three keys of hekate
135 likes. I’m a lover of screening for significant distress before deep spiritual work. Phoberos is an ancient title meaning, "Fear" and agape refers to the experience of pure love and trust. During new moons, a special meal should be made for her and the restless dead. Includes a guided meditation to The Witches' Realm. Unpacking the meaning of leaving offerings at the crossroads is entwined within Hekate's ancient powers as a guardian of the outcasts, particularly wild women, a topic that's incredibly fascinating. Through these Mysteries initiates would seek healing for themselves and their loved ones, but over time evolved to incorporate a deeper allegorical meaning which may have been similar in composition to the Eleusinian Mysteries. There are three distinct trios, each one representing one key of her three keys of magick, medicine and mystery. Join The Keeping Her Keys Coven at Silvery haired, old and wrinkled but still beautiful and somehow perfect and wise looking. Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft: The First Key is an intensive program beginning November 1. Farnell states: "The evidence of …

Learn more at This may be as a symbolic passing from one level of knowledge or attainment or another or represent a particular piece of information which allow this to occur.

The election isn’t over and Biden may very well end up winning.... 22 Major Arcana Archetypes of Pagan Groups. She is seated on a throne, with a chaplet around her head; the depiction is otherwise relatively generic. This journey is suitable for both newcomers to Hekate and those long familiar with the Witch Mother. Hekate, Persephone and Demeter comprise the trinity of medicine. We need only look at Demeter to see this – She disguises Herself as an old woman in Her search for Kore. This is the sound of the chains that bind the soul being shaken by a goddess so ancient and strong that she is revered as the Anima Mundi, the very soul of the world. It’s an exercise in creativity to think of new epithets for the deity I am addressing, an exercise that I find quite fun. As such, we were seen as dangerous, and there were stories told to discourage others from becoming like us wild ones. Some report feeling nothing during the journey. This journey has been experienced by hundreds of witches, from those doing it in the privacy of their own sacred space with only me to accompany them to me leading hundreds through it in a large group ritual. This is a meditation of connection; a journey of dissolving the illusion that there is separation between us and the sacred.

Further still the keys can be oriented one in each direction, implying her links to both realms. Isis still stands watch over me every night. I am excited about going on a tour during the summer of 2019 to connect with the amazing Keeping Her Keys community in person. The election isn’t over and Biden may very well end up winning.... 22 Major Arcana Archetypes of Pagan Groups. I do see her as very distinct from the other deities and entities that I am involved with. Ways to create your own Wheel of the Year power talisman are also covered. At times portrayed as a hideous crone, at others a beguiling temptress, the witch has been vilified. I’ve gone through every stage you can imagine as I learned about my faith and practice. Especially now that I am a mother, Hekate has taken an increasingly important role in my worship and ritual, and I am regularly asking her to protect my home and my son. Please also opt me in for Exclusive Offers from Patheos’s Partners. We return home to her for healing. Church and ministry leadership resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for today's church and ministry leaders, like you. Her very name often evokes a rumble deep inside. ( Log Out /  Has the time come? Spiritual transformation can be challenging, be gentle with yourself. In this discussion, I talk about Hekate’s triplicities in conjunction with the goddesses she is most often companioned with.

As such this style and composition are often the basis of crossed key designs associated with Hekate, indeed when I commissioned my own crossed keys pendant I directed the metal worker to St Peter’s Keys given I was in the shadow of York Minster’s at the time. Or, do you see other goddesses that you work with as directly related to Hekate, if not different forms of Her? Hekate of The Chaldean Oracles births the material world. Hekate's Keys The concept of Hekate being associated with Keys is established within the Orphic Hymn to Hekate,… As with all archetypes, the witch has a shadow aspect which is entirely different than the healing found in darkness. Thus, the witch is the outsider, the one who resists conformity. Why can’t Hekate do the same? She is also connected to Zeus, Hades, Serapis, Apollo and even Poseidon. I love working with Hekate, and I find her to be a kind goddess when treated with due respect. This is where we begin in my intense program in Modern Hekatean Witchcraft. She was an unusually powerful goddess in the ancient Greek religion, making her an equally powerful role model or modern women and witches. I do have a large brass ornamental key which I have used as a wand in my rituals from time to time and I do feel rather imposing wielding it around my working space which is why I have build up the connection I have.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. As you can see, this chant calls to some of her many correspondences: When you are trying to gain Hekate's blessing, you must always offer something to her in return. If you ask modern devotees about her symbols- they will quote the torch, dagger, robe, key and snake as her symbols. Mercury and Lucifer, who may be variations of the same male energy to me, are also never far from me. If it’s a mild case of the blues, the spiritual work will help. This key will be unique to you. 3 Keys of Hekate. Also, send me the Pagan Newsletter and special offers. And some of them found their way into modern worship of the Goddess- often with a quite new meaning or interpretation. Spiritually, it deepens our connection to our subconscious through which we can enter the flow of the unseen world. As an object which is used to unlock things keys can be used to open new opportunities and possibilities in our lives. Kleis Chthonia: The Key To The Under World Meditation. How Hekate appears to you will also be highly individual.

Many, though not all, who work with Hekate see her as the Great Goddess herself after discovering how complex and multi-faceted she is. We are drawn to her darkness because we can relate.


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