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We’re open to the full spectrum, from earlier stage opportunities where we see a good DNA fit that we can help accelerate, through to mature and even potentially more mature than we’ve done in the past. But as a general theme, offering gamers and consumers much deeper, more meaningful experiences is something that I see developing and evolving in mobile. They had initially created a game called Stardom Hollywood when they joined Glu. A ‘configuration over code’ principle underpins the design of GLU.Ware™. They took the learnings from that and launched Cooking Dash, which was very successful, along with the Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Dash game. The outcome of the configuration work is a compiled GLU.Engine. I’ve seen similar from a lot of other gaming companies.

Other Useful Business Software. We’ve added two women to our board recently. They had Covet Fashion live and running for multiple years at the time. When we place a bet on a title or franchise, they know that we’re going to take it seriously and invest deeply, as opposed to other publishers that might dabble in placing many different bets to see which ones work out. We’re working with our talent in the short term to make this as comfortable as possible, including giving mandatory company days off. We have been instrumental in leading teams to deliver complex, high-quality, scalable integrated systems for clients across the Emerging Markets. There’s a lot of reason to believe that this market has plenty of room left to grow. Akhavan: There are definitely opportunities for mobile games to expand beyond what people historically associate with them. GamesBeat: That strategy has almost become a necessity. The future of work, even well beyond COVID, could be very different than it was pre-COVID. This results in extended reach, creation of new revenue lines and / or improved end-user retention. We also talked about Design Home and Covet Fashion as being products that were sitting in their own categories. Maybe that’s not exactly what you get on mobile. That was one where we thought there was a huge opportunity to invest. That gave it a war chest to pursue new acquisitions. That rinse and repeat cycle — put out a game, monetize it for six to nine months, and then you have the next game coming out. Beyond that, they give a true creative outlet, where they can express and develop their creativity. GamesBeat: On the M&A side, how much might you consider that market?

12204873. If you look at our prior deals, like the team that ultimately became our Tap Sports Baseball studio, that was an acqui-hire. That was a more mature studio that had a great live title and an impending launch. We’re not letting the current situation slow us down. Parameter Validation  on all inbound messages can be applied so as to filter out spurious messages thus protecting the downstream ecosystem. The funding we raised was more to give us the flexibility to pursue anything within the range I talked about. We’re seeing a lot of studios that might be doing well today — they’re starting to see the benefit of becoming a part of a larger player, where they can tap into shared infrastructure, or even just the capital to fuel investment in things like UA. C $151.05 + C $65.67 shipping . They went on to create the Kim Kardashian game. Glu is a cross-platform GUI (graphical user interface) for Lua scripts. Glu Mobile has grown into a big mobile game publisher through both acquisitions and home-grown titles. He’s passionate about our culture and how we operate at Glu. The outcome of the configuration work is a compiled component called the GLU.Engine™.

We’re seeing hypercasual as this interesting funnel that maybe brings in a very casual consumer, gets them familiar with games, and then potentially, through the ads they see in those hypercasual games, they ultimately move into deeper gaming experiences. Ultimately it gives them a connection to other people that have shared interests, where they can collaborate and bounce ideas off each other. Akhavan: Hypercasual has been interesting. Above: Covet Fashion has introduced more than 50 different female body types. As the mobile gaming ecosystem evolves, things become more competitive, and scale becomes an increasing advantage. Later on, Glu helped them get the partnership with Kim Kardashian, which obviously led to phenomenal success. The capital raise was to give us the flexibility to pursue acquisitions if we find a good fit. You have to be great in so many areas, from analytics to UA to, in many cases, ad monetization. People aren’t taking vacations now, and we want to make sure they’re taking time to rest. 1 hour behind Miami Time zone in Nicaragua. This moment, for a lot of people, has introduced them to the fact that while we can’t connect with each other in person, games provide an outlet to maintain relationships and create new relationships. They had Design Home in beta. But we ultimately want to invest in opportunities where we think there’s a differentiated market to go after, or a significantly growing market where we can grab a meaningful share. If everyone else is doing this in the market, then it’s a forcing function. But that comes with some challenges. And then obviously in 2016 we had the CrowdStar acquisition, which brought us a phenomenal studio with Covet Fashion and Design Home. In particular we’ve been focused on expansion efforts in Europe.

It recently published Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, and more games are coming. C $157.61 + shipping . People don’t realize that Glu has been built on — a lot of our successful titles and studios that we have today, at one point they originated through an acquisition. GamesBeat: As far as the footprint you have, how much interest is there in international markets, like China? They had a cool prototype of a football game that was very mobile friendly, social, and easy to play. You seem to have CSS turned off.

While there’s been new SKUs launched in that franchise, it’s really been an evolution of the franchise itself, that team learning what their audience is looking for and refining their approach. Get newsletters and notices that include site news, special offers and exclusive discounts about IT products & services. “Products that can last for decades” is what we always try to create and nurture. There is no need for expensive and scarce development skills! GamesBeat: How big do you think mobile is going to get, and how fast is it going to grow toward the kind of numbers people are talking about? Built with the objective of 'Client Self-Sufficiency' GLU.Ware has been designed and built from the ground up with a view to simplifying the murky world of system integration. Above: Chris Akhavan (left) and Nick Earl (CEO of Glu) stand at the entrance to Glu’s new headquarters. Akhavan: We’re obviously very bullish on the prospects for mobile in the long term. We’ve talked in the past about how we have a desire to expand internationally.

Back then we saw a big opportunity for mobile free-to-play sports that was wide open. Built in version controls underpin the inevitable evolution of all GLU APIs. I look at something like EA in 2008, when they had 60 games in development, and now they launch maybe six or eight games a year, but the revenue and profit are far bigger than they used to be. Positive social impact program in emerging country. Clients can expose Open APIs to the market behind which a multitude of Internal and external 3rd Party systems can be integrated. Akhavan: Glu is pretty heavily concentrated in North America. On the other end of the spectrum, CrowdStar was a more mature studio when we acquired them. Aeroflot Aircraft Model AN 8 of the Soviet Rare Antonov Quality USSR. It's this broader value proposition that we have found resonates loudest with GLUs clients. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at anytime. When you start to add it up, it becomes a sizable effort for even a 50-person or 100-person studio, to build a great game and also be great at all of those additional functions. If we do find a good fit, we’re ready to go from a funding perspective to be able to pursue an acquisition. GLU.Ware is fundamentally about enabling Business Agility. Mobile games are evolving quickly. He’s there all the time to collaborate and bounce ideas off him. Then Diner Dash Adventures is the most recent installment in that franchise, launching last year. GamesBeat: How does the game industry look for this kind of opportunity now, the M&A opportunity? You just need to rethink how you deliver it in a way that makes sense on a small phone versus a PC monitor. At the beginning of this year, I handed that off to focus more on corp dev. Please don't fill out this field. How should we think about that? It provides the ability for an Analyst to rapidly configure integrations via a GUI. We’re also continuing to invest in the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena game that we recently launched. Certainly we’ve also made that evolution toward the growth game philosophy of investing in fewer properties, but in a much more meaningful, long-term way. Akhavan: The game industry has been fortunate. We think there are still a lot of opportunities out there, and we think that consolidation trend is likely to continue. In this model the need for any changes to those upstream system APIs is eliminated and time to market is accelerated. I talked about the sports studio. Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. We are a close-knit, experienced team of business and system integration professionals who love solving challenges and simplifying complexity. And if not, what is the opportunity, the thing that could be driven for? For the whole industry, we’re going to see this as something that drove an acceleration, more people becoming gamers and finding that games are not just simple entertainment anymore. Certainly there’s an opportunity, though — a game like Last of Us is a great example of compelling narrative and depth of character development.


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