lidl clotted cream

I was just watching a Cornish cook making clotted cream and thought I’d share his tips with you. Probably only smaller farms do this tho. If you’ve never had a classic afternoon tea, you need to experience it, and the roaring twenties era Biltmore is the place to do it. There were a couple of differences in the method I used, which I found on another food blog. I put an oven thermometer in the oven. It turned out absolutely perfect. i noticed you were skimming top off (in picture) before refrigerating – is this the whey? Cheers!!!! Not sure, though, sorry! It was thick, raised and very little liquid… would it take that quick to make clotted cream? I think the brand is Twin Brook Creamery. It’s not bad, but not smooth like your picture. I am in the middle of making clotted cream for the first time. Can it be used for baking scones or biscuits? Pour the cream into the casserole dish. Just strain it through coffee filters. So bummed. It has to be litely pasteurized/non homogenized heavy cream to clot up correctly. Before anyone starts (although I think they have) it doesn't fucking matter what goes on first. I’ve been VERY disappointed in my mascarpone thus far. i am going to try the oven method to compare to two thanks for this recipe. However, after reading all of the comments I’m confused. Could my fridge have been to cold? I might just try using organic heavy cream since everything is pasteurized these days. By a good oven thermometer that will give you your oven temperature. We’ve kept ours for several weeks.

I tried to set the oven at 180, and then checked the oven thermometer.

I can’t say enough good things about this project, the results far exceeded my expectations and it was absurdly easy. I tried the recipe and not sure what went wrong but wanted to check in to see if you might have some ideas. My recipes are never fussy and always exciting ~ there are 1600 and counting on the blog. Really good post — thanks. Waiting now for the crock to cool so I can stick it in the fridge . I poured it in my pan and put it in the oven one night and by morning I had a pale yellow skin on top. I’m not sure if my recipe has been ruined or not… I put the cream into a casserole and covered it with foil (I noticed in the comments some people talk about the look of the top layer so I did this preemptively). Great recipe! We used to go through soooo much Devonshire cream, it was nuts. Just avoid “ultra-pasteurized”. works the best. I have always wanted to try clotted cream but could never find any to buy except small shelf stable jars at World Market. (I have made cricket teas for 30 plus years!). I followed the recipe and left the baking dish in the oven for 12 hours at 180F. How long did you leave it out before placing it in the fridge and after taking it out of the oven? I even bought strawberries to make my scones. We are really lucky than in our nearest big town there is a Lidl, Morrison’s, Tesco, Iceland and Waitrose within walking distance of each other. It sounds like the temp is too high, Rachel, it shouldn’t be an orange-y brown, or smell burnt at that low temperature. What a great treat!

Hi, I have made this with ultra pasteurized heave cream and it worked, how did this work? Turns out I got the wrong cream and had to return it and go to whole food to by the right one. We love the Biltmore (in Ashville, NC). In an older oven, the temperature might fluctuate from 180 to 200.

Would i do the same process if i get Raw cream?

I do this overnight. Hi…how can I get on your mailing list? Followed your instructions to a T, and we have a tasty, magic jar of clotted cream. Can I use raw whipping cream from my local health food store? Leave it there for 10-12 hours without moving it. I am SO EXCITED!!

I made it and cooled in the fridge.

2 hours in), I took a peek with the oven light on… and it already looked like clotted cream.

Sue, does the size of the container matter that the cream is made in? (Slaps forehead.) What did I do wrong? I do afternoon tea frequently and love hearing about other people enjoying it as well! Beth- that pink cap.from trader joes is the absolute best! I put the cream in a shallow pan and it sat about an inch and a half, so I was pleased with that. I don’t think so, Leigh Anne, but I can’t say for sure….

My daughters and I all thought it was the best clotted cream we’ve ever had-either in the UK or the USA. I cooked my clotted cream yesterday for 12 hours then covered it and put it in the frig for 14 hours. I can’t wait to make this one. If you can’t get your oven down to a low enough temperature you can always use the scalding method: heating the shallow dish in a large pan of water. I did try this again, but with a deeper dish covered with foil… and it turned out great! Advertised products, especially non-food products, are not always permanently available in our range.

I tried to everything you said even the not ultra pasteurized whipping cream. With my first attempt, my clotted cream was quite thick and had an unfortunately sour taste.

It will last a fairly long time in the refrigerator, Lacey, up to a month…but it’s never lasted that long here!


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