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One of the quartet’s many action-oriented song titles, the gleeful “Glide” goes back to Anastasio and Marshall’s 1981 school days and combines folk guitar, three-part harmonies, sinister chords, and uplifting lyrics set to a jiggy rhythm. 287.

Nearly every component of Phish’s mythos can be found on their 1989 debut, Junta. 139. 307. 118. “I Didn’t Know (Wright)”

Nobody does foolish desperation better than Phish, especially in this subverted sword-and-sorcery pastiche featuring angry mobs, septic maidens, and a picture of a Burlington bar owner. 64. “I Know a Little” (Steve Gaines) “Friday” — “It’s a dude talking to a chick,” explains Marshall of this crash-and-burn bummer. “Wilson”

“Tomorrow’s Song” 1998-04-05 You Enjoy MyselfProvidence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island. “Sea and Sand” “Fikus” 199. 66. “Boogie On Reggae Woman” (Stevie Wonder) The driving, dual-personality title track to Phish’s fourth studio album reflects the band’s growing bluegrass fixation while setting the emotional tone for a collection of communication breakdowns. It is worth the ride. “Minkin” 105.

Some of their best music, impromptu jams and such, has emerged surreptitiously (see The Victor Disc) and sometimes legitimately, e.g. “Chalk Dust Torture” “Mike’s Song” 144. 189.

The Siket Disc, which contains interesting one-shots like the Eno-esque “Quadrophonic Toppling” (No.

“My Soul” (Clifton Chenier) 5. “Fluffhead” All supporting code can be found in my Github repo here. “The thing we did best and did forever, songwriting, reignited our friendship,” wrote Marshall of its creation. It's synth-ey, spacey and weird, and a first-set heavyweight. Argent’s “Hold Your Head Up” (206) has introduced the band namesake’s irregular center-stage vocal and vacuum-cleaner solos since 1987 because the other bandmembers knew how much he hated the tune. 285. 95. Phish — an iconic, live rock & roll band, and the world of machine learning…what can they possibly have in common?

2019-06-11 StashChaifetz Arena, St. Louis, Missouri. 182.

Phish isn’t above mocking the Proclaimers or Chumbawamba, or getting their bro on with rap covers, nor are they dismissive of Marley, Dylan, and Berry chestnuts their parents may have played. A must-listen.

But at the summer's last show, Phish played a beautiful show that upended how Phish fans thought about the new material. 295.

This enchanting 1997 Anastasio/Marshall composition celebrates the creative and collaborative power of two with found lyrics (“we have cluster flies, alas”), a sweet Bob Marley reference, and honey-drop soloing. “The Birdwatcher” 21. “Title Track” (291) was one of several brief jam edits on the wonderful Siket Disc; “And So to Bed” (277) and “Aftermath” (278) told fragments of longer tragedy on The White Tape; and on Rift, “Lengthwise” (274) was Fishman’s brief, desultory prelude to the bittersweet closure of “Silent in the Morning” (105). This is my go-to You Enjoy Myself for its funky speed. No band has gotten quite as much out of frustrated communication as Phish, who deliver the malaise with grace and beauty in this bare-bones acoustic jewel from Billy Breathes. “Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley” (Allen Toussaint) “Crosseyed and Painless” “Back at the Chicken Shack” (Jimmy Smith) “Farmhouse” “Foam” Unlike the other long Simple of 2017, this one explores more creative and dark spaces. Boogie on Reggae WomanGorge Amphitheater, George, Washington. 41. “Splinters of Hail” “Llama” 1997-11-22 Mike's Song -> I am Hydrogen > “Back on the Train”

The centerpiece of Los Lobos’ 1992 masterpiece Kiko might have been written for Anastasio, who always reveals new shadows—and unintended tour metaphors—in its broken-hearted sentiments. Die Musik umfasst ein weites Spektrum von Genres, darunter Rock, Fusion, Bluegrass, Folk, Blues und Progressive Rock.Obwohl die Gruppe kaum im Radio oder auf Musikfernsehsendern zu hören war, entwickelte sich durch Mundpropaganda eine große Fangemeinde. This first set closer Bathtub Gin, from the first night of Magnaball, defines that intensity. The Drowned that opens this stunning set is a masterpiece of weird, spacey improvisation. 279. “Crossroads” (Robert Johnson)

2019-12-30 TweezerRadio City Music Hall, New York, New York. Those positive vibes culminated in Phish's most successful post-haitus run. His most-hated lyrics of mine are a snippet Trey tried to turn into a song at one point: ‘Basking in the silence/ Soaking up the violence/ Will the good lord save?/ Or will I dance on grave?’ Fishman found it horrendous. into the neural network along with the setlist sequences. 326. “Union Federal” “It withered on the vine but I always liked the lyrics. “California Love” (Tupac Shakur) Lists \ All 333 Phish Songs, Ranked Sure, you can cheat and scroll down to the top 20. This show represents the audible decision by Phish to start veering away from cowfunk, and to begin experimenting heavily with space and ambient jamming. Phish channels the sublime in this Undermind sailor’s song attached to the sort of floating groove no other band so instinctually evokes. “If I Could” A few months from this show would be Phish's near demise and 5-year haitus. 315. “Wingsuit” “Maggie’s Revenge” As expected, the model has learned to relate songs that occur in similar contexts. “Albert”

Undermind’s first single coulda-shoulda been the concise, straightforward, hooky radio hit Phish always deserved. 289. Well to begin, it’s much better than random chance. I think it's the best piece of improvised music ever created live by anybody. This thirty-three minute Talking Heads cover is rich with warm hues and interesting segues. Torres Describes Harrowing 48 Hours Trying to Return Home, The Viral Countdown: The Race to React to COVID-19, The Cost of Coronavirus: How Young Guv Ended Up Stranded, “Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird”, Ariana Grande Delivers Sultry Yet Forgettable R&B on. Follow This Thread Bookmark Bookmark with Email Notifications Do not follow Thread Order Oldest First Newest First Pagination Show 10 comments per page Show 25 comments per page Show 50 comments per page Show all comments on one page Share; Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Back to Forum.

Anastasio snuck a knotty instrumental interlude and dance — “The Landlady” — into the middle of this high-energy Latin-tinged spinoff of his Goddard College Senior Study, The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, AKA Gamehendge. 2003-07-30 Scents and Subtle Sounds, TwistTweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, New Jersey.

219. I have never been able to get enough of this sound that was really unique to the second half of 1997. 14. Each show, the band and the crowd embark on a completely new journey fueled by collective energy and masterful improvisation. 263. “Trench Town Rock” (Bob Marley) “Mock Song” I had always wondered if it could ever be taken places. “Carini”

“Windy City” “Black-Eyed Katy” I decided to frame the problem as a sequential, multi-class classification task in a similar fashion to a neural language model — namely: “Can I accurately predict what song will be played next given a prior sequence of songs?”. 290. This Theme from the Bottom doesn't waste time moving into pure hose. 2017-07-15 Simple -> WinterqueenHuntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island, Chicago, Illinois. 226. “All of These Dreams” 215. 218. Not to be confused with the similar-sounding “Olivia’s Pool” (249), this short, dark, existential groove from Ghost offers cautionary advice to oblivious fools. Another means for improvement (or at least improved relevance), could be to exclude the first ~10-15 years of data. “Time Turns Elastic” 1997-07-30 David Bowie -> Cities -> David BowieVentura County Fairgrounds, Ventura, California.


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