unit 21 new mexico deer map
Whether you’re hunting grouse, squirrels, quail or waterfowl, or holding out for that elusive trophy bull elk, mule deer or pronghorn, New Mexico’s hunting opportunities are as abundant and diverse as its terrain and habitat.. New Mexico also offers hunting opportunities not found anywhere else, including hunts for exotic species including Persian ibex, oryx and Barbary sheep. Mule deer have a gestation period of about seven months. After this, she may have multiple fawns if she is in good condition.

One buck will breed with many does, so it is not necessary to have equal numbers of males and females. Despite declines, mule deer are still present in all 33 counties in New Mexico. Guidelines for management of habitat for mule deer: Piñon-juniper, Chihuahuan desert, arid grasslands, and associated arid habitat types [Circular 662]. Clements, C.D., and J.A.

Fawns that are larger at birth, or born earlier, tend to be larger at weaning and therefore are more likely to survive. Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus, Figure 1) are one of the most important game animals in New Mexico and the West. Mule deer can live about 10–15 years.

Survival and cause-specific mortality of mule deer fawns in northcentral New Mexico. NMSU and the U.S. Department of Agriculture cooperating. They take a bite and move on, spending little time in one spot, selecting the best foods that are available. The summer coat is fine and silky in texture and the winter coat is coarser and thicker. This, combined with a faster metabolism than elk or cattle, is what drives their need for high-quality, easily digestible foods. Browsing by deer leaves jagged twig ends. New Mexico GMU 21B North, Hunting Unit Map, New Mexico GMU 21B South, Hunting Unit Map. Rocky Mountain mule deer are found in the northern two-thirds of the state and desert mule deer in the southern third.

The average lifespan of bucks is shorter than does, especially in areas of heavy hunting pressure. These changes have driven deer populations down because they have greatly reduced both the amount and quality of mule deer habitat. The does are receptive for about three days.

On CRLRC, mule deer densities declined from 1.9 deer/mi 2 in 2005 to 0.7 deer/mi 2 in 2008, highlighting the variation possible in deer populations in response to drought and other factors. These are, as noted previously, mainly browse and forbs. After about age seven the number of fawns will decrease again. HD is a viral disease that affects deer, pronghorn, and bighorn sheep; it is spread by biting gnats or midges (Culicoides spp.). The Bureau of Land Management – New Mexico (BLM) and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) partnered to offer free maps of Big Game hunting units and recreational opportunities on public land using the CarryMap application.. The most common sign of deer use of an area is their tracks. build a custom map for New Mexico GMU 21B South. Headrick (Eds. 2003. College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, New Mexico State University, Authors: Respectively, Senior Research Scientist (Wildlife) and Retired Extension Range Management Specialist, Department of Extension Animal Sciences and Natural Resources, New Mexico State University.

1–11). 2006. Outbreaks occur during late summer or early autumn, usually in close proximity to wet areas. Conversely, grasslands tend to be poorer habitat because they usually lack cover (Bender, 2012). Game Management Unit 24 Maps for GMU 24 BLM Maps: Deming Quad, Hatch Quad, Mogollon Mountains Quad, Silver City Quad, and Truth or Consequences Quad.

For more information on all aspects of mule and white-tailed deer ecology and management, see Deer of the Southwest (Heffelfinger, 2006).

Owners who want to improve mule deer habitat on private lands should keep in mind a wide range of considerations. Journal of Wildlife Management, 71, 884–894. Fawns are usually born in June and July, later in southern New Mexico and later if does are in poor condition. In J.C. de Vos, Jr., M.R. Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is an invariably fatal degenerative neurological disease of deer, elk, and moose. Common foods in northern New Mexico include aspen, chokecherry, oaks, bearberry, bitterbrush, mountain mahogany, and most other shrubs in the rose family (Rosaceae). Revised by Louis C. Bender and Chris Allison The fibrous material on which a deer has been feeding is often observable in the scat. Although HD can be enzootic (always present in low frequency), in mule deer it is most commonly seen in infrequent epizootics (outbreaks), which can result in a large number of deaths when deer and vector conditions are conducive to outbreaks. Ideal range of mule deer provides both food and cover, with shrublands and woodlands providing the best habitat because they provide both food and cover. Predators kill deer in New Mexico each year.

Get the latest species and season information. Bender, L.C. Like other ruminants, the mule deer has a four-chambered stomach. All other rights reserved. Mule deer are extremely varied in their habitats. To find more resources for your business, home, or family, visit the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences on the World Wide Web at aces.nmsu.edu. However, the World Health Organization has concluded that there is no evidence that CWD can be transmitted to humans. Uncertainty still lingers over exactly how CWD is spread and even the causative agent, which is likely an abnormal protein called a prion. In late August or September, the velvet dries up and is rubbed off on small trees and shrubs as the antlers harden or mineralize.


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