dog poop puns

.hide-if-no-js { When I got my new car, my dog ran straight in the car. Dog Fun 101 Pawesome Puppy & Dog Puns That Will Make You Howl. Perhaps the most versatile single pun word is “fur,” as it can be used to replace a multitude of syllables in our every day vocabulary. He walked up to the counter and asked the storeowner if he could buy the basket, as he had a dog poop right there ready for the taking.

Yes, I have, it is the one that leaked before the official release date hence it had to be released early. A-fur-mative! No matter where I park my car, he’ll always find it in the barking lot. So why do cowboys call their cattle “dogies?” Someone please let me know in the comments, thanks. Have you ever wondered why old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Meet the Dream Team of Pet ID Tag manufacturing! 14. Example: “All food must go to the lab for testing.”. Fun fact: his all time favorite breed is the German Shepherd.

All of these words on this list can be applied to different phrases (or sentences) and interchangeable with the original matching word. Written by Richard Jeng. It’s true! Ms. Weeny Cooper is perhaps my favorite pun name for a dachshund living in the Wonder Years. September 10, 2019. 32. I love it, you win the internet FUR the day. 11.

Despite this enormous task, our goal was to create the biggest and baddest list of the best puns on the internet.

Our team has looked at several hundreds of dog puns, in order to compile a list of the top funniest dog puns of the internet (in no particular order).

Use your own photos or designs to create a unique ID tag. Brad Sitt is a Hollywood canine with tremendous talent. I’m just raisin’ some awareness for new dog owners. Always keep your dog indoors during cold winter nights to prevent any pupsicles from forming. Browse fun photos of Super Model pets in their Dog Tag Art. Residing in the United Corgis of America…, RECOMMENDED: Top 31 Corgi Jokes of the Internet. A blast from the past.

With a doo-key. You must be in stitches by now having gone through the poop puns above. 39. 59. 2.

15. Just imagine all the pop art that could have been (featuring kibbles, treats and balls) if Andy Warhowl could draw. Having the best photogra-fur.


I made my Corgi an of-fur he couldn’t resist – yummy treats and walks! Every time I put on a movie at home, my dog always begs me to make some pupcorn. © 2009-2020 | The eTag LLC & Individual Artists. Thanks to the helping hand of the internet, dog lovers all over the world have a never-ending surplus of brilliant and funny dog puns to enjoy. There is nothing funny about poop. Here are just some examples of what i mean: 101. My Instagram-famous dog has to deal with all the puparazzi while out on his daily walks. Hello little puppy, meet your new branch manager and assistant branch manager. If pooping is a call of nature. I’m almost pawsitive that this stray dog has some terrier blood in him. My Border Collie can’t wait for the Dog Con-fur-ence next month! awwwwwwwwwww who are you. It’s because they eat up all their homework from obedience school. Children are much like fart, when they are your own they are bearable, but for others can be horrendous. 29. 48. I think almost every dog lover will agree that the Disney classic should have been Winnie the Pooch instead. 22. Did somebody order a pugkin spice latte?

My dog kept barking at me, acting like he had pawsession of the brand new dog biscuit I just brought home.

Q. 33. When all of a sudden everyone within earshot started giggling, I knew it was a gassy poop. Example: “Trying to get my dog to eat vegetables is a mastiff waste of time. Howl your dog keep quiet at the event?”, Example: “When the dog realized it was a stray cat he was sniffing, he quickly flea’d away. 62.

Canine Sniffing and Investigation Dog Tag Art is home to hundreds of creative ID tag designs for dogs and cats, perfect for showcasing your best friend's unique personality and style. 67. I hope it’s not a ruff year. Animal Poop Point to Ponder: When bears poop in the woods, is the smell unbearable?

Gives your pet a voice, and you peace of mind, wherever you both may wander.

We’ve got you covered. A. Why do dogs always stop to sniff anonymous dog sh*t?

Read More. Anderson Pooper is my favorite news journalist – bringing you the latest news on “good boys” and treats. 98. 69. Our pun pet tags are fun-tastic! Let’s get fur-ensics in here. 41 Poop Puns That Will Make Everyone Drag Their Stool Closer To Listen In, 34 Hilarious Rock Puns That Will Completely Rock Your World, 33 Boat Puns That Will Moor Often Than Knot Make The Sailing Party Lit. 19. 34. 60. The reason why grandma decided to get two large German Shepherds is because she wanted some pawdy guards. Example: “The dog’s health is not good.

Need designer collars, leashes or harnesses to go with your new pet ID tags? What begins as a private affair seems to have so much fun in it that you can’t afford to remain emotionless at the sight of poop puns such as those described below. Dogs are “man’s best friends,” each with … His favorite song starts with, “dachshund through the snow…”. Yesterday I took about 4 cans of alphabet soup.

What followed was probably the biggest vowel movement ever. But because the word contains “dog,” you may be able to create clever dog puns. 58. −  The newest Avenger is a dog named is labro-thor.

Dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth – completely devoted to their dog-ma and paw. This website is dedicated to those who love everything about puns. In other words, we promise to keep updating this list with the help from our fellow netizens and dog lovers alike. 12.

A. Let’s have a look at some popular pun words for dogs to get those ideas flowing. 37. What have you been feeding him? If your dog makes you laugh or your cat makes you 9. 9. This Collie is experiencing some serious winter blues. 11. What do you refer to a king’s fart? His diet consists of nearly purebred“, Example: “Your dog barks all the time. Which part of a tortoise trilogy is always a real stinker? I found out he was just inspecting the subwoofer. 24.

In fact, we know it.

53. “, Example: “Did you dog enjoy the new dog food I brought? My dog trainer worked wonders with my pup!

The volcano exploded because it couldn’t find a lava-tory. 42.

My dog is the best in the whole world? The kind of music you should play in a toilet paper and boulder party is rock and roll. Lab – This is also short for the dog breed: Labrador Retriever. It's aromatic poop-pourri to them. 100 Fun Dog Facts ; 100 Best Male Dog Names. Example: The small Scottish dog that destroyed the living room was truly a terrier. When a dinosaur farts, it is a blast from the past. It was unbelievable that the one cat won the dog show! It’s officially my favorite drink at Starbucks now.

The kind of poop that makes you strain so much to the point of practically having a stroke before it gets out is known as brain haemorrhage poop. 6. Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. Have you heard the story of the constipated composer? Retriever – In it’s most literal sense, a retriever can mean a person or thing that retrieves something. No pressure or treats can stop him from doing his camera-ready tricks. You’re looking quite fetching over there…. 44. If you think we’ve missed a pun that deserves to be on this list, leave your pun in the comment section below. After a long day of work, my puppy thinks I’ve fur-gotten about him.

8. 56. The poop hugs his girlfriend and says: “We are stinking cute together!”, 41. Dog Eating Poop; Dog Ate Grapes; Dog Ate Onions. 27. 8. I know it sounds far-fetched, but it’s true!
It’s the Year of the Dog. And much more funny ones.. Home; Funny; Best; Bad; Food; Dog; Visual Puns; Homepage > Poop Puns . Sometimes, brilliant puns comes from words that have double meaning. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to No need to alter the spelling or replace it with a similar sounding word.

Is it surprising that my Beagle is one of the best detective dogs in the world? Why don’t girls poop? The accountant was too constipated that he simply couldn’t budget. Potty Training Day.

My dog has always been picky with his food. I think i’ll need a retriever instead.”. The dog groomer said to the dentist, “I clean my canines every single day!”. My dog’s bones will rottweiler spirit will live on!


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