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Its last regular meeting was in September, 1849, when it reported nineteen members in good standing. B. Bristol, Arthur Osborne, O.

Trembly, Kitchel, Bixby, Booth, Havens, Davis, Finney, Yorks, Paine, Broadhead, Clark, Lewis, Barnetson, Bush, and Miller. In 1814 there was a considerable influx of pioneers, among whom may be mentioned Ebenezer The Hon. In 1882, the church bell was procured and put in place, for which thanks are due Harrison D. Nutt, who started the move ment and circulated a subscription for that purpose. - Livingston - Madison - Montgomery

This site is dedicated to the local history of Hemlock New York, Wemett Family genealogy and history, as well as history of the surrounding areas. almost without interruption, and many of the militia men from the town did duty on the frontier.

However, on these it does not become us to dwell, but rather we may turn briefly to - Washington - Wayne - Yates. Henry J. Wemett was elected and served a term as school commissioner, soon after his return from the war of the 60s. in 1836. (also a Vermonter), Butler Lewis, John Leggatt, James and Jesse Penfield (the latter a famous fiddler), were also In 1871 the building was repaired, but after ten years more the membership and congregation became so much Amasa T. Winch was supervisor of the town in 1870-76 and member of the State Legislature in 1877-78. town through succeeding years. Benoni Hogans (1812), James Hyde, Amos Thornton (1813), Shadrach Ward, James Bemis, Henry Armstrong, John Kelley to be the mother church of Canadice, as the first religious gatherings were of that denomination. to "Honeoye." The first tavern was opened by Llewelyn Davis, and Severance & Ford kept the first store. county seat than any other of the towns. [Source: A History of Ontario County, New York and Its People, Charles F. Milliken, Vol. During the War of 1861-65 the town showed a spirit of patriotism and loyalty fully equal to its old time record, The population was 1,664 at the 2010 census. Adherents of the Methodist Episcopal church were the first to hold religious services in town, which were presided over by Elder Walker in 1808, Elder Ingraham in 1809, the Revs. Its meetings were Oliver C. Armstrong was elected district attorney from this town in 1880 and served two terms. These are respectively A. Retan, A. W. Decker, P. P. Sowers, J. W. Barnett, F. H. Dickerson, G. W. Richmire, and Joseph Clarke.

Its original territory, NEW YORK In the meantime application was made to Hon. Clerk's Office) The town was first established in 1829 from the Town of Richmond, but was not fully organized until the next year. the town were all occupied.

D. Byron Waite - Canadice - 1868

About 3.9% of families and 6.4% of the population were below the poverty line, including 8.1% of those under age 18 and 4.2% of those age 65 or over. Within the boundaries of this town, under its various early names, and down to 1829, was included all that now There are also links to historical documents and other nationally relevant documents upon which our nation has been built.

Later a church edifice was erected in Springwater (1836-37) which was accessible to the Canadice branch of this church and its attend ance was transferred there. This town was formed under its present name as a distinct civil division of the county, on the 15th of April, 1829, although it was not until the next year that the organization was made com plete. of its whole population John Winch - Canadice - Feb. 13, 1869. One, Betsey, married N. G. Chesebro, of Canandaigua, mentioned as connected with the abduction of William Morgan. Genealogy and History, Canadice At this time there were no surveys except those of township lines. google_ad_width = 728; Another son, Nathaniel G. Austin, was supervisor in 1855.

Canadice Corners is the only business center in the town, and the business interests here comprise the general

He was a member of the State Legislature in 1843. In March, 1845, a Wesleyan Methodist Society was formed in Canadice, and, like some preceding it, flourished for

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[Source: Gazetteer and business directory of Ontario County, N.Y. for 1867-8, compiled and pub. He sold later to Warren Freeman. Another change was made in April, 1815, and the town then became known as "Richmond." _uacct = "UA-2646025-2"; In 1814 came Ebenezer and Samuel Knapp, James Seeley, Fred erick Howland, Eli Darling. Samuel R. Hickok - Canadice - 1871 The Town of Canadice is in the Finger Lakes region of New York and is in the southwest part of its county.

in years past, it does not seem necessary that more than the briefest reference be made here to those who made

Z. C. Andrus, 1851; Nathaniel G. Austin, 1855; Jonas C. Putnam, 1856; Walling Armstrong, 1857-62; Alanson W. Austin, The Regular Baptist Church of Canadice, commonly called Close Communion Baptist, was organized in the town about John Pursell was the first and only deacon. When the county was formed, Canadice was within a district named, in turn "Pittstown," "Honeoye," and "Richmond." The same year Ebenezer Kimball came and settled on East hill. Livonia became a separate township in 1808 and Canadice in 1829. Pastors who have ministered to the members and friends of this church in consecutive order, beginning in 1830, are the Revs. Canadice was set off from Richmond in 1829, and the first in the northeast part of the town and Abigail Root was the. Later, and within a few years, others came and made improvements, The first trustees

PUBLISHED BY D. MASON & CO., PUBLISHERS document.write(cy). first teacher.

In the valleys the soil is a clay loam, and upon the declivities it is principally disintegrated slate and shale, while on the hill summits in the south part it consists of gravelly loam and black muck. Lying wholly within the western central part of the town is Canadice lake, from which the town takes its name. The pioneers of Canadice were of two classes,--the frontiersman and the settler. SARACUSE, N. Y., 1893,