xanathar stat block dragon heist

This will also be easier to do if Jarlaxle’s team includes someone the PCs have seen before during the Grand Game, if that’s not Jarlaxle himself.). I really like this mini. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Competing with a second crew trying to pull of the same job is a really exciting situation that opens up a lot of unique tactical choices and dramatic situations. There are no blueprints of Xanathar’s Lair to be found. The easiest access to Xanathar’s Sanctum (X19) is through the door in Area X18. D&D Collector's Series: Dragon Heist - The Xanathar, Great mini that needs a bit of work during assembly. Kuo-toa / Kuo-toa whip – MM p. 199-200, Chefs – kobolds, MM p. 195 The biggest thing about Xanathar is going to be dont just stick him in a room and allow your PC to run at him. X7 – Cell Block: See Dragon Heist for full description. maybe because I’m viewing this on a tablet? Players at level 1-4 aren't supposed to be powerful enough to defeat Xanathar, but I see no reason why a higher-level group couldn't have a shot at actually killing him. So you should be seeing that soon. I'm pretty sure he's supposed to wear various magic rings on his eyestalks so give him whatever rings you think are interesting. @Mike: I don’t have my book handy at the moment, but I believe that’s from the original campaign. There’s a teleportation circle in the basement of Yellowspire. Would he just be a regular beholder, or am I missing a supplement or something? During a tournament, there will be gathered an audience of 30-60 people. In general their recollections will be limited to the “public” areas listed above, but: As described on p. 101-102 of Dragon Heist, there are a number of other powerful factions throughout the city that are aware of Xanathar’s Lair and can reveal the secret entrance to Area X1. So, I have a player that has Xanathar as a big part of their backstory, and they are going to waterdeep to do some other stuff.

(And, dramatically speaking, the DM should ideally make it cross the path of the PCs’ heist as much as possible: Seeing Jarlaxle or his lieutenants from across a crowded room or at the far end of a deserted hallway about their business will be a satisfying complication. Rogues’ Gallery: The Xanathar.

These miniatures are boutique priced. It will be most satisfying if you let both those things play out naturally, and keep in mind that it’s equally possible for the PCs to benefit from security holes Jarlaxle opens for his own team (and vice versa). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. probably gonna have to wait for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist to release for something official, I don't think he's been officially statted out for 5e yet, but should be in that book. Thorvin Twinbeard – dwarven commoner, MM p. 345 (DH p. 216) Since that’s where the dwarves’ speaking tube leads to, if they see intruders in the area, what exactly are they supposed to do about it?


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