vesta conjunct pluto synastry
Outside a trine, I think. Mother had Vesta and Chiron conjunct her South Node and yonks and yonks ago, she had been told she had been a vestal virgin…hmmm. Pluto loves the light of the Sun person but it admires it as a spectator.

The stressful aspects (square and opposition) may indicate a tendency to avoid happiness by concentrating on work, or someone who has difficulty getting any pleasure from their work.

The harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile and trine) between Jupiter and Vesta are good for focusing on the big picture or big projects, on intellectual, philosophical, or religious matters. Most shit comes down to insecurity in ourselves, you deal with yours, let him deal or not deal with his, you evolve he can come with or not, if not you find someone better and make sure its a core value you don’t compromise no. Next – and this is where an ephemeris comes in handy – i am going to backtrack and see what was occurring when Vesta hit my Venus, Ascendent, Moon etc.

our “hearth” is our home and our relationship. Strange bedfellows and unique choice of eccentric friends. Hey there, this is quite an old post but i don’t think anyone – least of all ME – is saying Vesta is ruled by Virgo or Scorpio. oy. The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) could indicate a problem with the more destructive side of Pluto. I have Vesta conjunct Venus (in leo, 10th house)… is that the “nun” aspect you are talking about? Thank you so much for this article.

It was a job. Vesta symbolic of the consistent, immortal, human dramatic act of human of manifesting safety/home for our tribe. Venus trine, sextile or semi-sextile Midheaven in the synastry chart.

will take a stab at dissection (for the good of science, ya know…). Thinking about my own Vesta, I always had a thing for groups. Not to say that Vesta is Venus. A few people also mentioned not liking small talk because they have Vesta in 12th. So yeah, I am sticking with her fortress-like, fortifying abilities. Hello Can you explain please? 1) we fight/discuss over “commitment” issues- push and pull-took longer than most couples to bring up the issue of committment and define it- Sag is his Vesta and Gemini is mine, so both of us have a desire to explore and learn and be out there. I don’t have any major planets in Kataka but I guess I can relate to the ‘small enclosed spaces.. not being constricted’ as I don’t like to be and particularly where I live however I find that hard to reconcile against my Saggi nature as it could just as easily be that. Real men don’t run from feelings homegirl x, but some people do need time.

The aspects to this conjunction are that it sextiles my Saturn in Aries in the 10th and trines my Eros in Libra in the 4th, squares my Lilith in Taurus in the 11th, and squares my Juno in Scorpio in the 5th. Somehow, I must temper this burning fire in my 12th with Chiron the wounded healer i my house of creativity/art. The stressful aspects (conjunction, sextile and trine) can make for a workaholic drudge or someone who has difficulties (Saturn) focusing on work at all.

She is associated with the sublimation of sexual energy into other activity, but she also represents sexual devotion and purity.

Where is Vesta in your chart (sign/house) and how do you experience her? Comp north node is 27 deg cancer 9H, close to Comp jupiter 18 deg cancer. Vesta is in Gemini in the 1st house and trine Pluto, neatly cuddled up to Saturn. But don’t let the word “virginal” throw you off. The 2nd house for me rings truer regarding things like integrity, what I stand for, what I… Read more », Hmm . There’s also a wider sesqisquare to the midheaven. It's only a matter of time. I read Vesta was a sacrificial in some way…, I have Vesta conjunct Lilith and Vertex in Leo… Vesta and Lilith are at the end of the 7th house and vertex is at the beginning of 8th house… + I noticed they all conjunct the ascendant of a person I like (and Jupiter also, he has Jupiter on the ascendant)… Can you tell me something more about the influence of this positions…, Hello Mimi! No clue, I’m not feeling this one at all (and generally don’t feel much connection to the 11th house or Aquarius, though it’s my entire 10th house and maybe that’s why I struggle with career issues?). You may sacrifice something within yourselves to keep power issues from coming too prominent in the relationship or perhaps you take on more traditional and empowering views in the relationship. It’s also sextile my capricorn sun (11th), sextile my Ceres capricorn (11th), and square my Uranus (sag 9th). My vesta is in Sag in my 2nd house.

I have Vesta in aquarius on my 7th house…let’s just say service and focus are my middle names, which being a gemini sun/cancer ascendant makes me feel very contradictory indeed… Here’s to seed planting homegirl xxx. I’ve gotten a reading, and she told me that my purpose (NN) is tied heavily into my career (10th) – so it’s fun to see that represented a little bit in Vesta trine NN. Persephone is the Spring, the seasons and transformation in the most feminine way, yet she is medusa like in her ability to freeze her opponents. How exactly will Vesta energy manifest in the above relationship?

What are they up to??? Would Vesta conjunct partner’s moon symbolize mutual sexual commitment and attraction? And my 4 for 3 is ongoing. You will be glad you did! Before patriarchal culture took hold, the vestal virgins served the Mother Goddess and were “…sacred harlots who sexually gave of themselves to strangers – men who came to the temple to honor the goddess and partake of the sacred union.”, Natal Vesta symbolizes the area of your life where you can devote yourself with fervor. I consider Vesta, Shakti..The Life Force, and why we must cherish it and why what we give of it is a gift. I am thinking this through as I write…let’s see….for me, it’s conjunct Mars.

She seems like the kind of Libran lady who hangs rosemary and sage over her hearth. Nice article! Transits affect you individually, and the synastry connections between you. I am OVER SIMPLIFYING to make a point . I always, in my mind, have at least 5 reasons as to why. I don’t know what that means. Suppression of creative urges for duties and responsibilities makes them seem cold and detached. I used to use the term Crapricorn when talking about my mother. I sort of feel the same scorpalicious. This would make sense for me, but I'm not sure how it will show up for him. Vesta/IC and Vesta/DC sound very nice…he may be drawn to set up house with her while she may be drawn to be his partner. Its impossible to bring the Venus star down to earth, you know? He is at a commitment phobe place in his life, and now… Read more », my vesta Sure, Vesta must have fortified Persephone in my chart. How do transits effect these contacts?

I don't partake unless it's a serious connection. Wow…nice synastry connection. I really hate to give negative examples because there is always someone out there who will say “Oh no! And it’s made more significant by the IC conjunction…mutual devotion to home/family.

I think the thing here is to figure out the next major transit to our natal vesta and see what gets woken up.

My natal sun is 3 deg Scorpio, so that must be square. Hard to say – I have moon/mars and chiron also there so it’s a bit f-d up.

I have vesta in my 12th house in kataka trining neptune in 4th scorpio, trining jupiter&chiron in 8th pisces.

You’re inspirational !! Harmonious aspects ((conjunction, sextile and trine) with Vesta can make it easier to focus on these things. Themes I’ve observed so far: I think Vesta as an archetype is all about how home and hearth relates to… Read more ». Ugh.. What a great point you make. However I often go through LONG periods of abate a certain to focus on my spirituality / energy work. I found grand fire trine with Vesta in Aries. And that that classic natal Vesta energy is where you are happily married to your work or a particular project. Me = sun, mars, venus and now vesta in virgo. LOL! I’m a relationship girl. I’m also low on Fire in my chart. Other negative outcomes include an increase in angry behaviour or other forms of aggression in order to compensate for impotence. I’ve never had to give anything away to be fiercely independent. w/ a 3 degree orb). go to, free charts, extended charts, tick on the vesta box (bottom left hand side), tick on add aspect lines (bottom right hand side), then go/enter button and it should come up on a separate page! Alienation can occur through getting so caught up in the words that the conveyance of… Read more ». Also, this is especially significant going into the Cardinal Zap Zone. Even though she is smack-bang conjunct my Mercury in Aries! It seems like a psychically powerful Grand Water Trine. Depending on whom you ask, this asteroid turned proto-planet signifies Priestess energy, Fire, home-craft or – my take – ingenuity.

The one description that made me laugh in the list above was the small places one, like: DON’T PUT ME IN A BOX being one of the boxes astrologers are trying to put her into. Joseph Campbell. Check out my link on the blog (navigation bar up top). Yeesh, I have Vesta in my 8th House, sextile my Scorpio Uranus and SQUARED to my Pluto (in my 5th house)! I have NO idea how that manifests. This can be a very good placement for both artists and scientists, since it makes visualization of the final product easier. I can’t remember where it is said here on this site but it is: If the best you can say about a relationship is that it is karmic or you have to ask God for help with it all the time or you have lover you can describe as kicking you to the curb etc i wouldn’t be worrying about Vesta i’d be detaching from this guy, right? Vesta in the 5th conjunct North Node, opposed to stellium in Sag. I have always been the most hardworking person in my family but the results NEVER matched my efforts!

I kind of see it as a contradiction… I`m the type of person that still believes in values but at the same time i have strong desires … I always wanted to be with one person, not to change partners… But I know that life is more and more dynamic as days go by and some things are out of our control.

My Vesta is hanging out in my Cancer, 10th house. Conversely, this could be someone who only focuses on pleasure and social situations and refuses to work at all. But hey – I’m a gem.

I kind of wonder how to assemble the big picture here….any thoughts? Please Login or Register. Powered by Infopop © 2000 The Moon Casting it's Shadow in Between the Earth and Sun. In a nutshell, this linkage makes the parties more concerned with giving to each other than with what they get back from the relationship. thanks a lot, Hi Nadia, and thank you for this article! My natal Vesta is at 11 Libra in the 10th house, conjunct Venus (8), Pluto (14), & North Node (14). Got to go. Vesta is in a fire house in my chart, in Aquarius. My boy friend has vesta conjunct fortune and MC in 10th house but in Aries. And it’s not that aspected either: only four – a trine, a square and two inconjuncts. Ever wonder why women are cast as harlots, etc if they do not use discernment with this energy?

My Vesta (along with Venus and Uranus) falls exactly on this man 12th house ! I have Venus in Scorpio. Yes, I would say a Vesta/Vesta conjunction counts (you’re both on exactly the same page regarding what’s sacred to you). And the quotes remain firmly around the word “pure”. Chiron’s methods are often that of the Maverick, for they also march to the sound of their own drum, not conforming to traditional or established rules which might take Vesta by surprise. Why You Too Should Be Obsessed With Vesta! Skills are best utilized through networking and co-ordinating.

Into some crazy details. “Synastry is the batter, The Composite chart is the cake” A combination method of the birthcharts of two people, layered over eachother (the signs must be in same place). If the opinions as to what the astrological Vesta indicates in your chart are insanely broad, then I’m not even gonna bother with an interpretation. 2) healing/tantric sex But we work for the ideals of Venus – beauty/love/sex/wealth. She can show denial (absence of sex) or something extreme (like prostitution).


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