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She serves as a bit of a gear check for the rest of the raid – you’ll likely struggle here if you’re underpowered. As for Shuro Chi, she doesn’t have a close-range slam, so you can get in her face with shotguns (the Ikelos shotty is ideal) and possibly even swords, though the usual DPS standouts – Sleeper Simulant and Whisper of the Worm – are as dependable as ever. Prioritise Taken Phalanxes as their shield blasts can knock people off their plates, which is no good. Note that Riven will change rooms after you stagger her or after 40 seconds, whichever is sooner. You must destroy him as soon as possible before he reaches the plate. You need to agree callouts for these, because Riven is about to change rooms – the other team now needs to stagger her in exactly the same way, and when they’ve done so, Note that Riven will change rooms after you stagger her, If you’ve shot her eyes successfully, an elevator beam will activate at the back of the room and carry you up to another identical chamber.

You now need to get on the plates again and repeat the whole thing twice more, cleansing a grand total of nine plates across three rounds, to complete the encounter. Two of them should grab two orbs each. You’ll need calls for the plates and the rooms behind them – Datto calls them Forest, Spire, and Temple, based on the features in each room. Four of those ninths will look different from the others, obscuring parts of the picture with a dull green pattern. We suggest you number everyone on the team from one to six, and scan the two rows from left to right, top row first. The only other thing to note is that Kalli has a strong ground slam, so entering melee range is extremely risky. It lasts three minutes and if you let it expire, it will wipe you. At this point you’ll be swarmed by adds, and Shuro Chi will start singing. It’s a complicated, mechanic-heavy encounter with no bosses. It’s a complicated, mechanic-heavy encounter with no bosses. Everyone else needs to be in the centre killing adds, and they also need to tell the runner which room has opened. The Knight knows only one task and that is to lock the plate, so despite how hard you try to engage him, he’ll still make a run for the plate.

Riven pokes her face through the top of the room, and if you hammer her with your hardest-hitting weapons, it shouldn’t be long before she finally succumbs. Stand on the plate and cleanse it with your grenade. Reorient yourselves by staring at the middle wall and repeat, though there is another catch: in each picture. All the raid icons will fill the room, and you’ll also be able to see the Eye-carrier in the other chamber. It’s simplest to have everyone return to the plate they had at the start, but if you desperately need a cleanse, you can jump on any of them. Rich started PC gaming in the ‘90s and is wracked by nostalgia for that era. When it elapses, the carrier will be teleported inside Riven’s heart, and so will anyone standing too close to them.

On her fourth appearance, you’ll have to. You’ll begin the encounter by opening a pair of big doors.

In the centre of the room is a pit, where three pairs of these icons are visible. Dying will feed any Strength you’re carrying to Morgeth, so don’t die. You’ll have to stagger her three times, and two different eyes will glow each time. This Destiny 2 Forsaken The Last Wish Vault Puzzle Guide will help you with The Last Wish Vault Puzzle that will see players coordinating with one another in order to succeed. You can do this once per carrier, and the number of Strength orbs in the heart equals the number of players there. When you’ve completed all three walls, Shuro Chi’s song will reset to four minutes, and hemispherical platforms (like those around the Oracle Engine) will appear. Even a Celestial Nighthawk golden gun shot or a Voidwalker Nova Bomb will do the trick.


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