lottery pick 3

You can Repeat your play and have the same numbers printed on more than one ticket up to 20 times. If you match all three numbers in exact order, you win $500. © 2020 Florida Lottery, All Rights Reserved.Must be 18 or older to play.Play responsibly. 2018 Play up to 28 days for just Midday or just Evening. 2000 If there is an error, have the retailer CANCEL the ticket and print another. Retailers Players have the option of purchasing a combo ticket equal to 3 or 6 straight plays. One of the things that makes Pick 3 fun is that there are so many ways to play! The Pick 3 Evening drawing occurs at about 11:00pm ET / 10:00pm CT. As of April 13, 2020 Pick 3 will not be drawn using balls and machines. View the winning numbers and the number of prizes distributed for each drawing in the last 180 days in the chart below. COMBO = Combination: Equal to 3 or 6 Straight plays for 50¢ or $1. Congratulations, you won! Pick 3 numbers are drawn twice a day, seven days a week. 1999 2007 PAIRS: Pick two numbers and specify their location, either the front two numbers or the back two numbers. Prizes may be claimed immediately following the drawing. With two chances to win every day, multiple ways to play and a top prize of $500, it's no wonder Pick 3 is so popular! You … This game is included in the Lone Star Lineup® draw game promotion. Click for a closer view of the playslip to learn more. Play Responsibly. A play slip does not constitute evidence of a winning ticket or the numbers selected; players must present a valid ticket in order to claim a prize. You can even watch them later.

Remember these quick facts. Media You have 14 chances to win every week, so you don't want to miss a game. Or select Boost for five extra sets of numbers. When you play FIREBALL, you can replace any one of the three drawn Pick 3 winning numbers with the Pick 3 FIREBALL number to create FIREBALL prize winning combinations. No need to fill out or keep your play slip. Prizes may be claimed immediately following the drawing. BUY YOUR TICKET Tickets cost $.50; $1; $2 and $5 depending on wager. View the drawings for Florida Lotto, Powerball, Jackpot Triple Play, Fantasy 5, Pick 5, Pick 4, Pick 3, and Pick 2 on the Florida Lottery's official YouTube page.

For a $1 wager, the Boost costs $1; for a 50¢ wager, the Boost costs 50¢. All plays and play options selected on the play slip will be valid for the specified draw only. Customize your alerts by adding the ones most relevant to your gameplay below.

50¢ play wins ½ of the prize shown. Copyright 2020 Virginia Lottery All Rights Reserved. 2002 Combo: Cover all the bases!

It's easy to play. Prizes up to $599 may be claimed at a Wisconsin Lottery … Winning Numbers for 11/04/2020 A ticket is not a valid winning ticket until it is presented for payment and meets the Commission's validation requirements. Learn how to claim a prize.Prizes must be claimed within 180 days after drawing date.A play slip does not constitute evidence of a winning ticket or the numbers selected; players must present a valid ticket in order to claim a prize. Upon purchase, SIGN the ticket back and SECURE your ticket. Play Smart. 6 straight plays with 3 unique digits.
Please note that every effort has been made to ensure that the enclosed information is accurate; however, in the event of an error, the winning numbers and prize amounts in the official records of the Florida Lottery shall be controlling. The Pick 3 Evening drawing occurs at about 11:00pm ET / 10:00pm CT. As of April 13, 2020 Pick 3 will not be drawn using balls and machines. Mark the "DAY" (12:59 p.m.), "EVE" (6:59 p.m.), or "BOTH" box to select the drawing(s) you want to play.

(Midday, Evening, or Both). Here's an easy way to find out. Our site is constantly updated with new information. Exact order: Play it straight! , you can replace any one of the three drawn, prize winning combinations. Choose your draw time. Winning numbers of the Kentucky Lottery stand as drawn. Must be 18 years or older to purchase a ticket. A player with a pair selection ticket cannot use the pair ticket to collect on any other type. STR/BX = Straight/Box: Combines a 50¢ Straight AND a 50¢ Box for a 3-digit number on a single play. 3 straight plays with 3 digits, 2 which are identical. Check Your Numbers are: Contact Us | File a Complaint | ADA | Accessibility | Privacy Statement | Site Map | Play Responsibly | Social Media Guidelines and Comment Statement | Linking Statement, | Texas Homeland Security | TRAIL Statewide Search | Compact with Texans | Comptroller’s State Revenue and Expenditure tool | State Website Link & Privacy Policy | Don't Give Zika a Biting Chance!


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