coh2 okw build order
Yeah that's what I was thinking. Click here to jump to that post. okay ive come to settle on this build order. This is great, thanks for the advice. Rank 12 or so, mostly struggling against Soviets and Brits. All rights reserved. I feel like a lieg or sometimes even two is well warranted here.

What doctrines do you go for usually? Also AA Halftruck is too good to resist in that kind of game, as it can deal considerable amount of dmg, if u just be wary of roketens. This guide is specifically a build order or parts of a build order that you can practice and find some success with. Preparing to command the German Army?

Not so much specific strats, but volks don't trade as well as I remember (took like a 6 month break). Its better to save the fuel here to get an 55 fuel discounted p4, which hopefully only will face opponent 70 fuel aec that has been useless due to no armor to destroy 'til this point. Each OKW building can deploy one or more vehicles, most vehicles from one structure fights better in conjunction with one or more units from the other structures. Im trying, but i really struggle with this one. I usually go something like Volks, Kubel, Sturm, Volks, Volks into Medic Truck, or if I feel like they're spamming light vehicles, or I can push a lead I go for a Puma. Welcome to example build orders the Soviet Union and United States Forces. I never get why some people go for a second sturm initially, but I guess its just personal preference. Sometimes against the same strategies that I myself use. Snipers and Machine guns are strong counters to the infantry in these builds, but using mortars can help deal with those threats. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Comments and critiscm are always welcome. In my experience it's normally hard countered by an AEC, even if I have a raketen nearby. Some of my personal thoughts of okw, playing at top 100 rank in 1v1. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. some have told me: kubel, sturmpioneer, volk, volk, halftrack, HMG?

In the end it comes down to micro and positioning. late game - only build sturmpio and save fuel for king tiger, What do you do vs mg emplacements? okay ive come to settle on this build order. - SageOfTheSix, after losing to Jesulin's Ostheer on Semoskiy Winter, Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Need help, OKW build orders and tips? Aye, 1 vickers (maybe 2), I get bolster infantry but it's not neceserry, one more infantry section (plus is you don't have to pay for that one extra man to reinforce if you get bolster infantry), tech up, sappers, from then on it's whichever the game goes but you won't be needing any more infantry sections, just start spamming sappers if you went Anvil and start losing a lot of units and are not mp bleeding, especially as Arty so you're covered with indirect fire support and don't have to build mortars or have infantry section with the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ flare abilities to call in arty. My build order is usually Sturm > 3 volks sometimes kubel on certain maps.

Ostheer guides 11. you make a valid point by saying this build suffers from back capping, and thats why I build that third volksgrenadier squad. OKW Strategies UKF Strategies Campaign & Co-op Grand Hall Events Central COH2.ORG Operation Charlie Fox $1000 1v1 Tourney Elite Mod COH1 Trny Semoskiy 1v1 Trny Langreskaya 1v1 Trny SNF Sunday Night Fights anvil definatly my go to for houw good it makes the sappers, bump casue something apart from "brits op qq" should be on the front page. I usually opt for a mortar emplacement and then a AEC. Similar to one of my builds, but I used a kubel. havent used bren carrier much . Manpower can often become the bottleneck instead of fuel, if you aren't careful. Feel free to speak your … Against specific factions? I mimicing your strat and going spec-ops for panther, but really, REALLY ahve to oputplay my opponent with struempios. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I'm new to the game and not sure what a good build order is. against okw tommy-bren to deal with scout car for wer is tommy -mg i havent tryed tommy-tommy yet #11 < > Showing 1-11 of 11 comments . Brits not having AT grenades makes keeping the flak HT alive easier because it is slow as hell once snared. (that flamethrower has stupid range though). The OKW is an army that features a combination of elite infantry, advanced technologies, and some of the biggest tanks built during the war. This is the faction I have most trouble with out of all that I play. U are on recieving end tech-wise, until u get your tank. Thx for posting it. I find the Soviet Target Vehicle ability from the Guards motor coordination tactics useful against these tanks, while I find combined arms from the Heavy Cavalry Company for the Americans useful in this regard as well. Rush for the panzer 2, also never can go wrong with fallschirmjagers. You will need to support those two tanks with some anti tank capability (Guard Rifles for Soviets, Lieutenant with bazooka for Americans). I've won most of my games, but I feel like it was a bit of luck and I out-micro'd my opponents, not so much what I was building. Sometimes 2 sturms if I go for Feursturm. You want to make the opponent react in your favour as well as react to what your opponent is doing. Hi. bofos or armoured car? Rank 12 or so, mostly struggling against Soviets and Brits. All rights reserved. OKW commanders have in their hands some of the strongest and flashiest units in the game.

how are you efficiently clearly maxim spam without HT mid game? This strat becomes far more effective if u incorporate the mg-34 into it.It controls rifles better and reduces dependance on sturmpio.Especially after the very early game once he has 3-4 rifles and sturmpio charges don't work.I find machine guns essential to holding back the BAR tide till obers. 101 guests, Copyright © 2020 by | All Rights Reserved | Page loaded in You must defend the motherland.

Tiger 1, Tiger 2, SturmTiger) are very difficult to deal with, especially if the commander you are using does not have access to a strong call in ability or a heavy tank. Thanks for the little guide. Yeah for some reason I never really considered getting the lieg.

If theres a Kubel kicking around build a UC. yeah, good placement of the flak truck can really help you, especially if you place it on a cutoff point so that you can maintain a constant stream of munitions and fuel. They have to come after your half track which you have fausts to slow it down and stealth raketen waiting in ambush. a build order won't help you much in this game unlike other strategy games. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

Any tips would be appreciated. Then build Engies and a AT gun/sniper.

In my experience it's normally hard countered by an AEC, even if I have a raketen nearby. It allows super early T4 (not spending fuel on light vehicles), which provides a very solid base against anything the enemy can have, and also a relativley early Jadg, which while it struggles playing cat and mouse with light vehicles, it certainly makes them behave and gets a head start on any shermans! Me myself prefer to get 4 volks right away then head to teching for healttruck. You conserving fuel, but u falling mid game without light vehicles to plug that hole.Dont u think BAR riflemen, shocks, medium tanks, or any elite infantry can ruin your day significantly - just my 2 reichsmarks. Lemon specificaly said he wont go Puma or any ligt vehicle, so going captain is redundant - why do u need bazooka squad or stuart if there are no light vehicles, but roketens and shrecks on the field, denying you effective use of stuart? Is a flak ht against Brits common? Whats a good OKW build order for a noob to start with?

Getting liegs works the best vs brits also because you'll float the mp you'd spend on a halftruck otherwise, but you dont because like you said they can get an aec. Nice change of pace. Is a flak ht against Brits common? I show you my balanced Oberkammando West build order that works for me! I had a few games where the Blob thought they could bazooka my FlakTruck to death. The Panther tank and German Heavy tanks (eg.

Rank 12 or so, mostly struggling against Soviets and Brits. Field gun is good, but it is hit or miss strat-wise (get it? The OKW field gun is a concern because it has a fairly long range and will harass your units if they stay stationary for long periods of time. 1 user is browsing this thread: This is important. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In my experience it's normally hard countered by an AEC, even if I have a raketen nearby. Lt into major is better, considering lt grinds even vetted sturms into dust, if they didnt ambush him.


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