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If there’s something I don’t enjoy, I quit.

A natural disaster like this seems to take away much more than it could ever possibly give, but you have to admire her for finding any upside in the midst of such immense tragedy. Belón was then taken to a hospital, accompanied by her son. ?

I don’t think about the past anymore, I don’t take photos of any memories, and I don’t plan anything for the future.

Our. Simon!”. But she and her family survived and their incredible story has inspired new film The Impossible. She has said of her experience, .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, The tsunami was an incredible gift. He dragged me through the mud for a long time until he was sure I was in good hands.”, Maria was sure the rest of the family had been killed. MB: I am fed up with this question all the time.

“Carrying this luck for life is difficult. After waiting on the tree for some time, the two were saved by locals from a nearby village who were coming to check the wreckage. After the tsunami calmed down, Belón was able to swim to land with Lucas, only to notice her many injuries. The mum watched in horror as her two youngest boys and their dad were submerged by the roaring mass of water and debris that swept up cars and even the chalet the family were staying in. After being submerged for more than three minutes, she finally surfaced and clung on to a tree.

( Log Out /  If somebody would like to do something that I don’t like then I will just go, “Sorry, I don’t like it (laughs).”. Major fire in Clydebank as emergency services race to scene at former nursing home.

And as part of the filming process, the family returned to the hotel, which has been rebuilt after being flattened by the wave.

He had just got out of the pool to fetch the ball we had bought them on Christmas Day. Lucas is now 18 years old and training to be a doctor, and she described him as being “immensely brave.” She said what he took from the experience of the tsunami is how there is never enough of what you can do for others. But seconds later, she and her terrified husband and three sons were swept away by a ferocious 30ft wall of water that devoured everything in its path. After the tsunami struck, Quique had lost his younger sons, who had been in his arms until the extreme force of the wave sent him crashing into a column on the ground floor of the hotel. As for Samuel, 13, she said he is wondering whether being a firefighter or a policeman would be the best way to help people.

WRITER’S NOTE: This interview was conducted back in 2012. I shared this thought with Belon who said of course as this was part of the movie’s overall design. lоокing fоr sех with а раrtiсulаrlу раssiоnаtе уоung wоmеn hеrе.

Change ). 'We love and miss you' Family of missing Scots mum feared murdered in Spain pay tribute on fifth anniversary. As a result of that day, the two forged a connection. Mama!

Maria wasn’t out of the woods. I don’t care if they would be black, brown or green skin.

“I went through a lot of very difficult moments under the water – shock and fear about the boys. Belón, a doctor, and her husband, Enrique Álvarez and her three sons, Lucas, Tomás and Simón, were on Christmas vacation at a resort in Khao Lak, Thailand. Her story is the subject of Juan Antonio Bayona’s “The Impossible,” an emotional and riveting account of the 2004 tsunami. “In that moment, it felt like the most blessed vision I have ever had.

Maria says: “The man wouldn’t allow me to die. I didn’t think it was the sea. Maria says: “About 15 metres away, I could see a little head, and I thought, ‘My goodness, I think it’s Lucas.’ I heard him screaming for me so I went to get him. Belón and Lucas continued walking and looking for safety, but she was losing too much blood and her son had to help her walk.

The world’s population was 3,408,121,405 and there were an estimated 118,093,834 babies born throughout the world in 1966, Lyndon B. Johnson (Democratic) was the president of the United States, and the number one song on Billboard 100 was "Monday, Monday" by The Mamas & The Papas. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. “The Impossible” is available to own and rent on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital. She says: “Not for one second did I believe Quique and my other boys would be alive.”.

The pair were reunited and perched in another tree. It felt like the Earth was coming apart but everything looked perfect. The tale is about the 'ultimate nightmare family Christmas'.

I thought it was a wall coming to get us. Naomi Watts recreates the dramatic scene after the tsunami hit, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Now I can rest. Still convinced his wife and Lucas were dead, Quique nevertheless teamed up with another grieving man to search. Corey Liversedge, from Cushnie, Aberdeenshire, sadly passed away on October 24.

Watching “The Impossible,” you come out of it feeling like you survived the tsunami along with these characters. Caitlyn Melville took to her Instagram to expose the person sending 'nasty' messages after she had uploaded a stunning selfie. Even after leaving Thailand, she spent 14 months in hospitals in Singapore and her Spanish homeland.

You could feel them trembling and breaking. It stars Naomi Watts […] Post-traumatic stress is difficult to move on from but you have to move on.”. She studied to be a physician and also previously worked as a professor of management with the ESADE Business School, and as a business consultant for companies like Pepsi.

Emma Burr took to social media to share the poignant message.

By Sandra Js Photography - Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

4. She is a woman who has experienced a horrific tragedy and lived to tell the tale. Maria, Quique and their sons at the movie premiere in Spain, Maria with Naomi Watts, who plays her in The Impossible, Paper Subscription to the Daily Record and Sunday Mail, Paper Subscription to the Paisley Daily Express, © 2020 Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail Ltd, Heartbroken family pay tribute to Scots schoolboy who took own life after struggling with lockdown. You forget about yourself – you just think about saving them. Bayona, Sergio G. Sánchez, Belén Atienza & Maria Belon Talk THE IMPOSSIBLE", "WATCH: Ewan McGregor & Naomi Watts Talking About Preparing For 'The Impossible, "The Impossible submerges the true impact of the tsunami", "Naomi Watts discusses the real life inspiration for The Impossible", "The Impossible True Story: Maria Belon & Enrique Belon", "Maria Belon: The Impossible's Real-Life Survivor", "Miracle mum relives 2004 Tsunami ordeal which inspired new movie 'The Impossible, "BBC News - Tsunami survivor's impossible story hits the big screen", "The Impossible, Juan Antonio Bayona, The 2004 Thailand Tsunami, Ewan McGregor And More!

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. One of the most powerful moments from the interview was when Belon talked about what she called the gifts the tsunami gave her. Singer, Songwriter and Author from Kyoto, Japan.

Nicola Sturgeon says she is considering putting travel restrictions into law, She said a "final decision" would be made next week, Scots nurse, 73, arrested by cops after trying to free dementia-stricken mother from locked down care home.

It was so hard to work out what things were because nothing looked normal.”. Missing Forth Valley man sparks massive police search.

He was so nice when he said, I didn’t come here for that! MB: When I saw my husband, I was like ‘good! I only appreciate the moment. Belon may not see herself as a hero, but seeing her so lively and upbeat even after the horrific ordeal she endured is nothing short of inspiring. The tsunami killed 230,000 people in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and 11 other countries.

She has stated that some of her family is from the Canary Islands. Tragic 13-year-old dies from coronavirus just ten days after being at school with pals, His heartbroken mum has urged people to wear a mask as a tribute to her boy, Woman discovers boyfriend of four years is cheating after noticing small detail in photo, Sydney Kinsch realised her man had been being unfaithful through one image, Dumfries Morrisons provides lunch boxes for North West Community Campus schoolchildren in need, It was part of a UK-wide effort of 75,000 free lunch boxes across all Morrisons stores in a united effort to stave off child food hunger, Gatehouse of Fleet community rallies to support staff at coronavirus stricken care home who are receiving online abuse, The team at Fleet Valley, where a number of residents have died from coronavirus, have been the target of comments appearing to blame them for the outbreak, Castle Douglas Development Forum make final appeal for people to have their say on town's future, The deadline for completing a community questionnaire on developing a strategic town plan is Friday night, Dumfries woman cycles more than 200 miles across south-west Scotland - without leaving home, Heather Knaggs raised £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support by virtually cycling between Boots locations, Bonfire parties warning issued as fire crews brace themselves for a night of the "unknown", Families advised to stay away as Guy Fawkes debris is collected  from the streets, Neil Lennon accuses government of throwing Celtic 'under a bus' as he fumes over reaction to Rangers Covid breach. [9], She was the Spotlight Guest Speaker at the Share Iuvare Business Convention in 2015. Belón is credited in the cast of the 2012 film The Impossible for providing her story and working on the set in Thailand in the same locations as the original tsunami. MB: I only do what I enjoy. Maria was badly wounded as she was dragged under water by the vast Indian Ocean tsunami of Boxing Day 2004. But despite her fear she might jinx Watts, Belon did eventually meet the Oscar-nominated actress, and the two spent a lot of time together on the set.

She admitted to being tired of struggling to stay alive, but it was the appearance of her husband which kept her going.

In 2013 she was a guest lecturer at the Instituto de Cervantes in Gibraltar.[10]. “I screamed to my husband and to the kids. Belon made this clear when asked if it bothered her how her family was being portrayed by English actors instead of those of Spanish descent. María was in too much pain to climb up the tree alone so Lucas, who had already climbed up, jumped down and helped her climb up the tree. St Cuthbert Wanderers boss relieved with point at Lochmaben after fearing it was "going to be one of those days, Jordan Williamson felt his side was on top for much of the game but they needed a late goal from Russell Williamson to avoid defeat, Trainspotting character Begbie to star in Irvine Welsh Christmas story. Mum dying of cancer after asbestos exposure 'while working in Boots', Mum-of-two Lynne Mitchell was a make-up consultant and supervisor at the store, Mum pens heartbreaking open letter to son after his tragic suicide. When Bayona asked Belon who her favorite actress was, she replied Naomi Watts because of her performance in “21 Grams.”.


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