how old was tom horn when he died

To help while away the time, Horn hand braided a rope—there are several photos of him doing so. The McQueen film was not entirely accurate, but it was well received. While in jail he wrote his autobiography, Life of Tom Horn: Government Scout and Interpreter,[3] which was published posthumously in 1904. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? The dying Rash unsuccessfully tried to write the name of his killer, but no trace was left of the murder. All Rights Reserved. That day he and males of the Miller family went fishing; he and Victor Miller, a son about his age, also practiced shooting, both of them with .30-30s. Miller frequently accused Nickell of letting his sheep graze on Miller's land. Although the packers were non-combatants, they were still prone to attack by Cuban rebels. In one case, Horn and another agent, C. W. Shores, captured two men who had robbed the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad on August 31, 1890, between Cotopaxi and Texas Creek in Fremont County, Colorado. The news of Rash and Dart's deaths spread throughout the territory, and as such the other rustlers scattered in fear. In 1898 he joined the cavalry in support of the Spanish-American War, where he was in charge of Teddy Roosevelt's pack trains of the Rough Riders. [33] A hearing several days later sentenced Horn to death by hanging. [33], Deputy Marshal Joe Lefors later questioned Horn in January 1902 about the murder, while supposedly talking to him about employment. [2] In 1902 Horn was convicted of the murder of 14-year-old Willie Nickell near Iron Mountain, Wyoming, for which crime he was hanged. Tom Horn was famed as a gunman. I had no trouble with him". An epidemic of cattle rustling in southern Wyoming in the 1890s and the desperate straits of stockmen set the stage for Tom Horn’s arrival.

Based on the "Horn Papers" - later proven to be a hoax. Historians have not established which side he worked for, and both sides suffered several killings for which no known suspects were ever identified. In a lavish wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London, Princess Elizabeth marries her distant cousin, Philip Mountbatten, a dashing former prince of Greece and Denmark who renounced his titles in order to marry the English princess. Thomas Horn, Jr. (November 21, 1860 – November 20, 1903) was an American Old West scout, who carried out various lines of work, including hired gunman, detective, cowboy, and soldier. In 1896 a ranchman named Campbell who had a large stock of money was last seen with Horn and "disappeared". As Dart and his friends came out of the cabin, Horn shot him in the chest from a distance. Allegedly Horn killed his first man in a duel-a 2nd Lt in the Mexican Army. But after four years as a Pinkerton, Horn had become bored; and in 1894 he signed on as a hired killer with the privately run Wyoming Cattlemen’s Association. There was a third movie, "Fort Utah" (1967), a western fiction with John Ireland playing Tom Horn. In 1894 he was in Wyoming working as a cattle detective for local beef barons, charging $500 for each rustler shot. [33] Another, Otto Plaga, testified that Horn was 20 miles (30 km) from the scene of the murder an hour after it was committed.[15]. The legend says Horn was making the rope that later hanged him. Horn's exploits as an assassin far overshadowed any other accomplishments he made during his lifetime, including during … According to Carlson's book Tom Horn: Blood on the Moon, there was no actual evidence that Horn had committed the murder, he was last seen in the area the day before the murder, his alleged confession was valueless as evidence, and no efforts were made to investigate involvement by other possible suspects. Tom was the fifth of twelve children. By doing so they decreased the availability of water and graze for the herds of the larger cattle barons. Horn was still inebriated from the night before, but Lefors gained what he called a confession to the murder of Willie Nickell. Walter Coy appeared in the episode as Sam Clayton. Horn did a great job in his work for the army, and soon rose through the ranks. He died in 1916 aged 72.

The hanging of Tom Horn was retold in The Saga of Tom Horn (via Eyewitness to History), and they say it's often counted as one of the moments the Old West died. The Rocky Mountain News noted the carnival atmosphere and great interest from the public for a conviction. Carlson also noted that the presiding judge at Horn's trial was a candidate for reelection at the time. [1] In 1896, Horn offered his service in a letter to the marshal of Tucson, Arizona in getting rid of William Christian's rustler gang.

Horn's exploits as an assassin far overshadowed any other accomplishments he made during his lifetime, including during his time as a scout in tracking Apaches in southeastern Arizona Territory, southwestern New Mexico Territory, and into the states of Sonora and Chihuahua in northern Mexico along the Sierra Madre Occidental. [24] Horn went undercover as "Tom Hicks" and worked for Rash as a ranch hand while also collecting evidence of Rash branding cattle that did not belong to him. Soon after that he was a sheriff in Colorado before working for the Pinkerton Detective Agency for 4 years and killing 17 men.


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