serendipity examples in life

And How Does It Work? If you are in a predicament, you are in a difficult situation or unpleasant mess that is hard to get out of. Serendipity has occurred to me in many circumstances and I have developed a particular kind of faith in it. Its discovery is born of a"curious presentimiento"that had the Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman In 1943. This fungus, of the species penicillium, possibly came from one of the laboratories nearby, where they worked to combat certain allergies. In 1886, John S. Pemberton , A pharmacist who worked in Atlanta (USA), devised a syrup that fought the problems of digestion and also provided a plus of energy. All users of our online services subject to Privacy Statement and agree to be bound by Terms of Service. This is the definition given by the RAE for a concept that in recent times has been more in the public eye thanks to films like Serendipity Or the literary bestseller Serendipity By David Sadness. Sentences Menu. If an event becomes a fiasco, it is a complete and embarrassing failure. He got the name from a fairy tale called “The Travels and Adventures of Three Princes of Sarendip.” Sarendip (or Serendib) is an ancient name for the island nation Sri Lanka off India’s southern coast. Test Prep, The word “serendipity” has many pop-culture references, but many people don’t know its original meaning or realize its usefulness. In this case, if you were looking for a superadhesive element.

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Those of us who are more aware of the coincidences in our life—who count the times we bump into old friends unexpectedly, dream about someone just before they call, sense someone in distress at the very moment they need help—are more prone … But a serendipitous moment in a, As the stripteaser’s advert started trending in the chatroom, I wrote and published the following advert line for my online English teaching lessons, From that trial-advert, my first student from, To mention a few, Archimedes, Newton, Marie Curie, Super Glue, and Post-it Note to the discovery of the, This was the content of the trial plug for my online English teaching which started. Coincidences and serendipities of history. Either way, serendipity can be beneficial and fun, and it invites us to wonder how it happens. The shipowner of unknown origin convinced the Catholic Monarchs that the Indians could be reached around the land, without having to follow the traditional routes and saving time, money and the obstacles of the time such as pirates. If I look at how companies are linked up in a cycle of sellers, employees, customers—they all have this one thing in common: They all emanated from some linkages of random, circumstantial connections that led to the formation of an event. 2. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today.


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