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Calls for corrective fanfiction were swift to follow the finale, unsourced rumors about staff changes and internal conflicts were tossed around the fandom (there’s even a petition calling for a finale free of “executive meddling”), and fans have taken to referring to Voltron as the “v slur” to avoid directly referencing the series and distance themselves from it.

Full of confidence and even more full of himself, Lance thinks he’s everyone’s best friend, especially if they’re cute and female.

[7][8] His tendency to get caught up in his ego and personal image has led to lowering his guard and trusting too easily to show off, making Lance an easily manipulated target that nearly cost the team the Blue Lion on one occasion. Relatives Born Occupation Voice actors have reported receiving death threats from fans of the series over ships. Lance tends to get caught up in the way that he sees the world rather than the way things actually are.

His humor is rather vulgar, noted by him ripping a fart for the punchline of a joke, and he immediately dons a painfully transparent "smooth and suave" persona whenever in the vicinity of beautiful women to flirt with them.

—Lance assuming the Blue Lion's nature, in "The Rise of Voltron", Immature, arrogant, confrontational, and seemingly viewing life as a big joyride, Lance is an adventure-seeking pilot who prioritizes looking cool and proving himself better than his perceived rivals, envisioning the glory of defeating Zarkon,[6] though his exploits often end in failure. Small moments and references back to beloved jokes (like the entire setup for “Clear Day” or Coran’s bad video connection while giving Weblum advice) that keep this season in line with the spirit of the series. Following the defeat of the Galran Empire, he became a farmer. Whope, hold up, let me guess: Takes the most handsome slash best pilot of the bunch? Physical Description “There’s a lot of closure.” Lance has been shown to be a naturally skilled swordsman, having an innate proclivity for the Altean broadsword style, able to slice several training drones within fractions of a second of unlocking the Red Bayard's sword form. This is likely due to him growing up near the coast, and thus developing a high level of familiarity around, in, and under water. His lean build allows for a high degree of skill in the water, as most competitive swimmers are long and lean in appearance like Lance is.

The series, though a critically acclaimed reboot of the original ‘80s franchise, has been mired in fan disputes for the greater portion of its run. Apart from piloting the Blue Lion, Lance utilizes this equipment: Lance is skilled at long-range combat, able to accurately hit a target from great distances. Lance's idea of how laser guns sound is ". [9][6] He is the first to suggest that a distraction is needed to safely infiltrate Shiro's quarantined crash site. Human (Cuban)[1] Because he does not live up to his own personal expectations of being perceived highly by his peers, he puts on a front of bravado. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, Voltron’s finale still merits viewing for past and present fans of the series, skillfully weaving in inside jokes, plotlines and characters into its final season that promise the harrowing conclusion the series has been building to for the past seven seasons. This suggests Lance has notable piloting skill earning him that placement over other cargo pilots and this holds true as the Paladin of the Blue Lion: Lance naturally eases into piloting the alien spacecraft and his immediate bond with the Lion is so strong that he can hear its thoughts. Counterpart [7] Upon switching Lions, he is unused to the Red Lion's speed and "lack of breaks", as the Blue Lion is more balanced in its attributes, but Lance soon adjusts to the differences in handling the Lion and his new position as Voltron's right hand.[14]. "The hunter becomes the hunted" is a quote in some of Lance's favorite movies. [12] This seems to be his preference, as Lance does not display much close-combat prowess until his Bayard transforms into an Altean broadsword through his determination to succeed during training. Lance is the Paladin of the Red Lion of Voltron and the former the Paladin of the Blue Lion. Gender During this time, he also lost much of his animosity towards Keith.

Current He thinks of himself as nothing more than a "seventh wheel" of the team;[12] these insecurities are the source of his belligerence towards Keith and his egotistical nature. ", Lance's jovial nature and inflated ego distance his mind from the bleak situation of the universe and the need to perform his role as a Paladin seriously when not in a harrowing fight. Voltron: Legendary Defender was an honor to follow, and it’s certain that the series will be remembered both for its compelling narrative and spirited fandom for years to come.

Eye Color For a show already characterized as “problematic” by fans for its treatment of issues such as queer representation and racial identity, the finale’s inability to provide the endings fans believed characters deserved (in addition to the endings that fans thought that they deserved) was ultimately why Voltron’s conclusion generated massive fandom uproar. Male After Honerva’s reality-destroying rampage, Allura manages to change her heart by invoking memories of a joyful life on Altea. Lance is all about having fun, even a million miles away from Earth’s comforts and distractions. He is usually the first to make light of a delicate situation, either by joking around or flirting. Lance reacts angrily when Keith doesn't prioritize the shows Voltron is putting on to gain support, and he is easily the most enthusiastic of the Paladins about performing in front of a crowd. He became far more serious in his missions and coordinating battles with his allies. Home Planet Voice Actor However, he slowly and steadily gained ground, bonding deeper with Red and accepting this change for the better. Ultimately, Voltron, the vision and artistic pursuit of its creators, was never going to quell the concerns of its fanbase. Dark Blue Brown He is a self-described ladies' man and the self-named sharpshooter of the team.

The finale of Netflix’s animated series puts an end, in theory, to a fandom sore spot. It was clear no amount of vivid animation, action or fantasy storytelling — the bedrock of the series from Avatar: The Last Airbender veterans Lauren montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos — was going to calm the storm. He often picks petty arguments with Keith, who he believes is his rival, or instigates comical situations with other Paladins such as his rendition of laser guns and a "space police" siren. Biography

Lance. Alive He is often impulsive, not very in control of his emotions and often loses the gravity of the team's mission to dreams of glory, praise, and being the center of attention. Allura’s death is one salient point of fan outrage given the fact that she was one of the series’ few women of color. Much of Voltron’s early fandom conflicts can be traced back to debates over ships; in particular, “Klance” (Keith and Lance) and “Sheith” shippers were constantly at war with each other, sparking the pedophelia discourse that plagued the fandom in its early days (which voice actor Josh Keaton addressed on Twitter). His reflexes are also extremely quick, as he realized that the drone that infiltrated the Castle was not Rover, and he managed to discern this quickly enough to protect Coran from the ensuing blast, although he was injured himself in the process. Lance's friendly and outgoing personality allows him to connect to all of his teammates despite their many differences. [19] His official stats of strength, agility, and intelligence are all slightly above average, with agility being his highest. Netflix Season six answered the questions and confirmed a major fan theory that has been floating around since Shiro’s return. It was a relief to see Lance reunited with his family; Hunk’s establishing a diplomatic culinary empire is nothing short of a perfect arc. Takes multiple forms, including a single-shot laser rifle, specialized for long-range combat, a sniper rifle, and an Altean broadsword. Armor that allows for safe travel in space; it contains a highly advanced computer system, a communication system, a laser gun, a grappling hook and tether, holographic capabilities, an energy shield for defense, breathable air, and a jetpack for brief sustained flight. He can be very egotistical, cocky, confrontational, and arrogant at times. Shiro and Lance in Voltron’s spiritual realm. She has written about cartoons, anime and internet culture for Polygon, the Minnesota Daily, and GLAAD, and is currently working on her undergraduate thesis on real person fanfiction. 17 (Season One)18 (Season Six) The rest of his hair barely reaches his neck. Jeremy Shada This talent is further backed by his precision timing on the battlefield, as during the mission to rescue Slav, Lance was able to calculate his final shot in such a manner that it allowed Slav to escape the airlock by waiting till the last minute to shoot the warden's mechanical arm at a critical area, securing the mission's success and the scientist's freedom. Also, once described by Pidge as "the goofball", which he denies, claiming he's "the cool ninja sharpshooter. Lance is also surprisingly durable despite his light frame as the aforementioned explosion should have killed him. In Season Six, this could be seen as he was able to quickly assess the situation and give practical and intelligent commmands when the clone Shiro went on a rampage. Lance's expertise with long-range is noted to be his weakness in close-range combat. Voltron managed to maintain much of its distinctive spirit in the final season by reveling in the quotidian. Heritage The eighth season of Dreamworks TV and Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender, more so than the typical hyped TV finale, was going to spark controversy. Lance has the appearance of a lean older teenager with light brown skin, short brown hair, thin eyebrows, and blue eyes that are notably drawn with small irises and pupils. Episode seven, “Day Forty-Seven,” is a season standout for its vlog-esque peek into life on the Atlas through the eyes of MFE pilots Kinkade and Rizavi. He wears blue jeans and white sneakers that are accented with black and lighter blue. His Bayard takes the form of a rifle or a sniper. He becomes a much more supportive member of the team and steps up to take more of a tactical advisor's role, not sugar-coating his criticism of Keith's leadership tactics but supporting him to move forward all the same. On an emotional level, her death feels particularly tragic after the paladins discover that her homeland, Altea, was restored following her sacrifice. “We’re moving on to a new chapter,” Montgomery says. Voltron Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He functioned as a Paladin of Voltron, piloting both the Blue Lion and the Red Lion at different times. Though he did sustain near-fatal wounds, Lance survived long enough to get to a healing pod, and was even able to wake up long enough to shoot Sendak. Media Find more of her work at Ultimately, the Voltron fandom staged itself in constant conflict to the creative staff of the series, drawing outrage from moments in which they felt that they were teased with ships that would never happen or characters were treated in ways they considered unacceptable.


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