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Only after we are starting to get a grasp on spoken Chinese will we start to talk about the characters. HSK 5 Word List; HSK 5 Videos; HSK 6. Alternatively check out WaiChinese to get a professional human teacher to provide feedback on Chinese pronunciation and tones all from a phone/web app – very convenient. If the initial’s sound is made at the front of the mouth then the final must also be a similar “front sound” to exist. Pinyin - Tabelle. Pinyin is the phonetic system used to transcribe Chinese into the Latin alphabet.

Trying to tackle all three of these at the same time is suicide. 0000009079 00000 n

Hanyu Pinyin Pronunciation Guide Stephen M. Hou Version: 11/19/2010 This guide is intended to teach native English speakers how to pronounce words written in Hanyu Pinyin, the official Romanization system for Standard Mandarin Chinese used in mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore. Each page builds on the last so make sure you work through in order and have a good grasp of the earlier material.

All the possible sound combinations in Chinese are shown in the body of the chart. The downloadable pinyin chart PDF can be printed and stuck on your wall as a useful reference. Tracey has been learning Chinese with New Concept Mandarin while producing this video. All the possible sound combinations in Chinese are shown in the body of the chart. Not Chinese.

Tones are super important for Chinese pronunciation. 0 %PDF-1.4 %���� We just assume it does cause we (or at least our brains) think English is rad and of course it’s meant to be like English. Start with Basic Vowels here. The problem is not that Chinese is necessarily hard. %%EOF Oh don’t you worry about that young padawan! All Chinese sounds are like these (except for a couple that are just the final by itself ie. There is debate about whether you, as an adult foreigner learning Chinese, should learn pinyin. Listen to the recordings and repeat. Notice the big blank spaces – these are sounds that don’t exist in Chinese. Starting to learn Chinese is hard. If b sounds like b in English then maybe this c sounds like the English c right? 0000009816 00000 n The reason I’m choosing the first tone is because it is very clear and the sound of the initial and final is easy to understand. But getting over that first hump is difficult. It is not an alphabet but instead a way to help non-Chinese pronounce Chinese.

You can wait – there will be lots of fun to be had with tones later. Then we’ll add in the tones. Let’s get started then with Basic Vowels in the next section. If not you can find a language partner, record your voice whilst practicing and send the audio to them for feedback. 48 27 It’s also used to teach Chinese children (in Mainland China) before the characters are introduced.

0000002699 00000 n Chinesische Silben bestehen aus einem Anlaut und einem Schlusslaut. Even with the pinyin nǐhǎo there are a lot of  barriers in place before you even say your first word. a, e without an initial). If you listen carefully you will find Chinese is a very beautiful language as it has more musical sounds (vowels) than noise (consonants). The writing of Pinyin is similar to English alphabet.

0000001292 00000 n Each page will introduce the sounds and have some audio recordings. 0000057934 00000 n The Latin letters in pinyin are an approximation of the Chinese sounds. Here’s my pinyin chart (yes I have a personal pinyin chart…I know, I know I am that cool): You can download the full sized PDF pinyin chart (plus pronunciation/tone guide) for free. It goes into way too much detail though for practical purposes so just give it a scan. 0000004455 00000 n So we call them “Final Sounds”. These barriers are the strange pronunciation system (pinyin), the tones and the characters. The downloadable pinyin chart PDF can be printed and stuck on your wall as a useful reference. Each section has a quiz at the end. 0000004183 00000 n I’ll keep this short because Wikipedia actually has a great page about pinyin already. HSK 1 – H11003 ; HSK 1 – H10901; HSK 1 – H10902; HSK 2 – 20901; HSK 2 – H2902; HSK 2 – H21003; HSK 3 – H31001; HSK 3 – H31002; HSK 3 – H31003; HSK 4 – 6.

Each page of this course will introduce some new sounds. We learn one skill at a time, get it up and running and add another skill. Those first couple of months tackling the tones, getting a sense of the pronunciation and (gasp) being introduced to the characters is already a nightmare. If you haven’t encountered the tones at all then all you need to know know is that the first tone is high and level – it sounds a little like you are singing the sound. The consonants at the beginning of a syllable are called “Initial Sounds”. Wenn er aber existiert, ist er immer ein Konsonant. e?�q�>�a�6Z�` �{����#����:"�[3��~���G��n��}|[S+�V6IN�����l�#��~����G�5��D�c|?6�O�3K��j�q�. For example the sound ba has the initial b- and the final -a. We’ll look at these later though. It’s possible to do but the chances are you’ll just get too frustrated and give up on this silly Chinese language. It wasn’t designed to mimic English or any particular European language. Chinese is no different.


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