rahu transit to mrigasira 2020
I do see rise in rank and salary for you. business. During 2020, the transit of Rahu transit is going to keep you very busy and physical distance from Spouse is seen. Will you experience favourable outcomes or a bumpy ride during Rahu Ketu Transit 2020? They are quite empathic and want positivity around them. You may start to get attracted towards natural medicine and may change your perception on health and fitness. time, your interest in spiritual activities will increase and you will frequently The proper analysis may be required while making crucial investment-related decisions to avoid mistakes as it may lead to heavy losses. Unless you are a female because Jupiter debilition from November will lead to some indifferent attitude from your husband. The influence of Ketu in the 5th house may help to maintain cordial relations at the workplace. Pisces natives are ever dreamy and are the jack of all trades. You may not get the desired response from your partner, but rest easy and wait for the favourable time. This transit of Rahu will help you increase your social circle, Your immunity power may boost and likely enjoy a healthy life. You have For more information about me, you can check the Author page where I have given a lot of information about myself. ✅There will be economic growth and some kind of financialprosperity is seen to India during this transit.✅Development in network,communication sphere is seen andIndia it is seen that India may establish cordial relation withwestern countries which will give gains in business orientedmatters.✅There will be overall empowerment and development of womenof our country and possibility of some powerful woman leader toemerge in the business world or leadership.✅People may more inclined to growth of their spiritual wellness.✅Law and Order will be more powerful during this time and thecurrent pandemic i.e COVID 19 which is spreading will come undercontrol. as well. In the last transit of Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius, there were many rare conjunctions, solar and lunar eclipses, and planets galore. In this period, your life partner may ask you to spend on something special. Students of Goddess Maha Lakshmi on a regular basis. you can seek a medical opinion at least twice. However, you may suffer from several health issues Rahu transits to 11th house and Ketu 5th house of India independent Moon be in the sixth house from your zodiac sign. Your intellect will become sharper, which will improve your memory. conditions as well. A very good transit of Rahu-Ketu 2020 it will be. during this transit. In such a situation, it is advisable to spend quality time to control your frustration and patiently clear up everything. With this transit There will be expansion in your business and association with affluent people will be there. On the career front, there are chances of some constraints in your career as it may hamper your professional progress. According to Vedic Astrology, the nodes of the Moon brings significant changes in 18 months, but it can be favourable outcomes for some and a bumpy ride for others. you to move forward and suggest many ways to increase your income. Overall a very Auspicious Transit of Rahu-Ketu it will be. Rahu is known to cause confusion You will be able to impress people around you with your performance and you will be feeling motivated to push your limits. You are advised to take care of your health in this transit period. Women can worship Goddess Durga or Mahalskhmi for prosperity and growth. With siblings, there is an indication that they may get very busy in their life and you may not be able to spend time with them. 2nd house is of family, salary, speech, food intake and same time is a maraka house also. You may accept new challenges willingly. Apart from this you should devote yourself to Lord Ganesha and do the ritual for his appeasement. Your spouse is likely to go abroad in this Ketu transit 2020 through Scorpio sign. If you are into speculation then aspect of Rahu over the 5th house will give you a new way to look at things which can make you better profits then ever.


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