me started. See Pippa below. Our Gorgeous Golden male Morkie puppy, Sold.

CONTACT US  to send a deposit to reserve our gorgeous Darla, a male  or a different morkie or a Maltese puppy! Susan called to say that she is so pleased with little Benny, that he is such a good puppy and he surprises them how well behaved he is. Tino has been adopted by Jennifer and Leo from Ottawa. Our gorgeous, Terry Bear!Terry will be 5-6lbs.Terry is sold. Conner's brother, Oreo is sold to Don and his family with 2 sons from Sudbury, Ontario. BEWARE!!!

Nina and her daughters, Jayme, Jayden and Jessica is holding Diesel. Bowie with her 2 Bishon Frise friends. Since we primarily breed Morkies, we are extremely focused on this particular breed ONLY! **We are committed to excellent relationships with our clients that adopt our puppies. Harley Morkie is sold to Mike and Carol from Northern Ontario. Chuck, gorgeous white morkie is adopted by Lauren. Thank-you for your beautiful note of thanks, very much appreciated! Very smart little girl! Just celebrated Tyler's 2nd b'day Feb. 23. I have taken to bringing her to my office where she happily plays and sleeps depending on her mood. He is a calm dog and will be very good for her.

These morkies feel like Minks! Her owner takes her for regular "express" grooming.She has the most beautiful face,  pretty colors too. You are commended on doing such an excellent job in raising your puppies. If you are looking for a Maltese | Yorkie puppy and you live in Toronto, Mississaga, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, we are very close to you. Penny is sold but we have one small gorgeous white female and male ready for end of August-September. Olly is Joelle's puppy from New Market, ON.

Please note* We are not a breeding service, or a broker!We ARE the breeder of our puppies only and we own our puppies parents,unlike a breeder service who purchase puppies and resell them to the public.See puppy mill page. Thank-you for the awesome pictures, what a cutie, he will look like a puppy for life!Regardless of the sex, color or size of your puppy that you get from us, he/she will be healthy, beautiful & raised with lots of care and love. Oscar Morkie belongs to Audrey from Aylmer, On. Tina with her beautiful granddaughter, Michaela from Markham. At morkies.ca we would never even contemplate the idea of having someone else re-sell our puppiesas we want them to stay in a loving caring and the safest environment which is our home until the day, you bring your new puppy to your home. SOLD. Trisha is so smart for her age, just 9 weeks old!!!!!

Healthy nursing puppies. Goodbye little Halladay! Seriously, he is so smart. Perfect vet checks! Other teacups are available. She is a very happy, friendly little girl, her tail is always wagging!Gorgeous Avory has been adopted to Sandra from British Columbia.Avory  is a very happy puppy and loves to be held. Yorkies For Sale!Baby Gorgeous Max morkie puppy is sold!

Bailey is sold. These are all sold.Congratulations to all their families. sale in Canada,  teacup yorkies for sale in united states.

Thanks a lot for bringing up such a lovely pup :)), Take care n I wish you all the best for 2010 :)).

Kristy. SOLD Perfect vet check! Beautiful Emily is sold to Mary and Brett from Ottawa, Ontario. 647-202-0372 to reserve Chuck's brother. Yorkshire Terriers in Edmonton, Breeder of Yorkshire Terriers in Calgary, Tiny Just a few words to let you know that Ella, (Jasper) is doing amazing. He is sooo gentle with him..the vet says he is a very muscular boy and in excellent health.They love him there.He is on a really good diet. Terry Bear is so handsome! She gives us lots of laughs and joy. Renamed to Tash, her adult pictures are below. Dawn and Peter from Niagara Falls, with Timmy, a gift from Dawn to her father and mother! in Edmonton Alberta, Baby Doll Yorkies in Calgary Alberta, Breeder of baby doll A special thanks to all the families who adopted from us! Gucci is a gorgeous blond morkie male. We are not a kennel, allowing us to spend a lot more time with our puppies and focus on only one breedbecoming the best morkie breeder there is.

Michelle with her 2 daughters, Katie and Alex from Burlington have adopted our gorgeous Samuel, renamed him to "Finn". Our gorgeous Gus now an adult, adopted to Rachel's family. One of our morkie puppies as an adult, sold to Jeoff and Paula from Toronto. Nicole with Penny, from Guelph, renamed to Tash, more pictures of her are below. So gorgeous!! Tommy is now "Marty", Breeders like yourself who take pride in their passion and spend the time you do with the pups are rare and people should realize “you get what you pay for”. **If you are looking at the pdf file of our site, then please  go to www.morkies.ca to see all photos. Loops is a gorgeous white morkie with gorgeous light eyes! He is so cute! You truly care, are trustworthy and we appreciate that!!! What a great name! We just laugh all through the day.What a joy he has brought to our lives! This is gorgeous Dove, sold to Jenna. We are a very small morkie puppy breeder so we have very few morkie puppies for sale. I'll miss how cute you were, I have never had a puppy that looked like a stuffed toy like Halladay,I loved how I could snuggle him. Renamed Lexi. Lily as a baby with Debi & Courtney, Debi's daughter! Cotton white linnois puppy cuddles like a little teddy bear! Sophie is so smart, cute and friendly. Molly morkie is sold to Dena and her family from Oakville, ON. Ontario, yorkie breeder in Yukon, Yorkshire Terrier breeder in Ontario, Yorkies Baby doll face. Introducing gorgeous Lexi morkie female:  SOLDGorgeous morkie female, Lexi has very unique colors.


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