is stillwater a real band
It's stuck in my head for some readon, that movie.. Rolling Stone's editors rave over William's completed article, but when the magazine's fact checker calls the band, Russell lies to protect Stillwater's image and claims 90% is false. Another almost missed a ride on the tour bus after making a detour to an after-show bash. If you find yourself enjoying a few songs by a phony band called Stillwater, don’t be TOO embarrassed. If you’re referring to the movie Almost Famous, no- that Stillwater was not a real band (though I gather there have been real bands with that name). We want to hear from you! Cameron Crowe's 2000 movie, Almost Famous, left some wondering if Stillwater was a real band or not. Rolling Stone kills the article, crushing William. I busted the whole butt of my pants.” Lacey is well aware that the moment echoes the “golden god” scene in Almost Famous. “They actually let us ride on the Mindbender prior to the performance,” Walker recalls fondly, even if the scene also had shades of Spinal Tap.

What’s more, ’70s vet Peter Frampton penned several of the Stillwater tunes heard in the movie, and Wilson and Crowe cowrote the band’s bass driven anthem ”Feverdog,” which made the film’s soundtrack. Crowe and his then-wife, musician Nancy Wilson of Heart, co-wrote three of the five Stillwater songs in the film, and Frampton wrote the other two, with Mike McCready of Pearl Jam playing lead guitar on all of the Stillwater songs. “Their songs were not just typical Southern rock or blues-based,” says Jimmy Hall (no relation) of Wet Willie.

But those tales also apply to a real-life group of the same name that existed during the same period — but were obscure enough that even Cameron Crowe doesn’t remember much about them.

The news even surprised Crowe, who had no clear memory of them and says he picked the name for other reasons. Other bands thought that vow was “just weird,” says Scarborough, but Stillwater were determined to make it, although they readily partook of the perks of their job once their shows were over. The answer is yes, but the band featured in the movie was completely fictional and based on several groups that Crowe covered for Rolling Stone during the early '70s … The 'real' Stillwater was an obscure multi-membered southern rock, that featured a …

Crowe has discussed how during this period he lost his virginity, fell in love, and met his musical heroes—these events represented in the film as happening to William Miller (Fugit), the boyish main character. Women (Beautiful Women) (1979), This article is about the Southern Rock band.

They played local bars — schlepping to gigs in Lacey’s Pontiac — and eventually became the house band at Uncle Sam’s, a prominent club in Macon.

“That’s kind of when the disco was starting to come around,” says Scarborough. On the line was an executive from the multi-tentacled entertainment company DreamWorks. They released two albums on Capricorn Records, Stillwater (1977), which included the single "Mind Bender", and I Reserve The Right!

He arrives and finds himself face-to-face with William's mother, who scolds him for his behavior. Their song Mindbender charted in the top 100 singles in 1978.

The actual group that Crowe first toured with was The Allman Brothers. "[18] In her review for the L.A. Weekly, Manohla Dargis wrote that "the film shimmers with the irresistible pleasures that define Hollywood at its best—it's polished like glass, funny, knowing and bright, and filled with characters whose lives are invariably sexier and more purposeful than our own. In his 2012 memoir My Cross to Bear, Gregg Allman confirms that several aspects of the movie are directly based on Crowe's time spent with the Allman Brothers Band. Anita encounters a dejected William in the airport and offers to take him anywhere; he chooses for them to go to their home in San Diego.


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