pear head chihuahua
They can live between 15 -20 years and sometimes even longer. They have a relatively long snout that meets their skull at a 45-degree angle. Deer heads however are not considered true breeds The shape of the head is well-rounded and domed. Whether they are an apple head, a deer head or a pear head they are still a Chihuahua.

Their skull is flat, and they have prominent muzzles. Their head is a little more sloped and their snouts are generally longer and narrower. Wrapping them in a well-fitted sweater or jacket is advisable.

Apple head Chihuahuas feature a prominent 90-degree angle (known as a stop) where the muzzle meets the forehead. Teacup Chihuahuas. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The pear head is similar to the deer head except the head is more – you guessed it, more pear-shaped, and often the skull is flatter. Their snouts and bodies are generally longer. Helping you and your Chihuahua live the best life ever together! The shape of the head is well-rounded and domed. Sit, Stay, And Create Your Own Healthy Dog Food. I think it is simply because people are used to seeing tiny little apple heads and deer heads. A deer head Chihuahua has, as you may have guessed, a head shape similar to that of a deer (or hound). fawn, which in itself comes in many variations on the shade.

just regular Chihuahua that are smaller than the average already small dog, They derive their names because of their pear-shaped heads and are quite an uncommon lot. This type of Chihuahua is much less common and generally “undesired” (not my wording). According to many owners, the deer head chis are more obedient and less aggressive than their counterparts even though they are not the best candidates for dog shows.

it’s more of a marketing ploy by breeders to charge more money, you can’t This type has flat skulls and larger and longer muzzles. The apple head Chihuahua is the only type recognized in dog shows and by the American Kennel Club. Most people are aware that the Chihuahua is the world’s Helping you and your Chihuahua live the best life ever together! Extra vigilance on the owner’s part is advisable. I think that video makes it pretty clear how to tell. New Yorker, a nickname given to the Chihuahua, is small in size. This is my Pebbles. The pear head shape often happens when a breeder breeds an apple head with a deer head Chihuahua. Different Types of Service Dogs and Their Different Tasks, what happens if my dog gets stung by a bee, what happens if my dog gets stung by a wasp. To qualify as a teacup Chihuahua the dog have two

Thanks for your comment! The teacup chihuahua a k a micro chihuahua mini chihuahua and miniature chihuahua is in fact a mythical dog. You can do that here: Chi―a friend who sticks with you at all times. We invite you to take a tour of our site and find your dream chihuahua. Fawn However it is There is only one breed of Chihuahua but with different shapes, sizes, colors, and with long or short-haired coats. They derive their names because of their pear-shaped heads and are quite an uncommon lot. Their ear shapes vary from erect to droop downs and are blessed with large and luminous eyes. black and tan chihuahua and jack russell mix.

When this happens it is possible to end up with pups who have heads that are somewhere between an apple headed and deer headed breed with flat skulls and longer larger muzzles. Chihuahuas are good-natured, devoted, and faithful to their owners, possessing a child-like quality of cuddling up next to you in the bed and love to be petted very often.

Pear head Chihuahuas

Are Real Raw Bones From A Supermarket Good For Chihuahuas? Hate The Hassle or The Expense Of Trimming Your Dog’s Nails? Would share a picture if I knew how. The deer head chihuahua has less health problems as compared to apple heads or pear heads. If he is your choice, this deer head with its graceful, sassy expression and i-am-always-there-for-you looks, will drive away every pang of loneliness you feel. This type of Chihuahua has a more narrow head and pointed

Due to the long smooth cost, these Like the name states, the fur is very short and never really Only 14 left in stock - order soon. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.

The description is in the name, their heads are shaped like apples, big to the top and narrowing to the mouth with their signature bulging/popping eyes.

Learn more about this breed here!

They need healthy food, loving homes, and warm clothing.

I may not have ever realized that if you hadn’t told me. The deer head is called that because instead of being well-rounded and domed, their skull is shaped more like a deer’s head. ChiChis And Me review of NomNomNow fresh, human grade dog food, delivered to your door. All rights reserved. This type usually can appear when the dog breeder gets together an apple head.

And thаt ѕ whу thе apple head chihuahuas аrе preferred. Regardless of the variation or different “type” of Chihuahua you choose to get, they are all great companion dogs, but not one of the best outdoor dog breeds. These apple heads with their shorter snouts are at an increased risk of being plagued with health problems. They are larger in size, which is often the result of the breeding between apple head and deer head chihuahuas. I’ll include a link to it, just click HERE. They also have big eyes a less prominent snout and a smaller sized body, than the deer head or pear head. Then I thought, if I was confused, then I’m sure others probably are too. Research has revealed that it is indeed a descendant of the Techichi dog breed that the Toltec tribes owned. The bones in the joints rub against each other, resulting in severe pain which hampers their walk. All you have to do is subscribe to our blog and you will get e-mail notices of new articles when they are posted so you won’t miss anything.

While there is still only one official breed of a chihuahua, read on to … Different Types of Chihuahuas. Pear head Chihuahuas similar looking to deer heads but with Apple head Chihuahuas have shorter jawlines than deer head Chihuahuas.

to reach its maximum length. However genetics OMG! Thanks so much for your comment! The most common health problems are obesity, teeth and gum problems, hypoglycemia, patellar luxation, and tracheal collapse. Both have a mixed, solid or patterned coat that is made up of fawn, sable, chocolat, black and/or white colours. Journey with DogAppy and get to know more about your fellow-traveler. Learn how your comment data is processed. A Clear Answer, Apple Head or Deer Head?”, The Ultimate Guide To Traveling By Car With Your Chihuahua, 4th of July Dangers and Safety Prevention, 4 Surprising Reasons That Dogs Hate The 4th Of July And 5 Ways You Can Help, What You Should Know Before Bringing Home a New Dog or Puppy, Teacup Chihuahuas – What You Need To Know, It’s quite distinct from the apple head variety, which has a round, domed head and a snout that meets the skull at a perfect 90-degree angle. Despite the name, puppy chow isn't dog food. Popularly known as the long coat and short coat breed, the deer head chi is found in both varieties. However it is possible for any variation of a chihuahua to make pups with any head shape. A Dog’s Best, where you can find the best information on, dog care,food,toy,behaviors,health and so much more. Thank you for your comment! Learn how your comment data is processed. I love everything about that time […]. She is not a breed nor a version of the main breed. Here are a few that can help you distinguish between the chihuahuas. I have two remaining chihuahuas.

This makes them a better family pet over

all I really had not much encounters with them besides from celebrities on TV

You’ve probably heard the terms apple head and deer head to describe Chihuahuas, but have you ever heard of a pear head Chihuahua?

Pear headed chihuahua is least desirable when compared with an apple headed and a deer headed chihuahua. The apple head used to be the most common, but now most pet Chihuahuas are deer head.

(“I want Taco Bell!” ) for a Taco Bell ad campaign, brought into the limelight the existence of this tiny, pint-sized dog. offspring would have the same small genetic profile. Regardless of the fur type, head shape or any other variations, the Their skull is flat, and they have prominent muzzles. popular of the two different types of Chihuahuas. Although the pear-head is not the preferred type, it is still a Chihuahua breed. Like what we do? The deer head chihuahuas possess their own personality traits. The chis have a pack mentality, accepting only their own family and can be quite aggressive towards other breeds. I am not sure if my puppy is deer or pear headed bit why are pear “not preferred”? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. characteristics, however only 2 types are official recognized. The body size and shape of a Chihuahua is quite different between breeds. I’ve never heard of a pear-head chihuahua. We bought from some Spanish speaking people and until now didn’t know. This type of chihuahua breed is also easily groomed and requires minimal maintenance. Teacup pear head chihuahua.

There is more on this subject that goes into even more detail about how to tell the difference (it’s more than just the head shape) in a video you will find on our YouTube channel.

Although this is not the preferred type by most, the pear head Chihuahua is still a Chihuahua breed. It is the type most commonly found. I’ve talked to so many Chi owners that were confused about what type of Chihuahua they had.


Pear head chihuahuas usually occur from the breeding of an apple head and a deer head. Please please for the sake of these wonderful and deserving dogs stop perpetuating the myth and helping these barbaric breeders continue to breed unhealthy puppies and risking the mother s health as well. What is Dog Paw Pad Hyperkeratosis and How to Treat it. Get it as soon as Thu, Oct 22. The most common Chihuahua head shape is the apple head. They are usually larger than the deer head. Mixing the two dogs you get a pear head with a flatter pear shaped skull and a larger body. The deer head s body is smaller compared to that of the offspring. All rights reserved. ~ Linda.

~ Linda, Give Oliver a sloppy Chihuahua kiss from me and my three deerhead Chis. The hair of the coat is soft in texture and can be long or short in length depending entirely on the type. This means that the head appears with larger prominent muzzle and it is usually with a flatter skull.

I hope this article was helpful in determining that. Pear headed chihuahuas are generally an undesirable type of chihuahua that usually happens when an apple headed chi and a deer headed chi breed. The Deer Head Chihuahua is a popular breed of dog because of its size and personality. Thе deer head chihuahuas hаvе problem аt show ring bесаuѕе thеу dо nоt meet thе breed standards. I’m glad you found the information helpful! Is she an apple head or a deer head? Copyright © DogAppy &, Inc. All rights reserved. Sit, Stay, And Create Your Own Healthy Dog Food. decided on getting a Chihuahua this list can help you narrow it down to a Very helpfull found out I have a deer head not apple head. That form is also on the home page. I found lots of information and explanations, but it was all confusing to me and remained pretty much a mystery. I found it useful BUT i wanted the info on tea cup/miniature and it did say click on the link for more info on tea cup chihuahua but when I clicked on it it took me to why dogs eat there own poo lol and said nothing about tea cups.


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