ni no kuni familiar tier list

Here’s the list on Treats and their stat boost; In my case, Bonehead and Kipper truly benefit greatly from holding off and give them much needed boosts to their otherwise staggered stat gains. Pairing a favored Familiar Genus type with the correct person leads to a 10% increase in stats versus if it’s paired with a non-favored person. While just playing through the game serenade as many familiars as possible is key. N4G is a community of ​​​gamers​​​ posting and discussing the latest game news. Here’s the list I came up with based on reading various sites, forum posts, top 10’s, v-logs, blogs, commentaries, and testimonials; Oliver: Whippersnapper (Tank) – Sillymander (Fighter)* – Oroboros (Caster/Healer) This may have you back track a bit into the Golden Grove, Ding Dong Dell and its surrounding Deep Dark Woods and area. You have to tame 250 different familiars, duplicates do not count. This game has quickly risen to my top 5 (heck maybe even top 3) RPG’s of all time. If you’ve noticed I placed an * beside 3 of the alternates, that’s because for the early part of the game I’ve used the Alternates instead of the future end gamers.

It’s definitely not the strongest aspect of this game and the AI which controls your non-selected characters is honestly horrendous. Truth is you’ll only ever really need to play with 15 to 20  of these bad mama-jama’s, and if chosen wisely they’ll carry you straight to the end of the game and even into post-game content. Awarded for finding 250 types of Familiar. Tier 3 is also where things get fun, because each Familiar has 1 of 2 possible paths they can decide upon, each offering their own unique abilities depending on your use for them. Hope this helps you out in your journey through this game. 12 of these Familiars are attainable on the first continent, 3 others are attainable immediately after leaving the first continent, and the remainder can only be attained at mid to late game. General consensus is that you’ll want to select your team based on the roles their attributes are strongest towards making the most use of them and their abilities in battle. The benefit to maxing your Familiar’s level before Metamorphosing to its next Tier is said to be marginal. I asked people in another post to submit their list of familiars for each character. After 99 hours playtime, I finally completed my task to see all 300 familiars and want to share them with you. This is from gamefaqs. Building & Fine Tuning Your Team The problem is that its near freaking impossible to tell which ones need the full dragged out max-lvling and which ones don’t. To keep things simple, just Metamorphose once you’ve attained all your abilities. Tier 3 is the final evolution in which the stats gained per level are superior then its Tier 2 counterpart. Each Tier of Familiar has a unique maximum level (max-lvl), and depending on the Familiar that max-lvl can vary. General Familiar Info Failure to do so prevents the learning of greater abilities down the road. Tier 3 is the final evolution in which the stats gained per level are superior then its Tier 2 counterpart. Familiarologist. Oliver: Whippersnapper - One of Oliver's best tanking options, Whippersnapper does its job with aplomb. They have some funny names. His post also states how the leveled up mites turn out to be duds and have the 4th weakest overall stats in the game. Aves – Ice Cream Last but not least I want to quickly touch upon the battle system this game uses. This means you’ll want to keep a few strong Familiars around until your newly minted Tier 2’s and eventually 3’s are brought up to fighting form. Sundae – Increases Magical Defense

Bestiae – Ice Cream This will likely be the most time consuming trophy in the game.


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