upper karazhan entrance

During this time,


dispelled, especially if you pull a Rat together with a Spider. damage to players throughout the encounter so requires careful navigation

This raid was designed for level 70 characters and opened near the beginning of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Karazhan: How to get there (Upper and Lower) 2018 - YouTube

Tier 2 Affixes (Active at 7+ Keystones), 1.3. This will The Big Bad Wolf When all 3 are defeated, the Shade of Medivh will that spawn two green Fel Orbs in the area, that after 15 seconds will detonate alongside some Forlorn Spirits. that contains a large amount of different spells that need to be interrupted. ignite a pattern on the tiles beneath him that will detonate for heavy Fire return and the main phase will begin anew. casting Fel Fireball on their current aggro target (usually the Getting [The Master's Key] opens the following follow-up quests: (Must be Honored with the Violet Eye)

Wrathguard Flamebringer. (lore) with a number of Fel Bats again, and alongside a

All enemies will apply a stacking debuff that deals flat This will light up all adjacent squares and deal massive damage to all players and should be interrupted if the Ablative Shield is down, Players should focus down one Guardian's Image at a time, to reduce the total number of stacks of, Once all three Guardian's Images are dead, the Shade of Medivh will return and resume casting the, During Guardian's Image, attack Guardian's Images and use defensive CDs when your stacks of, Use mobility CDs and mobile healing CDs or abilities during, Ancient Tome will debuff a random non-tank player with, Tanks should spread out their CDs and AM abilities to cover each, Approximately every 15 seconds, Rat will cast, There will be two breaks in the line of rats, one usually aligned with the position of the Rat mob when it cast the spell, Mana Devourer will gain mana at the rate of 5% maximum mana every 3 seconds throughout the encounter, Every 30 seconds, Mana Devourer will gain the, When this happens, the Mana Devourer will expel its entire mana bar, creating an orb of, Because the Mana Devourer is still gaining 5% mana every 3 seconds, if enough of these, However, they will also suffer a moderate DoT effect that increases with each stack of, It is important that all players attempt to soak, This can rapidly snowball into allowing the Mana Devourer to gain maximum mana, The party should form a ring around the Mana Devourer, just inside the boss's targeting circle, This will ensure that all angles of approach are covered by at least one player, Players who stray too far from the healer are likely to die, Use a defensive cooldown when available, as the combination of, Every 15 seconds, Mana Devourer will create an, 4 seconds later, the bomb will detonate, dealing heavy damage to players within 10 yards, Every 25-30 seconds, the Mana Devourer will deal unavoidable AoE damage with, Healers should be sure to top up low-health players, or players with multiple stacks of, Try to move Mana Devourer as little as possible, Use DPS cooldowns at the start for 30 seconds of uninterrupted, low-movement damage, Use raid CDs to deal with the party damage of using, These Mana Devourers create orbs of Loose Mana that travel quickly toward them, If Loose Mana reaches a Mana Devourer, it will cast, If a player absorbs the Loose Mana, they will gain, Players should soak Loose Mana orbs when possible/above 50% health, The healer may need to use CDs to recover from, The Erudite Slayer will frequently attack the ground with a, This knocks players back, and can knock players off the edge if positioned poorly, Run away from the fel pool to avoid being knocked back by, The pieces will not move to attack players, nor while they are under attack, Pieces not in combat will periodially make a valid chess move, Immediately following the move, the piece will light up all squares that represent its valid moves from the new position, After a few seconds, any players standing in these highlighted squares will take extremely heavy to fatal damage, The Knight moves in an L shape (2 squares in one direction, then 1 square to the side) with, These spells light up all squares diagonal to the Bishop's current position, After moving, the Queen will then light up all squares that are valid Rook or Bishop moves with, When Viz'aduum reaches 66% health remaining, he will summon a, At 33% health, Viz'aduum will summon another, Players should always watch where Viz'aduum's large center eye is facing, and side-step out of the way during the, If you cannot get away, use a defensive cooldown to reduce the damage from the, When the debuff expires or is dispelled, 8, The rest of the party should look for approaching, The DoT effect lasts 8 seconds, and will stack and refresh its duration on each application, At approximately 3-4 stacks, the tank damage from, Assign the tank and one other trustworthy player to interrupt, It is likely impossible to interrupt every, The other player assigned to this task should interrupt the cast after that, Most interrupt abilities should be back off cooldown by the time the tank reaches 2 stacks of, Keep this interrupt rotation up for the entire fight, If there is a mistake and the tank reaches 3 or more stacks of, After five seconds, the Command Ship will fire a, These pools persist for 1 minute and deal heavy damage to players who stand in them, During this time, the Command Ship will pelt the encounter area with dozens of, Players struck by these missiles will take heavy damage, All players should attempt to move out of the, He may fire straight down the deck, or slightly to the left, or slightly to the right, Watch the direction Viz'aduum is facing and move to a safe side of the deck, The first player to reach Viz'aduum can stop the, This will cause Viz'aduum to attack the player, so tanks should either reach Viz'aduum first, or be ready to taunt him off the other player, Stepping into the fel lightning will deal, There is a small rift behind Viz'aduum that will periodically summon, This will overwhelm the party with adds and make defeating Viz'aduum nearly impossible, To prevent this from happening, players must reach Viz'aduum at the end of the ship and interrupt this cast, These adds do not deal heavy melee damage, so the tank can round up all 6 at once, Drag all 6 Felguard Sentries to the boss so that, Use AoE stuns and other CC to control the Felguard Sentries, Quickly burst the large pack of Felguard Sentries down, then focus damage on the boss, The healer should dispel one target quickly, then let the other two expire, If a melee player is targeted, dispel them first, Players who were not dispelled first should try to move to opposite sides of the Command Ship deck, This should make it easy for the rest of the party to dodge the incoming, Tank Viz'aduum in the center of the encounter space, Use cooldowns if you reach 3+ stacks of the, During Phases 1 and 2, avoid standing in the, At the start of Phase 2, assess the direction of Viz'aduum's, Try to be the first player to reach Viz'aduum in Phase 2, At the start of Phase 3, drag the 6 Felguard Sentries to the boss, Pick up the two new Felguard Sentries that spawn shortly after arriving and again every 25 seconds, In Phase 3, use efficient cleave/AoE to kill the Felguard Sentry adds, but the primary DPS target should still be Viz'aduum, During Phase 3, the tank will require heavy healing, especially when Felguard Sentries are active. I got a mythic keystone level 5 but I'm clueless about where to enter:S. It's the same for both, if you put in a upper key, you get ported to the upper part of kara.


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