creepiest video game enemies
Video Game: Earthbound However, Lisa’s true power is immortality, as she is capable of taking huge amounts of damage and still manages to get up after an extremely short regeneration time. Their faceless, fleshy heads and lack of clothing have become legendary in the gaming world, and for very good reason. // ]]> Dead SpaceEarthboundFive Nights at Freddy’shorrorHorror gamesLegend Of ZeldaManhuntMarioResident Evil 2scariest enemies in gamesScary gamesSlenderSonicThe Last of Us. Video Game: Slender Seen on Sky News; featured in The Guardian, NY Times, The Independent and more. In Silent Hill: Homecoming, a monster known as the Bogeyman closely resembles Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2. He doesn’t speak, only communicating in a form of grunts as he thinks he’s an actual pig, and can be seen eating human remains. Never fear though, once you’ve lobbed Piggsy’s hands off and sent him to his demise he can’t hurt you anymore. Necromorphs are the main antagonists of the entire Dead Space franchise. The Legend of Zelda series is home to some pretty creepy stuff, but the ReDeads will always stick out as one of the scariest game character. The Five Nights at Freddy’s survivial horror series saw to it that we will never think of toy animals in the same way again. She also is able to croak, “Mo…ther…” upon finding her mother’s skull. Lisa’s main attacks include hurling herself towards her enemy and hitting them with her chain and shackles. Scariest game I played was Condemned on the Xbox 360. The design, while not pleasant, could be fairly tame to some seasoned players, but that’s not what makes them scary. When on the ground, the Spider Splicer will get near enough to slash the player, then quickly jump onto the ceiling or backflip away and come at them from another angle. On top of their meaty, disfigured faces, they have elongated arms and tatty skin that hangs from their bones like old rags. Clickers in The Last of Us are blind with super sensitive hearing, and use echo location to find their prey, resulting in them clicking. Be sure to let us know your thoughts. Hold on to your controller for dear life, and get out while you can. Soon after you will begin to hear very eerie music and a terrifying breathing sound when one is near but you won’t know where until it’s too late. Video Game: Resident Evil You find yourself in a giant 18th century manor with your memory blanked. Games, Horror & Heavy Metal…What Else Is Life For? His most outstanding feature, and what gives him his name, is a large, red, triangular helmet that completely covers his head. Did we miss one of your top scariest video game enemies? In the Silent Hill games, monsters are created by the town itself, it acts as a mirror of an individual’s anxieties and fears. The fight with Piggsy is one of the goriest in the survival horror game, but it’s his initial emergence that catches you off guard initially. During this war and the chaotic days that followed, the Splicers apparently murdered most of the sane population of the city. The Necromorphs in Dead Space provide some fresh, original monsters for gamers to kill. Video Game: Five Nights at Freddy’s It’s head and body are twisted backwards, and it moves in a caterpillar like stance. He takes on the form of woman’s reproductive system using a machine shaped like a cervix, with a face emerging. 15 Scariest Video Game Enemies. New, 10 Loading Screens So Good You Forgot You Were Waiting To Play, 10 Scummiest Moves Made By Video Game Publishers, 8 Video Games That Let You Win In The Worst Possible Ways, 8 Video Game NPCs You Would Die To Protect, Crash Bandicoot: Wrath Of Cortex Is A Hidden Gem You ALL Missed, Mortal Kombat 11: 10 Action Hero Guest Characters We Want. Pyramid Head is very pale, and wears a blood-soaked butcher’s smock. These Splicers can crawl on the ceiling and throw hooks at the player from afar, which can be caught and tossed back with Telekinesis. Her grotesque face hidden behind a mask of rotten flesh, bony arms and a hunchback gives her a very disturbing appearance. But if you look away, he’ll get you. The torso of a crawler is enlarged, and it has an explosive substance under its skin. Are New Sonic the Hedgehog Games Better or Worse? Crawling on all fours, both on the ground and on walls and ceilings, Lickers hunt using their ears. 4. Crawlers look terrifying, but the creepiest thing is that they still sound like infants, which makes for a very unsettling game experience in Dead Space. 10 Creepiest Video Game Enemies That Gave Everyone Nightmares. With his creepy laugh and opportunistic nature, Freddy Fazbear is no ordinary teddy bear. Slenderman’s scariness is his lack of doing anything. He also wears white gloves, which feature the same melted fingers feature the Nurse enemies have. ... Video games are filled with a large variety of enemies that need to be killed or defeated, some are rather soft and easy to deal with, while others cause you to lose control of your bowels, all create memorable experiences of fear and exhilaration. The Spider Splicer is the first Splicer the player sees when they arrive in Rapture, although the player does not have to fight one until later in the game. The creatures are extremely aggressive, and will attack any uninfected organism on sight. Yeesh. 10 Retro Marvel Video Games You Forgot Existed Genre: Survival Horror. Pyramid Head has also been known to grunt and moan, and violently kills, other monsters in the games, as well as humans. The First Zombie (Resident Evil) ... was one of the first times a video game properly chilled me to the bone. A single swipe can deal a lot of damage and you never know where they’ll show up. My Heart Belongs to Daddy: Why are Video Game Heroes Becoming Fathers? Once they’ve located prey they’ll dart forward and use their spear-like tongue to capture survivors, either killing them with their claws or using their tongues to decapitate you. Worst still, Pyramid Head likes to stalk you through Silent Hill 2, attacking you whenever he pleases. Genre: Survival Horror. Due to the recurring themes of hospitalization, insanity, and death, each game features at some point a trip to one of Silent Hill’s hospitals and once inside the hospital, the player will encounter monsters manifested by the town which resemble malformed, disfigured nurses.


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