30 defunct restaurant chains
J. David Bamberger served as Church's president on an interim basis until he was able to lure Richard F. Sherman away from the Hardees restaurant chain. In addition to their Big Shef (double burger) and Super Shef (quarter pound burger), the company introduced a Fun Meal, which included a burger, fries, drink, dessert, and a toy for the kids. It all began in 1966 with the same guy who founded Jack in the Box and Chili’s. There were as many as 225 locations by the mid-80s, with the final one — in Carson City, Nevada — closing its doors in 1995. New Location Opening on Sunset", "Is Burritofication Kinda Like Scarification? The fact that the decor of the restaurants displayed the racist caricature Li’l Black Sambo didn’t help their cause. Unfortunately a particular signature hamburger or special recipe pizza sauce can leave a powerful mental imprint that long outlasts the lifespan of the product. From month to month, your traveler will get to discover new places to explore, from Kenya to Marrakesh to Kyoto to Oaxaca. The concept is simple: Once someone travels somewhere, they can scratch the foil off the place they’ve been to expose the country, town, or state. They saw great success—until White Castle took legal action against White Tower in the 1950s. They're also great gifts for transplants away who may be unable to return to their home states due to travel restrictions. This book highlights some of the most interesting words out there, so your adventure enthusiast can learn about other cultures and languages from their very own home. Your loved one can pretend they’re Jack Kerouac, Elizabeth Gilbert, or Hunter S. Thompson with a trusty travel journal in their hands as they embark on a new great adventure. Here are 30+ ways to turn a rotisserie chicken (from the supermarket) into dinner. J. David Bamberger served as Church's president on an interim basis until he was able to lure Richard F. Sherman away from the Hardees restaurant chain. These gifts are sure to satiate someone’s wanderlust. Given enough time, (almost) everything we consume goes bad. Have travel brought to your giftee's doorstep with a subscription to one of the industry’s leading magazines. Southwest Airlines gift cards are available in $50, $100, $150, and $200 denominations, so you can help someone craft their next adventure. Since people are stuck at home this holiday season, let the pages of this magazine virtually transport them around the world for just $5 a year.

The chain also had a fairly extensive bakery and offered a free whole chocolate cake to patrons celebrating a birthday or wedding anniversary. Kenny Rogers' Roasters. Chi-Chi’s Mexican cuisine might have been about as ethnically authentic as Chef Boyardee’s canned pasta, but those cheese-smothered enchiladas and chimichangas were pretty tasty when washed down with a jumbo frozen margarita or two. The Marriott Corporation bought the chain in 1982 with an eye on the prime roadside real estate most HoJo’s occupied. Sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating than having a sudden food craving for something from a restaurant that’s been out of business for a decade.


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