you are too much korean drama ending

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Is it not up to her to make the decision regarding their age difference??? To the producer of this show...if you want a better ratings...well...wait for our GHY to get well and bring her back!!!!!!!! I also am very grateful to you that you didn't waste our time to watch such a long drama but quite entertaining.

I hope he will be more mature in order to avoid traps setting for him. Myonce Mar 07 2017 12:53 pm Wow, the star cast. i never imagine, the main role can be changed. Having KS under his roof he will try to stop any rumors about his wife's death. People are over-rated her as a hit artistes but please give some reasonable chances to those unknown in the public. It's too bad, coz I liked the story already & the casts too but health is more impt but the show must go on.

The first 2 episodes were shockingly good. lilu Jan 09 2017 6:15 am

She puts Yoo Ji-Na in her place! Looking forward for a good ending. She is more natural in her acting than the over-acting GHS (who is still stuck in the Boys over Flowers facial expressions and acting - I just re-watched the series on Netflix) . Can't wait for the upcoming episodes! irene Apr 29 2017 10:48 am I think the original actress who played Hae-Dang dropped out because she looked too goody-goody to go against Jung-Hwa's trashy appearance and so strong presences. Reviewed past shows and still don't know why the father is afraid of the letter. ms.d Apr 23 2017 4:25 am She has worked on so much dramas having only supporting characters..that here comes an opportunity for her to show how worth she is in a major character !

Kang Tae Oh, just focus on your love! sera Apr 10 2017 4:09 am Blood drama is not very success in Korea bcoz of they didnt know how to value a great drama. I'm seriously crying right now this is the only other drama I watch omg. Jang Hee-Jin Fighting !! He shined from peace and happiness there.

MayonCe Mar 24 2017 5:57 pm i just waste my time to watch this drama. surprised this drama is 'doing well'. But this drama is gonna be my very first on-going and worth-watching weekend drama! "Too much" feeling of disliked over someone is hatred. Haters always make up stories just to bash anyone. I think the story moderately resembles how the real life is, not like lots of dramas don't make any sense at all! Thank you all for giving us such a good time of watching this daebak drama! HD and KS need to help HJ protect what is his and become the successor. Diana May 21 2017 1:59 am Ku Hye Sun is famous and has a fanbase, but popularity doesn't mean she is good actress. I'm so disappointed Ku hye sun leaved this drama.

Loved it!

When these two people find each other, will their relationship be a good karmic connection or a poisonous one?

I feel like crying when I think of trying to watch this drama again. @Orleney I am with u in this. I think I'm up to 10 so far and I'm only half way through. Shari Jul 10 2017 2:03 am Poor Kuyng Soo, if only he can get rid of his mother, of the letter and be free.

Hyun-Joon needs to get his act together and start working or the company before he looses everything with Na-Kyung scheming and checking everything out.

Does Kang-Sik and his daughters assume HD should support them all until they all die??? David Jul 31 2017 3:14 am She still needs to rest and then maybe sometime she will have another drama. I watched this drama because of ku hye sun and now she left the drama, so i'm leaving too! The story line has certainly been pushed per Korean standards - a middle aged woman lusting after her much older soon-to-be-husband's son. The drama itself pretty much left the synopsis and a lot of us had no idea where the writer was now going with the drama.

Love his personality. The real Yoo Ji-na is a pop diva who lived life to the fullest and one day, she becomes involved with her impersonator called “Yoo Gina” and their two lives become intertwined. It is beautiful and interesting to learn how to survive. She's doing a wonderful job portraying her role as HD that I haven't missed Ku Kye-Sun. I'm watching it because of Ku Hye Sun unnie but since she will not be here then I don't have a reason to watch it anymore. I agreed. Monijal Mar 29 2017 6:36 am you idiots what you only know is to talk with your rubbish mouth. Yes I liked Hye Sun better in the role and I think she is prettier and younger looking than the replacement, but that is not the only reason. So to speak, I don't hate her coz I didn't know her then (at all.) Everyone performed their role superbly. Dreamhigh Jul 23 2017 11:22 am JAC Jun 12 2017 8:20 pm

Just saw through Ep 27 and Kang Tae-Oh is holding his own at this point against his crazy mother. sholanah Jan 09 2017 3:31 am I like Uhm Jung Hwa. Don't sure if she got a ton of acting experience in last year, or if it's just her role in Blood was dull, but here in YATM Ku Hye-Sun was shining. ariane Apr 03 2017 1:40 am

Not good. ariane Mar 27 2017 12:02 am So sad to know that GHS needs to quit the drama huhu i was waiting for her comeback :(, dolly ng Mar 26 2017 7:44 pm How come everyone watch this drama because of lead actress and actors? Honestly, if you try to search it you will know that Blood may not be doing good on Korea but it was famous and successful internationally. The plot: rich but cold male lead and poor but nice and prideful female lead-the male lead fell in love with her because of her character and he suddenly changed because of her. Come on, don't pair up Hyun-joon with Yi-na! shortfus Jan 11 2018 4:20 pm Barani Jun 14 2017 8:01 pm Uhm Jung Hwa <3, Hades Jan 14 2017 3:10 pm I wanted to see what people commented about this drama but mostly, all this haters can't get over it, tried hard to ruin this show.

Ilove you. Ku hye sun acting is totally good.

the reason I watching this drama just because of goo hye sun. Kyung Soo is such a nice humble man but his chemistry with HD is not as good as HD with HJ. Liking someone over the other is logical especially in this situation, comparison can't be ignored. I cannot guess or predict what will be the end. I thought it was rude of KS to tell Kyung-Soo that he would not accept him due to their age difference??? Kiki Apr 10 2017 9:16 am ku hye sun we love you we watch the drama yatm you has do a good job your acting is good keep on fighting khs love from singapore, Barbie Mar 07 2017 1:37 pm I mean, I know she overacted on her previous dramas but she's doing good this time. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 86/100 (1034 votes) If your idol already quitted from this show, you can quit too.[1]=177682; JAC Jun 18 2017 3:47 pm I'm dropping this drama too. praying for your good health Ku Hye Sun eonnie. End the relation with a woman who has pity on him instead of love. Waiting for this. She has no charisma whatsover, even she never smile and I don't like her act when she is angry.

Hope Ku Hye-Sun will get well soon, it's very sad that she couldn't continue her amazing acting in this series, but over these 6 episodes i've developed a confident consideration of her acting skills anyways, so i look further for her next role.

I dunno..50 episodes is a lot of drama to get through.

With love! Belcodi Apr 27 2017 6:46 pm Just my opinion.

We find her really suit for this role and she is doing her absolute best. You're awesome in this drama. Lol! good drama , Favorite character Lee Kyung-Soo by kang tae Oh. I am so disappointed in the writers! Some immature fans of blood actress acting up in the comment section because they can't take it that the drama is reaching new high numbers in ratings after their favorite star departed. Love it! i wonder what netizen think GHS being replaced. We appreciate nice story dramas with casts whose selected acting in there and not those of your own favorite actors only. Limi Jun 27 2017 3:02 pm Neverthless, directors do not make JUNG GYU WOON a supporting character!! Kim Gyu Sun was in Beautiful You with Gong Myung, another member of 5urprise. Doesn't Park Sung-Hwan have any authority in the house???? For those who love this TV series because of the plot and other actors who are working hard for this drama, let's keep supporting them..... what the Apr 27 2017 3:13 pm

These dramas are so aggravating at times. Really, they need to grow up and see how much the world change. @What the - I dont think there is anything that Jung hee Jin is not capable of delivering that gu hye sun is able to.

i really like her acting. Loved this drama is getting all the attention what it deserves. YATM fan Aug 14 2017 4:21 pm Is it a family drama or melo-drama? It just disgusts me! im very dissapointed to ku hye sun too. Daebak. The series was both a hit domestically, with a peak rating of 18.4% and internationally, especially in China. fried rice Apr 16 2017 2:11 am [3] In her place, Jang Hee-Jin was cast to play Jung Hae-Dang for the rest of the series. I love the grandmother!

Well, what to do? I started to love this drama, although a lot of unfold stories behind and the crazy characters. Come on! As long have Uhm Jung Hwa in this drama, everything look beautiful. zzikinnz Mar 28 2017 8:08 am I like the new actress, Jang Hee Jin in this role better than Gu Hye Sun. Syramo Aug 29 2017 1:57 am Sorry but I have to drop it. Why everyone drops this drama just because KHS leaves this drama and JHJ replace this drama?

marykate Jan 07 2017 7:46 am now i have to drop this drama too.

And Without her, i can't continue to watch this drama. jandee Mar 25 2017 8:50 am She sings on stage at a club and tries hard to mimic Yoo Ji-Na's songs. & Sun. But after checking some clips of new episodes I will try again. loadbox(1); malcolm Mar 26 2017 6:35 am

Totally agree with you that the young guy is emotionally immature. but I am happy for Hae Dang and Hyun Joon, they are perfect match.


To add more excitement, want to see the musical side of the drama since it started that way. Well that's gonna be entertaining & interesting scene to watch! All rights reserved.

Also want to see the 2 ladies sing & dance together in 1 stage (again) but this time in a more professional level. I like KS too, but it's not right for him to just come in and take over what was originally HJ. She got recognized after "Boys Over Flowers" and netrizens started to praise her with her quality cert. If only this could happen in real life. I can't stand many actresses and the plots for drama are always the same that's why I rarely watch korean drama anymore. Omoo I don't like hae dang and hyun joon. It's ok since K-netz likes the story line and I do think that they will keep on watching it so the ratings will just be the same. Dreamhigh Aug 28 2017 9:39 am

@ others bashing JHJ, do you even enjoy the story? So it's easy to spot a plain "hater" lolz. Uhm Jung-Hwa is a beautiful woman. Hyun-Joon needs to hire a professional to take care of Hae-Dang so she can start learning some different dances, get better clothes, learn some new songs of her own and get some better gigs. I have seen Kang Tae-Oh in 3 dramas, and in each one he likes a girl, but never ends up with the girl. One of my current fav drama : You are too much , Bad Thief Good Thief. They can't come up with any interesting stories than to "pimp" young actors with older women! Yoo Ji-na lives a glamorous life but she also harbors a personal tragedy that pains her deeply. The heck! She is so suitable for the lead role.

yay! Yoo Jina lives a glamorous life but she also harbors a personal tragedy that pains her deeply. I am so annoyed at the twist of disgusting how the main character went around dating guys who are kinda related to one another. The rich tall guy can do some much more for the lead actress.

Even when she is downtrodden, we can sense her dignified stance on her own life.

Am I the only one that like actress Jang Hee-Jin so much? hahaha.

Kang Tae-Oh and the other 5urprise members are all so good looking.


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