kendall rae documentary
She also works towards creating awareness about sexually abused and exploited children. Don't try to give it levity let me sit there and listen to this story, this reality!

More True Crime YouTube Channels to check out: Tagged: youtube, true crime, emma walker, kendall rae, chris benoit, vice, dark side of the ring, stephanie harlow, corona virus, social distancing, quarantine, COVID-19, Give as a GiftApply for MembershipGift Cards, © 2020 | Hunt A Killer LLC | Press | Privacy. Josh also loves nature and animals; the … I’m tired of hearing that Shane’s documentaries are “television-worthy.” They are absolutely not... And after watching Kendall Rae’s video, my poor opinion of his documentaries is only strengthened. idk I feel like he was taking away from her story by cutting in the jokey pizza conspiracy. Media/News Company. I debated posting too; but figured that since I’m comparing their styles, Kendall has been featured in one of Shane’s videos, and they’re both popular creators it’d be no biggie. I always walk away from Shane’s videos with the question of why on earth it was made, or why some of the scenes were even included. because her work outshines his, too embarrassed to give a shout-out. Author. Like she mad a trailer I forget how many weeks ago, and said a date and stuck with it and didn't change her mind. While most of her videos have received good response, some have crossed the one million mark. We would be talking about human trafficking (Something I take super seriously as two members of my family were victims of it) and then we talk about pizza and Shane would be going "OMG the pizza look at the pizza they are unequal!!!". She is happily married to a man who gave up his job to help her launch her channels. She is so underrated and needs to be more known. His editing is often messy, unnecessary, and over-the-top; and I can’t believe that after so much experience editing videos, he still hasn’t seemed to improve.

I get that his subject matter is different from Kendall Rae’s most recent doc, but the fact that they’re both conducting interviews, presenting information, editing clips, discussing sensitive topics, and overall telling a story; makes what they’re doing not that different at all. Sometimes, it’s just fun to get lost in the world of YouTube and watch a different type of true crime content, and there’s something comforting about watching it all from my cozy bed—especially during these uncertain and anxiety-inducing times of COVID-19 and social distancing. She often talks about childhood sexual abuse on her channel and encourages her viewers to take proactive steps to fight this social evil. He also addressed the styling of the sociopath thing in episode two of Logan. She gradually added more topics like unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, and crime related videos. I started watching Kendall Rae a couple years ago after seeing her featured in one of Shane’s videos. Probably why people have made videos cutting out the pizza bits and just her story. The series became quite popular among her subscribers, and her first video, in which she dived into the case of Madeleine McCann, received an overwhelming number of views. Stay strong! News & Media Website. Presenting sociopaths as everyday boogeymen, intertwining a story of an abuse-survivor with a visit to Chuck E Cheese, and the way he handled addressing Eugenia Cooney’s eating disorder really left a bad taste in my mouth. Why are so many lone feet turning up on beaches? Kendall Rae. She’s a popular YouTuber who mainly focuses on true-crime and conspiracies, and while I’ve found a lot of her most recent videos a little lackluster, I was absolutely blown away by her ’documentary’ on the Christian Andreacchio case. but still) When I was watching Kendall's I was thinking this is the content which youtube is created for. Is this the work of a serial killer or the remnants of a tsunami or could the answer lie somewhere else? In this channel, she usually talks about her and her husband’s daily lives and their pet cats and dog, and also responds to subscribers’ queries. When he covers other YouTubers though, he always ties in very serious topics as well. I feel like he should have made a serious episode and a more "fun" one. Completely agree.

715K likes. Kendall plans to expand her YouTube channels, and also start a podcast with her husband in 2019. I saw Kendall's video and literally had the same thought. I’m confused by this comment. In 2001, police broke the tragic news to the Connelly family that their 22-year-old son had committed suicide by jumping off a 10-story building. I’ve watched several Fifth Estate documentary episodes on YouTube but this one, which covers the death of university student John Connelly, really caught my attention.

Mary Katherine Backstrom. Hoping the series will lead to some closure for his family. I know he fancies himself the Oprah of YouTube, but I really don’t think he is. I feel like your missing a severe difference. When Emma Walker’s mother came to wake her up for school on a November morning in 2016, she realized her daughter was unresponsive and immediately called 911. And I can’t wait to watch her doc.

I was literally thinking the exact same thing. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

The style of the interviews were nice, as much as I like Andrew it was nice not hearing the cameraman giggling. Like as much as it sucks for him, Shane could take a few pointers from her. Her content on true mystery and crime stories is overwhelmingly popular and much liked by her subscribers. Watched this a few days ago and I honestly thought the exact same thing! For example: suicide, mental illness, physical abuse, fraud, theft, human trafficking, eating disorders, murder, etc., have all been addressed at some point in every one of his documentary-style series. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.


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