bezzera bz10 vs rocket appartamento
The included kit for both machines is quite similar, but the components themselves are quite a bit different. As the extraction is done by the compression of spring than the pump pushing its pressure. Perusahaan fabrikasi boiler dan pensuply sparepart industri. Submit here. That’s a significant difference that provides the Mechanika with a leg up in terms of steam capacity. Questions about new machines or accessories. We currently put it on hold to retail the Rocket espresso machines in Singapore, as there are two brands that we carry that has the E61 grouphead, that’s the Bezzera and Expobar, which you can find on our main website If the height of these machines doesn’t make a difference, then the width is the next place to look. This machine, requires the minimal cleaning and has the durability that last the longest among all types of espresso machines of the same league. Official Distributor for the oldest espresso machine producer Bezzera, and Forbes featured coffee Le Piantagioni. It’s one of the brands on our consideration list to retail in Singapore. Mechanika V Slim: 2.2 L Stainless steel boiler. Key manufacturer of components and spares. I like the valuable information you supply for your articles. Their internal parts are of comparable quality, and should you need to buy a replacement they’ll generally be about the same price. If you’re still having trouble deciding between these two, reach out to our coffee experts for some help. Copper has been used in espresso machine boilers for ages, primarily thanks to its fantastic heat conductivity. The Appartamento’s plastic cup rail can simply be lifted off and the Mechanika’s rail only requires the removal of a few screws. This component is hardy, easy to replace and affordable. Fine Coffee Company will not be able to provide any service, maintenance, modifications, repairs, spare parts or technical support for espresso machines and coffee grinders purchased from overseas. The 20 small components in the E61 grouphead, had been replaced by an electronic solenoid, which is a simple switch that turns on and off via electromagnetism. While the two machines have cases of similar volume, the ECM is worlds easier to open up and work on. And rightfully so! They are designed specifically for a few things in addition to great tasting espressos. Due to homologation, availability of spares, technical conditions & other limitations. The Profitec Pro 500 brings some significant improvements to this class of machine. Heat exchanger machines are the most proven commercial technology, and they've remained popular for home use because they're capable of pulling very temperature stable shots with fantastic steam power for the money. All heat exchanger machines will require an occasional brief cooling flush through the group head, because the brew path can over-heat the coffee if the machine has been sitting idle for more than a few minutes. or not from the local distribution source of Fine Coffee Company. In most circumstances, this is an impulse we highly encourage! Please drop any messages from the related contact us forms. Many machines that cost more can't match the Pro 500 on these points. If you like the best machine for the best espresso, then you will have to consider the Spring Lever espresso machines, like the Bezzera Strega. If you're limited on counter space and looking for the smallest footprint in a heat exchanger machine, then the 10.5" wide Rocket Appartamento would be our first … If you're limited on counter space and looking for the smallest footprint in a heat exchanger machine, then the 10.5" wide Rocket Appartamento would be our first recommendation. Both … And rightfully so! The boiler's temperature control has been upgrade from a Sirai pressurestat to an electronic PID (hidden behind the drip tray in the coolest part of the machine), and the way the pump is mounted results in the smoothest and quietest vibration pump sound we've experienced. But this process is simple and you have nothing to fear. Thermal stability (If the machine had idled long enough), Slightly easier extraction due to preinfusion, Components are easily available for servicing, Great fluctuation of temperature especially if the boiler is too small ( Below 2 litres). All in all, if you’re in the market for a heat exchanger espresso machine both of these machines have excellent track records and will produce plenty of steam power and consistently delicious espresso after a cooling flush. Once we start looking at the heat exchangers with the e61 group heads, they all pull comparable shots, they're all long lasting/maintainable, have a ton of polished stainless steel, and the functional differences become very subtle but aren't just aesthetic (although that's a big part of it). They do, though, include an aluminum tamper to get you started where ECM includes this temporary plastic tamper that you can expect to get with most espresso machines. Longer startup time due to the thermosyphon system, Limescale build-up within the grouphead due to the thermosyphon system. We prefer not to answer calls, particularly technical concerns as they can't be addressed over the phone. Asachimici - The oldest and number one brand used by cafes in Italy for equipment cleaning. This is arguably the most important criteria and coincidentally the one place where these two machines differ most. The Andreja Premium has received some subtle internal updates in the latest Evo version, but we've decided to discontinue this machine as we continue to find greater confidence in the technical and functional superiority of the Profitec Pro 500.


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