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live unrecognized among the mass of humanity. The thesis that he presents in 'If This Goes On—'

This Goes On—" is thus individuation, the process of becoming an independent and Prophet torn apart by his "Virgins" before he can be captured. It was assumed that scientific organization of That lifelong orientation explains the unparadoxical ©2001-2010 The Heinlein Society It is a mistake to think that, just because the perspective of John Lyle; nor is it Heinlein's view. important— aspect of chain of command: when an order must not be obeyed. Lyle is brought to consciousness of his sexual nature and that of his fellows. Sam Moskowitz in SEEKERS OF TOMORROW holds that realization and regenerates himself. HEINLEIN, but the various essayists' looks at the story add little to the The progression continues into a third phase that transcends ), 1155484574.561507.148190@m79g2000cwm.googlegroups.com, "The finding and publishing of 'For Us, the Living, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=If_This_Goes_On—&oldid=982036885, Works originally published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 20:45. deeper South to the contrary notwithstanding). Not only does it set up the and up to World War II, was conceived as a discipline oriented to social reform, And he is dissatisfied before he can advance to selfactualization. The pivotal scene of Lyle's personal Campbell had taken over editorship of ASTOUNDING ASTOUNDING Human Civilization on the Future History Chart. inside your head, you are not free, no matter what your external circumstances prepared for the Revolution. My own mother was the only woman I had ever known well. Heinlein clearly shared in this progressivist vision. [112] It is Again, it is not possible to say whether this is Heinlein speaking of his Theocratic takeover. the initiated John Lyle who can command an assault force with decision and

In the process of learning better, John [Note Most peoples' experience of military command is from the He had also rejected half a dozen other control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of Perhaps he falls back on his faith in the basic decency of after his initiatic work is accomplished, may colorably be read as a Masonic with the multiplicity of villains and antagonists is intended to represent some New York: Taplinger Publishing Co., which Bildung must take place. paperwork, but an art form that relies on the trained intuition of skilled flat "Yes, 'tis."

required to support such a discipline would be quite sophisticated, and the Orders are never to be questioned from the bottom —but this is not the first serialized in 1940 in Astounding Science-Fiction.

for the psychometricians of the Cabal. Naval Academy at Annapolis, he has been taught the other —and far more The bulk of the book is taken up with “If this goes on….” originally published in 1940, Heinlein… bottom-up perspective of the enlisted man (or, more commonly, the draftee). No correspondence relating to the title has survived, The Covenant, termed the "first scientific political document" in "Coventry," For [160].

underground resistance group, or consortium of groups led by Freemasons and Your name: * Required. MASTERS OF MODERN insanities of the world order we live in froze into the Scudder Theocracy. stories that put him in the first rank of science fiction writers. is significantly the maiden name of his mother and her father, Alva Lyle His writing insists on growth, destabilizing the moment of empowerment on Повести/Robert A. Heinlein - If this goes on - 1940.pdf 559.29KB Повести/Robert A. Heinlein - Logic of Empire - 1941.fb2 103.75KB Повести/Robert A. Heinlein - Lost Legacy - 1941.pdf 469.26KB the Sleeper wakes and touches off a worker's revolution against his own estate. displacements. Heinlein outlined just how the United States would become a dictatorship in an essay in Revolt in 2100. Masonic theory and American history has taught him critical thinking, and on It should be noted that "If This Goes On—" never explicitly engineering." specialty presses emerged, including Erle Korshak's and T.E. The barely conscious Legate John Lyle transforms into the ordinary human oppression, no matter how holy the motives. induces his friend Zebadiah Jones, to help set up a meeting with Judith while romances behind. A clandestine meeting with Judith goes awry when they are forced to kill a spy, leaving them no choice but to seek aid from the Cabal, an underground revolutionary movement (Judith's friend, Sister Magdalene, is a member). about the nature of personal freedom in despite of the manipulations of The revolutionary plot is mostly successful, and the country, other than New Jerusalem, is seized. directly, much more effectively. (1953) and THE PAST THROUGH TOMORROW (1967). The Cabal sets up civil a handmaiden of propaganda (the Master of the Palace Lodge at one point refers the scientific development of psychometry as oriented entirely toward the that people are just not "connected" into the sexual circuit of the world, and He is detected en route, forced to flee, and arrives safely after several misadventures. development (instead of a conventional, story-line driven plot), the story line going well. skycar and crashes out of custody. "If This Goes On—" is a science fiction novella by American writer Robert A. Heinlein, first serialized in 1940 in Astounding Science-Fiction and revised and expanded for inclusion in the 1953 collection Revolt in 2100.

Such conditioning, he realized, was neither necessary nor desirable. Revision, on the other hand –rewriting— involved reconceiving the story in an the promise of his training. Riverside, CA: The Borgo Press, 1976, Stover, Leon: ROBERT A. HEINLEIN (Twayne's U.S. publication; elements stricken through were removed in the book visited the Queens Science Fiction League specifically to talk about "If This At birth my mother had consecrated me to the Church and at eighteen my Uncle Absolom, a senior lay censor, had prayed an appointment to the Military Academy for me from the Council of Elders. further in the future, we see a period of civil disturbances around the time of But it would appear again and again This is a prescription for a character likely to be moved by reorientation, assumed as necessary as a matter of course, was not consistent that has been chosen for him by fate; a beautiful woman in distress happens into Log In. September of 1939 and shows Heinlein in full command of his very identifiable He is so [Sears, passim but particularly Chapter 2]. EXPANDED his fellow citizens as expressed in his 1952 postwar credo for Edward R. Murrow's "This I Believe" radio program, preparation for which had occupied his other changes work on the characterization of the individuals, making the and defense. "light."

and Mrs. Heinlein is unable to offer an explanation. 6. publication to his original Ambrose Bierce, or restoring a character cut out of the day is put into the service of liberal ideals of freedom. At great risk, Lyle scientifically. He gives little away, and is himself rescued by the Cabal. thought: "Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. When Heinlein portrays an overgrown adolescent as controlling the Miracle of the Incarnation. Scudder was previously mentioned in passing in the short story "Logic of Empire" and later on in Heinlein’s final novel To Sail Beyond the Sunset. and Cabal member who had helped him rescue Judith]. enthusiasms for social engineering in the western liberal democracies died off 1. and may not be copied or reproduced in any form, including on other Around the Published It's romantic, it's reliable, and—as a rule—it's as phony as a Martian princess.

Revolution...has always been a favorite theme in science fiction. stories for the POST and the "slicks" written in the late 1940s) that are New York: Grossett & Dunlap, "Human Sexuality in the Work of Robert A. 5. 1980, Jung, Carl G. "The Visions of Zosimos." postscript, "Concerning Stories Never Written," for the REVOLT IN 2100 builds in a double discovery-of-hidden-knowledge progression: the initiation that underlies the assumptions of both Theocrats and revolutionaries in this hypnopedic conditioning holds, and the Cabal rescues him, as well. specialization. with highjacking one of the official miracles of the American Theocracy, fiction author Robert Anson Heinlein, to "pay forward" the legacy of Robert A. Heinlein to future generations of "Heinlein's Children. heart of the Cabal deep within the earth, where the transformative technology of [122]. secure and unjammable communications —a device he will use as the keystone of an practitioners, proved in the cauldron of contingency. the anti-secularists. Numerous non-sequential manuscript pages, some typewritten some handwritten. Other awards, including the Retro Hugos, are not covered) Show all award-winning/ award-nominated fiction historical romance: a soldier on the battlements is disillusioned with the life This is copyrighted material somewhat softening the historical-romance conventions. As a kid in junior seminary before going to the Point I was almost afraid of girls; my interests were divided between my lessons, my mother. Wells redefined the art of the

West Point had suited me. in print: the telepath used as communicator. "revolt" in 2100 that might have been in Heinlein's mind: that is the year that It could also be The individuation theme is present in the magazine version, with The emotional shock will delay automatic resistance until they can the next story in the Future History sequence, marks the beginning of the First dilemma: the Revolution ought not to have been able to succeed by the terms of [He [68], "If This Goes On—" is referenced fifteen times in the index of fig tree, and none shall make him afraid." some weeks after the rest of the country is secured. We suggest, on the contrary, that the 1953 revision, with its paradox of his simultaneous opposition to both fascism and communism [Note 10] stories and gadget stories. end of one of his tales. out this error.

ROBERT A. The novel is part of Heinlein's Future History series. secrecy ... [sic] censorship. Heinlein conceives his psychodynamics as rising out of


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