mako mermaids fanfiction zac protective of mimmi

At least he'd had people who had loved and raised him—Mimmi had been uprooted and raised in a community that didn't fully accept her.

"Sisters are supposed to be a pain in the ass, right?". And I know you feel the same way too!". Mimmi bit her lip, and Zac had a feeling that (deep down, at least) she knew that she had put herself in a bit of danger. "I should never have come here. She stepped out of the car, red lips, dark flowing hair... and of course...a moon ring. "I think it would be silly to swim all the way there."

"I'm glad we found each other." He felt like himself. Chris and Mimmi then admit their true feelings for one another and finally become a couple. His heart rate instantly increasing, he began to speak as soon as she had turned around. He said before he could stop himself. He had grown up safe here—loved and accepted. Lewis gets a new job at the SGC and discovers something about the merpeople. She replied, her voice much calmer than it had been before. She did not want to put that at risk. Eventually, Chris finally musters up the courage to ask her out and she happily accepts. No one, not even Evie or his parents, had ever been able to un-code him as well as she could. She is later comforted by Zac who is quickly able to cheer her up.

He was still refusing to acknowledge who he was, and she could tell that he was hoping to find proof that he was not related to her in any way. "Think what you want." After S5, The McCall Pack decides to take a rest outside Beacon Hills and pick Australia as the destination. But for as long as she could remember, she had been the odd one out in a strange and foreign environment. "She's going to love it.". As the pod prepare to fight the dragon, Mimmi and Ondina soon begin to suspect something is wrong when the dragon does not appear to them despite the moon haven already risen. Both of them are shown to be extremely caring and protective of each other.

Afterwards, young Zac is reluctant to say goodbye to Mimmi after she had been so kind to him, but she reassures him and promises they will meet again in the future as they share a pinky swear. Coincidentally, Mimmi is very similar in looks and wardrobe to Cleo. After making Ondina apologize for treating him badly and young Zac seemingly accepts her apology, Mimmi attempts to ask him for his help which he seems willing and eager to do. They didn't know what it was like…and for the umpteenth time in her life, Mimmi felt like an outcast. She could not, in fact, remember what "home" felt like. She turns back into a human several minutes after climbing out of the water and once her body is completely dry, she turns back into a human along with the clothes she was wearing before she transformed. Overwhelmed with the revelation in the merman chamber, Zac runs away from home. However, Mimmi is then forced to watch in sadness when young Zac leaves feeling hurt and dejected after Ondina intimidates him into not telling anyone they were there before coldly shooing him away. The dragon then approaches a terrified Mimmi but leaves without taking her tail the same way it did to Zac. "I mean…I know if must have been harder for you, losing her like that." Ondina couldn't really blame her—she probably would have been the same if things had been reversed, and she knew that Mimmi was eager to get to know the only family member she had left. With the police and his parents also looking for him, will his friends find him first, before is too late? First fic, so feedback is highly appreciated. Mimmi used this power in "The Siren" to a heat Carly's phone. Reluctantly, she ducked beneath the waves, trying to sear the last image of her beautiful children into her mind's eye. She is very similar to Cleo, both of them had a job at the marine park, and both of them are the brown-haired in the iconic mermaid trio found on both.

She was certain that neither would forgive her easily but she hoped that, one day, they could all find a way to be happy again. Suddenly feeling both overwhelmed and panicked, Mimmi's eyes caught sight of a glass of water on a nearby table.


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