west facing balcony vastu

5th or 6thon the West side from North West side. As per Vastu rules, all the directions are equally good to orient a house, but still, West facing houses have somehow become the third choice for people; first and second choices being North and East oriented houses, respectively. Also avoid any entrance in the North West direction. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to constitute legal advice, solicitations, marketing, offer for sale, invitation to offer, invitation to acquire by the developer/builder or any other entity. Avoid keeping huge ones. This direction leads to a happy and short stay and also encourages harmonious relations with family.

5th or 6thon the West side from North West side.

The first and second choices for homes are north and east-facing doors with West being the third-choice. Homeonline.com is an online real estate marketplace ideated by the DainikBhaskar Group. (Janam Nakshatra).

The flats that have balconies towards south and southwest are considered as inferior quality ones. 3. However, the entrance of the flat is on north-west direction(tilted towards north ) ( 8, 9 pada). Sir my house is west facing with water tank on westplease guidee.


Please contact an experienced Vastu expert to seek assistance on the matter. However, you need to follow the principles of Vastu for a better living. Swing can be placed in the east-west axis so the sun does not hit the face of a person directly.

The balcony is one spot at home where your mind tends to relax and you might also enjoy meditating in there. You might have heard from many people – I can call them ill-informed people – that living in a South direction property is bad or living in a West facing one is always going to invite troubles in life etc. Kindly advice.

This is a distinct disadvantage of West facing houses as per Vastu.

I am planning to buy a plot which is west facing. To get a more specific advise, we suggest you consult a professional Vastu specialist.Thanks, My flat is west facing and unfortunately the door is located at 7th Padam in west side. According to you the Toilet should not be in the SW zone can it be in SSW. R.sir

I didnt understand the placement of hanuman idol at entrance which you mentioned. If it is in line then there is nothing to worry and I would not suggest any remedies for the same. Please report inappropriate content by writing to us at, All rights reserved - Info Edge (India) Ltd. A. Hence, we use the right mix of Innovation in Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Human Touch to provide you exactly what you are looking for. As they are the connoisseurs in the field, they can help you better. As per the principals of Vastu, the ideal directions that the main door must face are north, east or north-east.

Always quarrel & misunderstanding is there.

Hi, as per Vastu, you should avoid using metals for doors and frames. Assisted thousands of proud property owners. 1. However, west-facing houses have become the third choice for people; the first and second being North and East oriented houses, respectively. Send in your comments and suggestions.— editor@livspace.com, How Our Designer Turned a Villa Into a Luxury Staycation. Source: Alexa.com, Usage of 99acres.com to upload content showing area in non standard units or which enables targeting by religion/community/caste/race is prohibited. 15 degree towards North from West. These can result in draining the wealth of the family living in the house. Toll Free (Mon - Sat, 11 am - 6 pm) 1800 572 5050. For assistance on any matter related to property vastu, please consult a vastu expert.

In case of the need to cover a balcony due to it being non compliant to Vastu principles, it is advisable to make the slant of the roof covering the Verandah facing North, East or North-East in the horizon. If you like swings, then make sure you place one that faces the North or South direction. Hai, show me main doors and toilets positions locate in double bed room house in first floor and second floor

The third option is South West … Instead, Padas three, four, five, and six are best-suited to place the entrance or the main door of a west-facing property. According to vastu, calm colours like white, beige, blue and lighter tones of pink are perfectly fine for your balcony. This also helps to attract fortune and prosperity in abundance. Please give solution for this.

East and north region is often advised to leave open as the sun rays enter, on the other hand, west and south areas seem to be prone to negativity thus having thick walls is considered auspicious. Hi, I have seen an apartment with West facing. 2. Thank you kindly. Hi Malati, as per the information available online, it is not advisable to invest in the south or south-west extension, you can try to minimise the adverse effect of the same. The direction of my plot is approx. Respected sir

Please contact a reputed Vastu expert on the matter for better assistance. These type of balcony gives medium results. I read somewhere that the wash rooms should not be in the direction of It not only completes your home but also gives you an opportunity to add that special corner. may be north west side.

It is essential to demarcate them by laying a copper wire concealed under the floor. People often prefer choosing north and east side facing properties as these two directions are considered lucky and appropriate. This is the ideal direction since this is the area that receives the maximum amount of sunlight. Here are some Vastu guidelines to be considered while designing a Balcony. However, to decide the best location to situate the bathroom and the main door in your double-bedroom, I advise you to consult a local Vastu expert. Fixing two tiles outside the door, portraying Hanuman Ji with a gada in the left hand helps improve the Vastu of a house that has the door in the South-West. If the kitchen is in the West, avoid using a green color marble top/slab. For the west facing plots, it is considered auspicious to locate the master bedroom in south west corner. But it is not as good as the 3rd and the 4th pada. Any suggestion to improve the vastu defects, in case of any. Never keep tall and heavy potted plants in the northeast direction as they would totally block the early pious and beneficial solar energy from entering the house. But cutting in haphazard manner results in defective vastu, which brings in bad luck. Now that you know what vastu shastra has got to tell you about your balcony, we are sure you will follow these simple tips the next time you’re designing one. Seek an expert’s guidance that can help you transform your home into an abode that is filled with positive energy throughout the day. My plot is gaumukhi type extended toward northeast corner….and west facing plot ….what would be suitable for me …as for kitchen bathroom front doors borewell and all plzz suggest through email…. It is suggested that less open space be kept at the front of a West facing plot. Small plants should be placed in the north-east side of the balcony as they need sunlight to thrive. 4. One may not always get a good main entrance placement in a West facing houses. What are the possible things i have to keep in mind while a construct 4 floor house here with Stilt parking.

We all know how much we would love to gaze at the stars while talking about everything that happened during the day with our significant other. When it comes to a west facing plot, Vastu advises dividing the length of the house in two parts that is North West and south west. Explore thousands of projects & properties available in your city. Assorted Real estate videos demystifying complexities. How to have more peace and happiness in the flat.? It is always preferable to have balconies towards southwest covered with sliding windows.

I intend to purchase a flat. Vastu generally recommends that the length of a residential plot is ideal when it is North-South instead of East-West.

I think due to this. "Kundali Match"

West fasing I find .

Regardless of whether they are auspicious or not, most people consider Vastu Shastra rules when constructing a home or purchasing a new property. Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture, comes up with every solution, all you need is to follow the solution and opt for a west facing plot with a smile. If the flats have balconies from north to northeast or from northeast to east then it is considered to be the best flat and the ones that have balconies in the west are of mediocre quality. Thanks. In case of the need to cover a balcony due to it being non compliant to Vastu principles, it is advisable to make the slant of the roof covering the Verandah facing North, East or North-East in the horizon.

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West facing as per vastu, the kitchen, bedrooms, and toilets are in right place.

Ltd. I am planning to buy a house which is west facing. Flower pots with creepers should also be avoided in the balcony. These directions enhance concentration and focus in the minds and bring peace in life. Fixing Hanumanji tiles outside the door helps improve the Vastu of a house that has the door in the South-West. Balconies are special.

Big flower pots and pots with creepers tend to obstruct light in the balcony. Thus, this is a small disadvantage when it comes to West facing houses as per Vastu. For more details, please consult a local Vastu expert.

Thanks. The first and second choices for homes are north and east-facing doors with West being the third-choice. Vastu experts say that the balcony at home should be situated in the North, East or North-East direction. The details displayed on the website are for informational purposes only.

Please contact a reputed Vastu Shastra expert to seek assistance on the matter.


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