who defeated sextus pompey while also serving as consul in 37 bce

Actually: "Not a good thing were a Caesar too many"; Plutarch.

Crassus defeated Spartacus, but in his march towards Rome, Pompey encountered the remnants of Spartacus' army; he captured five thousand of them and claimed the credit for finishing the revolt, which infuriated Crassus.[23]. In October 43 BCE in Bononia (today’s Bologna), Mark Antony, Octavian and Marcus Lepidus met in order to sort out the situation in Rome after the death of Gaius Julius Caesar and punish his murderers. It was brought there from Rome in 1627 by Galeazzo Arconati.

For this purpose, he carried out a victorious campaign in Spain, where he won large tracts of land for Rome. As Pompey rose to disembark, he was stabbed to death by his betrayers, Achillas, Septimius and Salvius. To such a move by Octavian, Antony hardly reacted at all. At that time, Octavian himself unexpectedly appeared on the political scene. But before they came of age, Agrippa was surely in Augustus’ list of possible successors, even if he was not the top candidate. [25] But fear of piracy was potent – and these same pirates, it was later alleged, had assisted Sertorius. We have also been recommended for educational use by the following publications: Ancient History Encyclopedia Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Canada. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! Some hasty replanning was needed, much to the embarrassment of Pompey and amusement of those present. https://www.ancient.eu/Marcus_Agrippa/.

Sincere belief in Rome’s freedom died long ago, when Marius and Sulla were admitted within the walls; but now, when Pompey has been removed from the world, even the sham belief is dead. The plan was to have Octavian sail through the Strait of Messina and land in the eastern Sicilian coast, while Agrippa was to go through the Aeolian Islands and land on the north coast, and Lepidus was to set sail from Africa and land in western Sicily. The Senate was empty, but Caesar was not prevented from passing new bills. It was Pompey who benefited most from the restoration of tribunician initiative. In 18 BCE, Augustus even had it arranged for the Senate to grant Agrippa official tribunician power (tribunicia potestas) which allowed him to summon the Senate and People's Assembly and introduce legislation, as well as greater proconsular power (maius imperium proconsulare) which gave him military precedence over all other subordinate army commanders.

In the television series Xena Warrior Princess, he is portrayed by the actor Jeremy Callaghan.

There had been peace (Treaty of Misenum) between Pompey and Octavian …


Caesar sought a second matrimonial alliance with Pompey, offering his grandniece Octavia (the sister of the future emperor Augustus).

[34] In all, Pompey had annexed four new provinces to the Republic: Bithynia et Pontus, Syria, Cilicia, and Crete. It was also around this time that Pompey married Cornelia, his political ally Quintus Caecilius Mettelus Piso Scipio’s daughter; again, as with Julia before her, whilst being a political marriage, it was by no means a loveless marriage. In addition, the third triumvir, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, raised 14 legions in his African provinces to help defeat Pompey.


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