is 2 step illegal

The left foot is the pivot foot. Think of this just like the hop through and up to the basket. Agree with Matt. in the nba? He then comes down on the left, then steps and comes down with the right (pivot foot) before releasing the ball. Dribble has ended. Your email address will not be published. Whatever you saw for the future in 2020, it probably wasn't this. If you were to just stop, period. 2-Step isn't illegal, there's no law or regulation against it. If you watch when he splits the double team he pushes the ball left and carries the ball before he makes his move to the basket so I would call that violation first. Clearly the pivot foot is what determines whether this move is legal or not. Left foot is NOT on the floor.

The biggest question that must be answered is when was the ball gathered, thus resulting in the end of the dribble. No travel. 2 step rev limiter is used on cars with a turbo charger. LEGAL. How does anyone think that this is a legal move. There is none. These videos make impressions in mind and I replay them in my mind during pregame warmups as I observe player tendencies. In College and High School, the “Euro Step” would not be allowed, that would be “Traveling”. “The dribble doesnt end until he is making a legal layup.”, Which foot should be considered the pivot foot?

Once the pivot foot always the pivot foot. It confirmed MANU does an Illegal move on purpose. this is simply not true. If you KNOW it is a travel, call it.” I go with it is legal only because it is too close to call. A lot of people think this and they get angry and try to call traveling. Unless the “Euro-step” is defined as taking two full steps, it is not necessarily illegal in itself. It's a way to get power to the ground much more quickly than sitting at minimum revs before starting, and it keeps you from over-revving which might lead to you simply burning out rather than getting moving. Great move. No matter how you want to parse this, you would be guessing if you think the dribble was ended (ball caught) while the right foot was still on the floor. The normal rev limiter at the top of the rev counter protects your engine from spinning too fast and damaging itself. So why would you think he can just take another step with his right because his left didn’t touch again? NEITHER foot can touch once your pivot foot leaves. Steps with the right and it hits the floor and then the shot goes up.

Seeing this move more frequently, nothing illegal about this move here in the video. The unburnt fuel passes through the engine and then catches fire in the turbo charger, spinning it up. N/A. If you call that a walk you aren’t gonna last long.

If I come to the floor and stop establishing a pivot foot then I can use that pivot foot to launch myself into a step or jump in either direction. If what you are saying is true then the running layup would be illegal. Bob, I agree with you by far the most out of these comments.

2. (2) As the foot touches the floor, or as both feet touch the floor simultane- ously after he receives the ball, if both feet are off the floor when he receives it.

I’ve coached middle school basketball for over 10 years and I’ve attended seminars, read books and watch countless videos on this by experts. At game speed you cannot stop the tape to review, Therefore, if you are going to call a travel it should be an obvious call. Unless the “Euro-step” is defined as taking two full steps, it is not necessarily illegal in itself.

Doesn’t matter if the pivot is established on the toe or flat footed. He doesn’t maintain control until after he’s grasped it with both hands.


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