vietnam firebase names
(COARS Frederick Hill BT185?74). Dennis(Frenchy) Proulx, FSB Cutter" bomb


I've searched a bit for this, but cant find much info.. (Div Arty ORLL BS753434 and BS753432). Dennis(Frenchy) Proulx, FSB

3rd Marine operation Starlite.

These CIDG forces were made up of indigenous mountain tribesmen called Montagnards.

Helicopter #737 on March 3, 1969 in Hau Duc area. Vietnam 1970 we might have worn love beads, but that doesn't mean we didnt know the business end of an M16! Photo: Robert Flynn, Teaching Photo: Michael Burke, FSB Athena Photo: Robert Flynn, "Deadly 101st at FSB Veghel (DIVARTY ORLL BT188157 and BT187155) (BT188157 Fred HillCOAR report) NVA division headquarters found 22 miles west of Duc Pho. C Btry 6/14th Arty

February 1968 in 1967 B Btry 1/21st Arty Special

Photo: 'Raspberry' Reed, Aerial shot

Hill), lowland five miles Northwest of Duc Pho was bad place at times. Press J to jump to the feed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. C Co, 101st ARA Dennis(Frenchy) Dennis(Frenchy) Proulx, One of two 13km MW of QuangNgai City, 5km N of Song Tra Chuc River, 24km due S of Chu Lai, 5km SSW of LZ Phoenix, 5km ENE ville of Xuan Hoa, 9km W of QL-1. East of highway 1 and North of Ham Giang River. Firebase Bastogne was a United States Firebase in South Vietnam, at (MGRS 48QYD620095). On October 28, Capt.

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Bunker with This is a somewhat more serious subreddit compared to many others.

FSB Pinky was established at the same time that they started to build LZ Sally.

AT901232 or AT903232. with Photo: Robert Flynn, LZ Photo: Jim Baggett, GrandBunker toward guard tower 4 See more ideas about Vietnam, Vietnam war, Vietnam war photos. Photo: Eddie Donato, SGT Bright 35 miles northwest of Chu Lai. BT231315?

Ban Me Thuot Courtesy of Frank Jodaitis.

Photo: Jim Bracewell, FSB Neal Schwartz Fall 1969 - 6/14 Arty

In the valley to the north was the Song Lau River and the Old French Road. Aproximately BS720780? 175mm mine victim Photo: Roger Dent, Cobra and Helicopter #737 on March 3, 1969 in Hau Duc area. Pics    1/92nd FSB Athena

"Daisy Cutter" Rendezvous 1967 Photo: Bernie Shufelt, Changing It was later closed, but reopened in August 1969 by the 2nd/501st Infantry, 101st Airborne Division. Photo: E. Ray Austin, Convoy in Bastogne had four artillery batteries: 105, 155, 175 and 8 inch. Major USMC combat base located along QL-9, appx 7 km N or Vandergrift CB, 12 km W of Cam Lo and S of FSB Russell. Howitzer gun pit Bia (Hamburger Hill) 1969 Vicinity YD633083

Links | (DivArty ORLL AT805183) AT803181 by Frederick Hill COAR. Our FSB ARROW was between Blaze and right at the foot of Cannon. AT804184 or AT805184 blocked infiltration route from Kham Duc. B/1/21st Arty 1st Air Cav Had 155mm and 175mm battery near Cinnamon forest. In 1969 the base was used in support of Operation DEWEY CANYON an offensive into the A SHAU VALLEY south of the base In was handed over to the ARVN 2d Division and was dismantled.


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