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Newly elected Black leaders make history in 2 races, WATCH MORE: JJ Watt roasts brother, fellow NFL player TJ in hilarious Twitter feud.

Arguing with your siblings — sometimes over food — can happen on long car rides. ‘How was I able to vote twice?’, Patty Duke Speechless After Son's Paternity Test, While not declaring victory, Biden believes his campaign will ‘be the winners’ of the election, Why the polls were wrong about Trump (again), Trump’s Reelection Chances Are Shrinking Quickly In 2020 Election Nail-Biter, Windshield Notes That'll Have You Cry Laughing, Jared Kushner reportedly threw together Trump's legal team at the last minute, SCOTUS to hear dispute over Catholic organization’s refusal to allow LGBT parents to foster. Real sports stories. Copyright 2020, Holdout Sports. Former high school and Division I athlete (now a "retired" family man) that loves watching and discussing all sports. https://abc13.com/abc13-midday-news-ktrk-abc-houston-tom-koch/5982211 Yeah, JJ and his brothers are in it, but it's his mom who steals the show! Trump backers converge on vote centers in Michigan, Arizona, Chrissy Teigen Scolds Husband For Cheating, Single foster dad adopts 5 siblings to keep them together: 'I had already experienced it myself'.

All Rights Reserved. JJ Watt and family show off acting chops in Subway ad [Video] HOUSTON — J.J. Watt, his brothers and parents show off their acting skills in the newest Subway commercial, which was posted to the sandwich chain's YouTube channel Monday.

Apparently for some, eating there everyday is still not enough to get faster at ordering.

We have the video to prove it. Follow me on Twitter (@HoldoutSports) and like Holdout Sports on Facebook.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- JJ Watt and his family are showing off their acting chops in a new Subway commercial. No presidential candidate in modern history has refused to concede. The new ad features the entire Watt family, who just made a stop at Subway to pick up some sandwiches for the boys – JJ, Derek and T.J. JJ Watt’s dad hand JJ a … In fact, they ate so much Subway that their dad opened a location in the backyard shed. Giuliani Asks If People Think He's Stupid.

When the Watt family overhears neighbors ordering pizza for the kids, they are quick to suggest Subway instead because of all the footlongs they ate growing up. Hood soldier's DNA matched 2019 murder scene, police say. There's no law that requires it, either.

With three sons in the NFL, Connie Watt chats raising 3 professional football players for the Texans, Steelers and Chargers on TODAY.

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Fox News Stars Keep Undermining the Network’s Arizona Call for Biden, Predicted 'blue wave' fails to reach the House of Representatives, Mansion Was On Market For $10 But Nobody Wanted It, Kanye West concedes election defeat, gives one-word concession speech, Riot declared in Portland as protesters smash windows, NC man says he was told at polls to cast second ballot.

How many electoral votes does each state have? Moonlighting as a blogger to pursue my interest and enjoyment of sports.

Republican allies break with Trump, say take time to count all the votes, 20 Photos That Prove Prince William Is A Lucky Man, His hopes of winning growing dim, Trump looks to halt vote counting in Pennsylvania, Trump campaign files lawsuit to stop ballot count in Michigan, Election 2020: Live coverage, updates and results.

NFL brothers JJ Watt, Derek Watt and TJ Watt star with their parents in a new Subway commercial released today entitled "The Watt Family Shed".

Twitter Users Were Happy To Reply. The video is … The ad takes place in the family's back yard, where the family shed has been turned into a Subway. And no matter your age or profession, sometimes your mom needs to keep the peace. Powered by, Baker Mayfield hosts book club in latest Progressive commercial, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers dine at steakhouse in new State Farm ads, Patrick Mahomes goes no-look with cornhole throws in new State Farm commercial, Flashback: SNL's classic 'Synchronized Swimming' Olympics sketch (Video), The Undertaker 'celebrates' Halloween on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, JJ Watt, Derek Watt and TJ Watt join parents in new Subway commercial, Bill Belichick gives 'amazing speech' in new Subway ad, Deion Sanders signs autographs, touts Subway in new ad. Trump sues in 3 states, laying ground for contesting election outcome, Trump's challenges to stop count may not matter, expert says, Another Texans player tests positive for COVID-19, source says, Former UH football player identified as Midtown murder victim, Houstonians living overseas waiting for presidential outcome, 2020 presidential election results: Biden takes WI, MI, These are paths to victory for Biden and Trump, Election 2020: Find all of your local voting results, How to relieve voter anxiety with positivity, Ft.


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