agriculture during the renaissance
The children would be sent to the woods to collect twigs and branches, while the men would use axes to chop down trees for wood.

A historian of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey, he is a publisher of popular history, a podcaster, and online course creator. The use of manure was basic and artificial fertilisers as we would know did not exist.

I definitely learned how to make block posters.

It was also necessary to salt or smoke some of the meat to make sure that it lasted through the winter.

The wool taken from sheep during shearing was used to make clothes. ( Log Out /  That is not to say that the tasks were monotonous. Next the upright withies are put in place.

Create a free website or blog at You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. In this sense, peasants were simply tenants who worked a strip of land or maybe several strips.

Peas, beans and onions were grown in the peasants’ gardens (tofts). Farming dominated the lives of most Medieval people.

As the wheat was harvested it had to be tied into sheaves to dry. This belonged to the lord of the manor.

This boy is using a drum to make a noise to scare birds away from the fields.

It was important to spread the seeds evenly so that there was a good crop. It was quiet hard to find the pictures. I personally learned a lot about Agriculture during the Renaissance.

There were no machines in the Middle Ages and harvesting had to be done by hand using a scythe. ( Log Out /  This article is part of our larger selection of posts about the medieval period. Before the seeds could be planted, land had to be ploughed. I would probably decrease the amount of brightness of the images and make the font color darker so that it is easy to read.

The first stage was to card the wool to remove any tangles. Medieval farming followed a cycle throughout the year. I liked the way how agriculture gradually improved over the course. Before the invention of the spinning wheel in the 15th Century, wool had to be spun using a drop spindle.

In fact, villagers frequently helped one another to ensure the vital farming work got done. The roofs were thatched with straw so if the harvest was not very good it would be difficult to find straw needed.

There were two harvests during the Medieval farming year. The willow can also be dyed using natural products such as berries or vegetables.

The apple and pear trees that were grown in the orchard had to be pruned each year. Many peasants in Medieval England worked the land and, as a result, farming was critically important to a peasant family in Medieval England.


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